8 examples of effective image usage in web design

A picture is worth a thousand words – so the image can play a significant role in your web design. Effective image usage in web design can give your website personality to make it recognizable among competitors and help to achieve business goals.

While there are tutorials available on how to choose images for your website, it is often a good idea to look into great examples to learn from the best.

From big thumbnails to full background images these websites are able to make a difference and grab your attention. And it is not only about images. You will also discover how important is to combine photography with a good looking typography and right colors to create a winning composition.

These brands were able to set their tone with the help of images and guide website visitors. Can you do the same with your website?

Yes! In fact, you have already taken the first steps by looking into this showcase. I wish you to enjoy the shortlist and discover new tricks you can apply to your website or business.

1. Slack

Effective image usage in web design by Slack

Would you like to use the same apps Nasa has in their arsenal? Sure you do! The marketing team behind Slack knows it. This is why Slack is associating their messaging app with the huge accomplishments of their customers through strong ‘Call to Action’.

On top of that is a full background image to stress out the main message and give you basics for building story behind it.

2. Reuters TV

Effective image usage in web design by Reuters TV

We love to have smooth transitions and don’t like to wait for things to get loaded.

Reuters TV has managed to combine these two things by offering a smooth reveal of the topics while loading video materials. Reuters TV is using effective image transition on the background for a few seconds to instantly reveal the main character or mood of the story followed by an actual video.

3. Holm Marcher & Co

Effective image usage in web design by Holm Marcher & Co

Images are commonly incorporated to develop a certain mood for a website.

At Holm Marcher & Co it has been a key in order to create a contrast between images and actual information. The choice of image color and informative blocks are combined by using a complimentary approach which is aimed to increase the contrast between elements.

4. The University of Sydney Tour

Effective image usage in web design by The University of Sydney

When it comes to showing magnificence – The University of Sydney simply rocks. The scale, camera angle, and position of elements are aiming to focus your attention to the very center of the website.

Panoramic image of the university is very effective in welcoming website visitors to take a tour by clicking further.

5. Helbak Ceramics

Effective image usage in web design by Helbak

If you are running an e-commerce store it is a good idea to look into Helbak Ceramics.

A clean and simple layout with flat colors and product images creates a nice Scandinavian mood and adds necessary brand personality.

6. Stupid Studio

Effective image usage in web design by Stupid Studio

Dynamically adapting your website to the images is a common practice within the field of Portfolio showcase.

One of the great examples here is the website of Stupid Studio – offering a full background image for their hero section with slideshow option. All images, shapes, and typography are adapted to the individual case study of the studio to stress out a specific work.

7. Vito Salvatore Portfolio

Effective image usage in web design by Vito Salvatore

Vito Salvatore Portfolio is all about huge background images making a difference. Close to Stupid Studio, Vito Salvatore has chosen to follow the path of minimalism. At the same time, each of the images is linked to the strong ‘Call to Action’ to help visitors understand the story.

8. Quincy Réquin & Associates

Effective image usage in web design by Quincy Requin Associes

Law and consultancy can be boring when it comes to web design. Nevertheless, Quincy Réquin & Associates has managed to create a masterpiece appreciated by Awwwards. While their core business is surely related to the paragraphs, facts and numbers there is still a place for engaging images when it comes to their website.

Final thoughts

What is common for all the examples from our list is the quality of content. Good websites set image quality as one of the top priorities and so should you. The trend of high-resolution image usage in web design  as background images and large thumbnails is here to stay.

Does it mean that you have to own a huge budget for making world class photos? Not necessarily, although this is a good idea to think of once your business grows up. Take a look at best stock image websites to discover relevant photos for your web design. There are tons of free and premium class stock images and graphic templates available that can fit your website.

Has something to add to this story? Feel free to join the discussion in comments.

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