The anatomy of creating a successful online store

Building an online store needs a reliable yet easy to use a platform. After creating an online store you need to be ready with the launching strategy for reaching out to your target audience. Once the store gets online, further you need to focus on customer experience to achieve the ROI and continuous growth.

The ultimate success of your online store depends upon the store appearance, usability, and mobility. Easy navigation and store loading speed are crucial for making an online store successful in this cut-throat eCommerce competition.

Three Mantras of Creating a Successful Online Store

  1. Create
  2. Launch
  3. Grow


Creating An Online Store

To take a business idea online it needs a platform to build a full-fledged online store. Platform selection, getting an expert developer’s team, and development cost are the top things a business look into before going online.

Select. Build. Test.

Following three steps will help you in building a desirable online store.


Selecting a suitable platform for building an online store will decide the success of any business on the web. Easy to build, easy to manage for the administrator, and easy to use for the users are the topmost considerations while opting a suitable online platform.

WooCommerce is the most favorite choice when it comes to select a suitable online store building platform. It is also the most customizable platform for building an online store for your business.

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Building an online store with an intuitive user interface (UI) needs experienced assistance of experts to get it done in the desired style. WooCommerce developer’s team needs to take care of every single element that can give visitors a better user experience (UX).

However, it is equally important to select and get the best development partner for helping you with your development requirements. An experienced team of developers who are well versed with the latest technique and development trends is the ideal choice to hire for your store development requirements.


Testing an online store with A/B testing will give an extra edge to check whether each function within the store is working properly or which elements are working better than others. After A/B testing of the online store, it is time to launch it into the marketplace.

Following A/B testing tools can help in deciding on the best version of the eCommerce website.

  • Unbounce
  • Optimizely
  • Google Analytics Experiments
  • Hotjar


Lunching An Online Store

Launching an online store into the marketplace needs a lot of preparation so that it can grab people’s attention and convert them into customers. Following are the useful considerations that need to fix before launching a store to the public.

Speed. User interface. Reach out.

Following are the three essential elements for the launch of your online store:


The web store should open quickly like the eyes take a blink. 47% of people expect to load a website within or less than 2 seconds, whereas the other 40% people abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Slow website loading speed gets annoyed especially when a user is browsing through mobile devices. You can test speed and mobile friendliness of your website with this amazing tool by Google.

Getting the best hosting service to host your eCommerce store is the first thing that you must look into. We recommend Bluehost and WPEngine are the most favorable hosting options to host your eCommerce store. You can also opt Kinsta and Pressable for managed hosting services.

It is advised to take backup of your store on daily basis, if possible. BackupBuddy and BackWPup are the two most favorable plugins that backup your site data efficiently.

Also, it is recommended to use good resolution pictures on your store, however, 2X images are recommended for better viewing on retina screens. Use of plugin for compressing and optimizing images on your site is what can speed up the loading time of your online store. WP Smush or is one of the best for compressing and optimizing images of your online store.

User interface

An intuitive user interface (UI) is the first demand of the online store visitor! Simple and easy to navigate interface is essential to turn visitors into customers.

The user interface can make or break the audience on your website. Your website content, menus, breadcrumbs, filters, links, and animation should be properly placed for a good user experience.

“The first 10 seconds of the page visit are critical for users’ decision to stay or leave.” Click To Tweet


Target the market appropriately and reach out to the audience at the right time! Competition is very stiff in the eCommerce market and it needs a complete marketing plan to make stand-out an online store. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, PPC, and Email Marketing are the top inbound marketing strategies that need to implement for building visibility of the store.

There are many automation tools that can help you with your marketing plan execution. The use of automation tools can cost you some bucks but will provide you good exposure in limited time.


Growing An Online Store

The growth of your online store depends upon many factors, but the most important things are to promote it through right tools at the right time to the right audience. A good professional online marketer’s team will be helpful.

Automation. Personalization. Customer support.

Also, you will need the right tool that can help you with automation.


It is not possible to reach each and every prospect with manual efforts and that too in a quick time. Hence, it is advisable to utilize automation tools to reach out the entire target market at once. These automation tools provide the tracking and analytical facility to keep a check on different promotional activities as well.

Following are the some of the best automation tools that can help in reaching out and getting a best possible conversion. Following tools can be useful in marketing automation to reach out and grow the audience in quickest time.

  • Marketo
  • HubSpot
  • Pardot


Boosting personalization to deliver a better user experience (UX) will lead to higher conversion. To create a bespoke shopping experience to the customers one needs to blend the offering as per their choice, desire, and need. eCommerce personalization includes navigational personalization, real-time offers, predictive recommendations, location based messaging, contextual messaging, database segmentation, subject line personalization, personalized content, and dynamic remarketing. 60% online shoppers believe that it is easy to find more interesting products on a personalized online store.

Top tools to create a personalized experience on an online store.

  • Personnes
  • Smart Currency Converter
  • Linkcious
  • TradeGecko

Customer support

To run a successful eCommerce business exceptional customer support is a necessity. By offering multi-channel support such as online chat, social media interactions, emails and support center, etc., online store owners can provide great customer service by using the right tools. Also, there is a need to focus on timely responses to deliver WOW experiences.

To run a successful eCommerce business exceptional customer support is a necessity. By offering multi-channel support such as online chat, social media interactions, emails and support center, etc., online store owners can provide great customer service by using the right tools. Also, there is a need to focus on timely responses to deliver WOW experiences.


It’s all about reaching out to the right target market at the right time with the right message and providing a superior customer experience that will decide the success of an online store.

Let’s create your online store with WooCommerce for better and seamless online shopping experience and do the Woo!

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