All elements you need to create a business website

A structure of your website can either lead your customer towards the goal of your website or leave him wondering around the web. Right elements for a business website must work as a top to bottom pitch. Every next element must complement previous and affirm the statements made above.

Sounds simple, right? All you have to do is just take the right elements and place them in the right order 🙂

In this article, we will look closely at which elements you should choose for your business website and how to place them in a way to get most out of it. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a new business website or improve an existing one.

Start with a pitch

The very first thing your customer will see will determine if he will stay. You only have 7 seconds to catch user’s attention on your website before he leaves.

You only have 7 seconds to catch user's attention on your website before he leaves. Click To Tweet

As you look at successful business sites, there is one thing in common, most of them start with a loud statement in the so-called hero section. A hero section is a block (usually backed up with graphics) that is focused on catching visitors attention and highlighting the main message a business wants to deliver.

A hero section for a business website
A hero section with background image and tagline backed up with an action trigger.

The purpose of the hero section is to trigger sales funnel to move customers down the page towards an action trigger. A perfect anatomy of the hero section of a business site consists of:

  • A background (plain, image, or video);
  • A massive headline;
  • Supporting text;
  • An action trigger (ex. Purchase button).

As you can see, a hero section includes an action trigger from the very beginning of your business page (although you will have to copy it on your page over and over.)

State your features

We can talk about our products and services hours and hours, yet there is always an essence that explains how this product can help your customers. The most common mistake people make with a business website is telling their customers how awesome the product is. The fact is that most of us don’t need awesome products – we need products that can solve our problems.

Key feature collection on your business site
Key features with icons to drag user’s attention.

As you work on your features, think about what problems do they solve and represent them in an easy-to-understand way. Be short and simple, so people don’t have to spend much time reading poems and get straight to the point. Another good idea is to back your features with associated graphics, like icons or small pictograms to highlight individual feature.

Remember, do not overreact by putting ten and more features as you can have a separate feature index for that purpose somewhere on the site.

Showcase your products and services

You made a pitch and backed it up with key features, it is about time for your customer to get familiar with your products and services. A picture’s worth 1,000 words, so there is no better way than showcasing them by using various media.

79% of site visitors are looking for highlights, instead of reading texts. Click To Tweet

A single image of your product, a gallery of your works, or even a video give your customers an option to ‘touch and feel’. As 79% of site visitors are looking for highlights, instead of reading texts. Images and videos can become those hooks that attract potential leads and convert them into customers.

Showcase your products or services via media.
Showcase your products or services via media.

Be proud, share opinions

More than 90% of customers read online reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Moreover, 88% trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. These are very impressive numbers to consider.

92% of customers read online reviews, 88% trust online reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations. Click To Tweet

As you sell products or offer services you collect feedback of your customers for both, to see where you can improve and collect good reviews (if you don’t do that, it is about time to start.) Use this information on your website to give your customers independent opinion about your company. Testimonials will work as proof of your earlier made statements and also drive SEO traffic.

Offer your customers an independent review of your products and services with testimonials.
Offer your customers an independent review of your products and services with testimonials.

Get in touch

How do your customers get in touch with you? A contact information or a mechanism to get in touch helps customers getting straight to business. The reasons for contact can be different, like asking additional questions (your site can’t cover everything), make an order, or simply ensure that there are real people behind the company.

The elements like Contact Form or Google Maps can do the job by giving your customers a way to reach out easily.

Grow the audience

Importance of social media marketing can’t be underestimated. Up to 70% of all online adults use Facebook, 75% of all Instagram users access it on a daily basis. People share, like, tweet, read, and comment, they even build opinions based on the information they find on social media.

Up to 70% of all online adults use Facebook, 75% of all Instagram users access it on a daily basis. Click To Tweet

All this makes social media a highly influential channel for advertising your business and your website. Maybe you are not the person that share pages on Facebook (maybe you are even not on Facebook), it doesn’t matter as you can’t put everyone in the same box. All you need to know that people love it and you should give them an option to share the information about your products, services, or business on social media.

A simple 'Like' button can give you 200% increase in site visits from social media.
A simple ‘Like’ button can give you a 200% increase in site visits from social media.

A simple ‘Like’ button can get you a 200% increase in site visitors from Facebook according to independent research. Not bad for a simple button, right? The best part is that Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels offer easy-to-use mechanisms to integrate social buttons on the website. And if you are not a tech-savvy person, you can easily rely on a software that can do it for you.

End with a Call-to-Action

By now, you should have your site visitor on a hook and this is the perfect time to close the deal. This is a very intense moment that any distraction can break, like for example scrolling all the way up to your page header.

Web design beginners often make a mistake by placing an action (ex. ‘Purchase Now’ button) only once, usually at the top of the page. As you look at a professional business site, you will notice that important actions repeat on the page over and over again. The bottom of the page is one of them.

End your page with a clear Call to Action
End your page with a clear Call to Action.

In your page, you should make sure to incorporate an element that triggers an action. It can be a button or call to action to purchase a product. A link to another page on your site. A contact information so your customers can call you. Whatever you want your site visitor to do after visiting this specific page.

Extra features and templates

Your business site is so much more than a structure. A good site deserves a good design and smart functionality. It is no surprise (it is even a standard) for a website to adapt its design for mobile devices. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones, which puts your website in the position of accepting a lot of mobile traffic. And if your site is not adapted, you will end up with a high probability of losing customers.

Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. Click To Tweet

Of course, responsiveness is not the only thing to consider. We talked about design, fancy effects like parallax can make your website to stand out from the crowd and put your products or services in a spotlight. A simple transition or animation will make your site a lot more appealing to the majority of visitors. Just don’t overreact.

An easy to use business website template with ready structure.
An easy to use business website template with ready structure.

Yes, adapting your site for mobile devices and incorporating effects can be too much (you already have a structure to deal with.) This is why it is a good idea to look into page templates – ready-to-use solutions with all the structure and features available by default. While some people are suspicious about templates, you should not. People tend to think that all pages that use templates are similar – it can be true only in the case when you don’t adopt the template for your business. If you choose the right tool and right template, you can easily change it to fit your business needs. And what is more important, a template is the fastest way to get your business site up and running.

Create a business website

All the elements and templates to handle, all the tools to learn – it can be too much for a business owner with a tight schedule. To help you out, we have created a series of posts and provided you with the tools that will guide you through the process.

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  1. Fast loading, neat and clean website design with excellent quality images are most important. Because nowadays no can wait for full website loading. Everyone needs fast loading website.
    Nice article you have written. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Raitis it;s great material to learn something new. Now i can make my blog better.

  3. Great article, for me building a business site there are really only two things I believe is missing in visual composer premium. A before/after slider function and a portfolio/product section/slider with thumbnails and filter function. These are to visual aspects that are very common in a lot of businesses. Is there any way for me as a user to wish or vote for future functions? Thanks!

    1. You just did! Thank you for the nice words and input. I’m sure you have noticed that we are pushing updates to Visual Composer almost on a weekly schedule. Things that you mentioned will be available in the future.

      “before/after slider” give a try to pageable container 😉 You can basically place any element in a carousel-like element.
      We have a basic teaser grid available (no filtering sorry) and as I mentioned more advanced grids to follow.

  4. Great stuff, big fan of new VC version, we build all our buissiness site’s with VC, good tips, thanks for the ideas and guidelines.

    1. Thanks for the nice words! From our side, we can assure you that we just touched the surface. More to come!

  5. Very interesting article. I have Only one CTA button on my homepage. Now i make more buttons 🙂 Thanks.

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