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How does video help your brand

I would be lying if I said that video and/or moving image content on the web is some kind of a new trend or that I am the one who came up with this. Video is around since it killed the radio star in 1977.

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How to organize a WordCamp

It was the early spring of 2016 when the work on first ever WordCamp Riga began. I didn’t know where I’m putting myself into but knew that I wouldn’t be alone. Though at the time it seemed that the WordPress community in Latvia is relatively small, I was proven wrong.

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8 examples of effective image usage in web design

A picture is worth a thousand words – so the image can play a significant role in your web design. Effective image usage in web design can give your website personality to make it recognizable among competitors and help to achieve business goals.

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Why is social media so crucial for your business?

More than 70% of active online adults are using social media sites; furthermore, if you will decide to simply ignore social channels, then you will make a big favour to your competitors who are proactive and keeps an eye on social media. Good news you can actually change that and eventually your business will benefit from it.

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How to choose images for your website

This may sound rather simple – it can be really tough to choose right images for your website. There are multiple factors you should be taking into account to enhance your website and avoid the damage that can be caused by choosing wrong images.

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Best free stock image websites

High-quality image is an important part of any successful website and must be addressed with the same accuracy as textual content. Images and photos have a direct impact on user experience and conversion rate, proper use of image content can increase engagement and help to build visual associations with your brand and information.

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