8 content marketing tips for small business to succeed

If you want to grow your business you have to invest in content marketing. In fact, it is the most important part of marketing as it is almost impossible to do marketing without any content.

If you are new to content marketing it is a common problem on where you should start. Also, as a small business owner, you have budget and timing restrictions. There are other operational expenses you should handle and there is not enough time to learn a bunch of tools and platforms.

With tons of different content marketing tips available online, we will focus on the most effective and affordable. These solutions are applicable to a variety of businesses who are diving into online content marketing. As you will see, some of them are based on the principles of Growth Hacking. A widely popular approach among the startup community, as it helps to achieve great results in a relatively short period of time.

Generate visual content

Visual content rules the world and fact that it is outperforming other content types by 94% in terms of engagement clearly demonstrates that this is something you should look into.

Visual content is a lot easier to remember and people are likely to click and share graphic materials.

Once you are preparing an article for your blog or external article make sure you back it up with engaging visual content.

The common mistake made is that we tend to think that visual content is limited to images and videos. But there is so much more you can do. Infographics and graphic polls have proven to be effective and with free and easy to use services like infogr.am it takes minutes to generate one.

Example of visual content by infogram
Example of visual content by Infogram

Perform A/B testing

How do you decide which type of layout and content is better for your business? Performing internal polls and relying on experts can help you make the right decisions. But then there are those tiny pieces which could look like a ‘no a big deal’ things. Nevertheless, operating with them on your daily routine may reveal hidden gems and increase sales.

Testing is growing rapidly in 2018 and will continue to grow in 2019. So if you haven’t jumped into A/B testing yet this could be your last chance.

There are a bunch of tools available for most popular platforms like WordPress. Even Google Analytics itself has their inbuilt tools for running A/B tests. For those interested, there is a comprehensive tutorial on how to set up A/B testing for WordPress and Google Analytics.

One objective within one test series is the key to successful A/B testing and content #marketing. Click To Tweet

In order to become an expert in A/B testing start by performing tiny tests, like managing header titles or subheadings. Making major changes is not the best approach for A/B testing, instead, use an incremental method and tune up your website step by step.

Important: one objective within one test series. Only then you can be sure that it worked.

Focus on social media

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the top social media platforms for marketing, these are places where your business must be presented. Maintaining social profiles allows you to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Spreading information through social media allows you to increase business reach. You are able to create new segments and target a specific group of interest. Provide unique content and act as a one-stop resource by gathering valuable references. Remember that resharing information is an important part of content marketing.

Schedule social media activities through Buffer App
Schedule social media activities through Buffer App

There are lots of tools available which can help you monitor social media and plan your activities – check Buffer and Hootsuite. Also, don’t forget to visit their blogs as you will discover a lot of useful tips related to social media.

Communicate and answer questions

Direct communication is an important part of marketing as it has the ability to target specific customers and turn them into affiliates.

Customers who experienced direct communication are more likely to leave positive feedbacks and generate independent content which can be used within your content marketing strategy.

Another benefit from communication is constant knowledge base improvements. You will receive a lot of information which can be aggregated to generate valuable content. Communication will force you to generate content which can be then reused by developing common patterns and focusing on points your customers value most.

Use storytelling

The information you provide must be interesting and engaging, it is not enough to write a blank review and add a few images. Your articles should have a story behind them, something that will grab readers attention and keep them focused.

Your articles must have the same principles as startups - find a problem, present solution, prove efficiency. Click To Tweet

Think about the structure of your posts and tone you are using while reading it. The structure of the posts must contain the principles of a startup – find a problem, present solution, prove efficiency.

Start with developing case studies and tips which are both highly engaging types of content and can be easily adopted under standard storytelling pattern. Once your skill in storytelling will grow, address other types of topics in the same way.

Create engaging headlines

It takes only a few seconds for visitors to decide either specific website, offer or topic is covering their interests. And this is where your headline can either help or ruin your business opportunity.

Good headlines are focused on asking the right questions and representing benefits which are highly appreciated by visitors. Just like an article itself, the headline must have a story behind it to make the reader curious.

An important part of the headline is a form of your language. Analyse what type of words, phrases and search query your target audience is using and make sure you are covering them. Use active and not a passive voice in your statements.

Look into popular resources and blogs on how they generate headlines and you will discover similar patterns like:

  • Usage of numbers;
  • Creating headlines in the form of questions;
  • Presenting benefits at the end of the headline;
  • Usage of keywords they are focusing on.

Reusable content

Unless you have a huge marketing team working on the unique content generation, you should constantly look into options to introduce reusable content.

Make sure you have established knowledge base, where you can gather pieces of content which can be either useful to your customers or you.

Most of the social media experts suggest reusing of content in similar forms to ensure you are constantly targeting your customers during a specific period of time. Methods like re-sharing of content will increase your business reach and won’t ask for additional investments.

Become a part of an industry

Engage in communities built around your industry and present yourself as a reliable expert.

In order to run successful content marketing, it is crucial not to advertise your products or services all the time. Focus on increasing your level of expertise when it comes to covering industry-related questions. Build your brand and you can be sure that potential customers will remember your weighty opinion.

Do you know more methods?

We have covered basic methods of successful content marketing for small businesses suggested by Forbes, Moz, Business Insider, and based on our own expertise.

Still, there are many more tips and tricks out there on how to improve your content marketing. Know some of them? Don’t hesitate to share your experience.

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  1. Remember this tip: valuable content is KING!

    1. Without a doubt this is the best tip and the hardest one to execute.

  2. Valuable content is king, but it’s not just the content. There are amazing writers out there putting in tons of effort daily, but they have no audience. The key here is to have the valuable content but to get the shares as well.

    1. Yes, quality of content is something that should be taken care of first of all. If you have a poor content almost any other steps won’t bring results.

  3. Social media has become a great platform for helping small businesses to succeed. It helps in making their services visible online and thus allows viewers to see and check the services. Having a regular engagement with the readers like answering their queries helps in developing trust and loyalty to the business.

  4. Visual content has been the easiest way to relay information to the people. It helps the readers to fully understand the services that you offer. Seeking help from professionals in creating a good visual content is a big help for the business.

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