30+ free tools every WordPress developer should know

Looking for free WordPress Development tools? Then you are at the right place!

Considering the demand for WordPress for business, there are many new free and paid tools are being constantly updated to the WordPress Directory and individual websites owners which you may not know.

A set of remarkable tools will not only improve your site’s functionality but can also make it work flawlessly. Moreover, with a number of options, it can be a cost-effective option to use the free ones first!

To make it easy, I have decided to come up with this blog that highlights the most effective tools that will highly contribute to your WordPress Development process.

Let’s get started.

Google Fonts

Add Google Fonts to your WordPress site

It is a free library of fonts you can use and embed it on your website. It is simple and easy to use and works virtually on any site you are building. Having said this it also has a quick installation process. As an alternative, page builder, like Visual Composer, often offer ready-to-use content elements that incorporate Google Fonts.


Effective image usage in web design by Slack

Slack is used to establish a communication channel for the team and speed up production. It keeps a track of bug fixes and monitors code updates to keep the process streamlined. WordPress itself has a dedicated Slack channel for community purposes.


Trello is a free organizational tool

It is a free organizational tool used for an organized project management flow. It not only has columns to track progress but offers cards to manage individual tasks and organize projects into boards.


It is an official command line interface for any action you might perform in WordPress. For example, the following command lets you delete one or all transients:

wp transients delete --all

Log Deprecated Notice

This a plugin that logs the usage of deprecated files functions and function arguments, which is very helpful when you are developing a WordPress site with lots of custom functionality.

User Switching

It enables administrators to see what a WordPress website looks like from the user’s point of view. It provides invaluable testing features along with access based on user permissions.

Theme Check

This plugin is useful when the website is engaged in using custom themes. It ensures that your theme passes the WordPress.org Theme Review Standards. One of the most useful tools for a theme development process.

Generate WP

It is a development made easy kind of tool for WordPress which helps to decrease the developing time by adding snippets of code. It has the latest WordPress features, coding standards, and different API support.


As the name itself suggest, this plugin makes a whole copy of your site. It is an invaluable tool for backups, moving your site between local development, staging, and deployment.


It is a UI focused programming language that adds interactive elements to your site. It helps in building custom components and prototypes for creating an attractive UI.


Dropbox for file storing and sharing

It is a free source that manages your backups and store files on them. It also helps in communication with clients by sharing files making it easy. WordPress has a collection of Dropbox plugins. (Author note: at Glorywebs, we use Dropbox on the daily basis to keep our project files and have an option to share it with our clients).

Atom and Sublime

Atom and Sublime are free text editors developed especially for programmers. You can use additional plugins and packages to help you work.


AMPP is a part of XAMPP stands for Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl. It is easy to install and configure. You can start the whole webserver+database stack with one command.

WP Forms

It is a user-friendly drag and drops online form builder that allows you to create contact forms, email subscription form, order form and payment forms with just a few clicks.

Monster Insights

Monster Insights plugin for WordPress Google Analytics

It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It connects your site with Google Analytics which helps us to know regarding the number of visitors and what do they do on your website.


Maxcdn for faster WordPress loading

If you want to make your site load faster, you may need to use CDN to deliver your static files. It is a reliable CDN service and is easy to configure with WordPress.


It is a very useful tool which makes the internet work for you using powerful actions and triggers. You can automate WordPress and social media using IFTTT.

After the Deadline

It is a free version tool that takes care of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It also checks the post of your style which allows you to improve the readability of the content.


It is a free WordPress Framework released under GPL license. There is also a default theme that is intended to be used as a starting point for building your own themes as a Gantry.


It is a free responsive framework. It includes shortcodes, widgets, integration of bootstrap functions and much more. They also offer a theme club if you want to purchase themes based on cherry.


Evernote is digital notebook

It is a cloud-based note taking the tool. You can create notes; add images and other documents to it. Moreover, you can access it from anywhere since it works as a digital notebook.


It is an open source GPL editor and is great for editing PHP, CSS, and HTML. Basically, it has turned very powerful to edit source code.


It is an extension for Firefox which allows you to inspect the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in any web page. You can edit the files in your way.

WordPress Beta Tester

This plugin is involved in beta testing of plugins. Once installed it will always upgrade your blog with the beta version using the built-in the upgrade.


A place where WordPress beginners meet experts

This is a simple yet effective tool that matches up to your WordPress experts and clients. You can contact Codeable to request inclusion as an expert WordPress developer.


A free service to monitor website performance

It offers free service to monitor website performance. It keeps a check on the uptime and speed essential for the growth of your website and business.

Infinite WP

In order to manage the multiple WordPress sites for your client InfiniteWP, it is useful. It works using a single dashboard.

Google Search Console

It gives a comprehensive set of tools which shows reports on duplicate titles, search queries, crawl errors and indexed content. It shows the website owners how the website looks over search engines.


It makes it simple to create polls with 20 different styles and quickly embed them into your posts. It also adds the surveys and quizzes to your WordPress site.


A social media management tool

Using a single dashboard itself, it allows you to share content on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can further plan your status updates using it.


Sucuri security plugin for WordPress

It has turned to be the best security that monitors DDoS attacks, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks. Sucuri’s web application firewall has probably turned to be one of the best protection to your site.


I have discussed thirty+ free WordPress tools that covers important factors that should be kept in mind while developing a WordPress site.

Isn’t it helpful? What is your favorite free WordPress tool?

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  2. I would recommend Manage WP instead of Infinite WP for managing multiple WordPress websites for client. Because it’s free and a lot easier to get started with. It’s also easier to work with.

    Kanban cards project management, Trello, works well for many. For those who want something else Try Asana or Wunderlist. Both have free tiers that work pretty well.

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