Author: Michael M

A multidisciplinary guy who loves to be at every stage of the process and deliver only the best.

What is A/B testing and how it works?

So what exactly A/B term is? A buzz word or secret weapon of successful marketers? And most important if it’s so powerful why it doesn’t get the same amount of attention and interest as SEO or e-mail marketing topics?

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Three web design rules of professional website

Creating a website is easy, but creating the right design that will make your site both efficient and visually appealing takes a little extra skill. Here are the three rules of great web design that every business owner should follow in order to succeed in the highly competitive Internet marketplace.

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Why is social media so crucial for your business?

More than 70% of active online adults are using social media sites; furthermore, if you will decide to simply ignore social channels, then you will make a big favour to your competitors who are proactive and keeps an eye on social media. Good news you can actually change that and eventually your business will benefit from it.

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WordPress user roles explained

If your business requires multiple people to manage your website or you have a blog with multiple authors – you should know how to manage WordPress user roles.

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