WordPress.com and WordPress.org explained

A few days ago I had a talk with a friend of mine who was looking into WordPress as a DIY tool for his website project. As an architect, he is not really skilled in web development, yet he affirmed me that he already looked into WordPress website to found some information. For me, such case is a perfect chance to get fresh thoughts and impressions on WordPress and so on.

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Why WordPress is the ultimate choice for e-commerce

A new era of online commerce has begun- people has more choices and eCommerce is running a race to deliver better and memorable experiences to all. In this quest of delivering better experiences, modern eCommerce has become dynamic and counterintuitive. To build such a store you’ll need a good platform to accommodate advanced functionalities.

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8 best free WordPress themes for blogs

Apart from willing to write articles for your blog it is also required to select a WordPress theme tailored for blogs. I can assure you that choosing a theme is a way easier than push yourself to write a blog. And to help you out, we have created a shortlist for you with an awesome and free WordPress themes for blogs.

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WordPress child theme explained

To set up a child theme you do not need to be a developer or have in-depth knowledge about WordPress. There are few simple steps you will need you to follow and within less than 5 minutes have a child theme up and running.

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How does video help your brand

I would be lying if I said that video and/or moving image content on the web is some kind of a new trend or that I am the one who came up with this. Video is around since it killed the radio star in 1977.

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What is WordPress widgets in brief

Default WordPress widgets, plugins to add more widgets, reviews, customization, and so on. The questions you may have are if this is something you should use and how is it different from WordPress shortcodes.

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