How to edit Author Base and Slug in WordPress

WordPress supports multiple authors, as well as creates a separate URL for each author.

An author can create content in WordPress, and when such activity is recorded, WordPress shows respective content on the Author’s page.

For reasons like Search Engine Optimization, you can change the WordPress Author’s Base and Slug, where Base refers to the Author word in URL and Slug is the Author’s username.

Here is an example of the WordPress default Author URL.

If you’ve got a technical background in WordPress, you can change Author’s Base and Slug using manual routine. Conversely, the WordPress plugins cover the gap for beginners.

Changing the Author Base and Slug in WordPress

Change the Author’s Slug in WordPress

First, install the Edit Author Slug plugin on the WordPress Plugins Directory.

Head over to Add New plugin’s page and search for the Edit Author Slug. Install and proceed to activate the first plugin that appears in the search results.

edit author slug plugin on wordpress plugins directory

After installing the plugin, proceed to Users -> All Users page. Click on the Edit link below a username. The next page shows various options to change the user’s information.

quick user edit option in wordpress

Scroll down to Edit Author Slug section, enter your desired username in the Custom field and click on the Update Profile button to save changes at the end.

edit author base or slug in wordpress

After you’ve saved the changes, you can browse to respective content of the user and see the updated URL in the browser.

Change the Author’s Base in WordPress

As defined above, the word ‘Author’ in the WordPress default Author’s URL refers to the Base.

Like Author’s Slug, you can also change the Base in Author’s URL. For both of the factors, you can use the ‘Edit Author Slug’ plugin alone.

Head over to Settings -> Edit Author Slug page in the WordPress Dashboard.

edit author slug plugin under settings menu in wordpress

The next page helps you change the Base for Authors. Enter your desired value for the field and proceed to save changes at the end.

edit author base in wordpress

On the same page, you can see the option to change Base for the user roles, such as Administrator or Editor.

Avoid 404 Not Found page errors

If you face 404 Not Found page errors after changing Author’s Base or Slug, you need to set proper redirection rules for the old Author URLs.

Redirection is the process of sending a user from one URL to another page.

After you’ve changed the Author Base or Slug, you need to redirect old Author’s URLs to the new destinations.

You can set redirects by using the HTACCESS file or by installing a plugin for the purpose.

Our Knowledge Base consists of an excellent tutorial on using HTACCESS file for redirection. On the other hand, you can also configure redirects using a WordPress plugin.


The WordPress default URL structure for the Authors has no complications for most of the users. However, the Custom Author URL; on the other hand, offers flexibility for membership websites and Content Management Systems (CMS).

By using the Edit Author Slug plugin, you can also change slugs for different roles like Editor. Along with so many options the plugin provides, its simple interface has left other plugins far behind.

Once you finish changing the Author’s URLs, don’t forget to set redirects for the old URLs. You can also test the changed URLs or redirects them by browsing the Author pages.

We hope this article helped you. You can read more about WordPress permalinks. If for example, you’re facing any issues regarding redirection or changing the Author’s URL structure, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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