How to grow traffic to your WordPress website with Pinterest

Whether you have a business site, a lifestyle blog or an online store, high traffic flow is fundamental to a successful and well-engaged website. There are many ways you can increase traffic to your site – advertising, guest blogging, optimizing for SEO, going social via Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest… the list is long, and we all know that each marketing activity asks for important resources, such as knowledge, money and time.

Another stumbling block to overcome you may say? Not quite, think it with Pinterest! Pinterest has a different social media approach turning stubborn marketing into a fun time where you become a happy pinner and the audience your happy re-pinners.

What other social media provides such a networking model that works for your benefit for free? Why Pinterest is a must-have for your website and how can you improve your website’s engagement with this fast-growing social network? Let’s see how it works!

Why Pinterest?

Like I mentioned before when it comes to generating traffic to your website, the options of social media are wide. Which platform to choose depends on the niche of your website and your target audience you want to address. I cannot decide that for you, however, I believe in the power of Pinterest for various reasons:

  • Pinterest traffic is Free;
  • High potential going viral;
  • Over 90% of users use Pinterest to plan their purchases;
  • Pins are search-able for its evergreen traffic;
  • There are more than 75 billion ideas on Pinterest;
  • It’s fun!

Pinterest itself quotes that Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” – the statement that’s more towards to the consumer but in the same time a great pattern from business perspective knowing that your products or high-value content are being connected, pinned, and hearted by the many of Pinterest users for free. Even more, according to the latest data, there are 175 million of monthly active Pinterest users – that’s a great potential for your business to be noticed!

Grow your website’s traffic with Pinterest

Whether you are just getting started with Pinterest or you are an experienced pinner, the listing below will help you enhance your marketing efforts with Pinterest that will help you receive more traffic and customers.

1. Sign up for a business account

To maximize your pinning effort, sign up for a free Pinterest business account. If you already have a personal account, you may as well convert your existing one into a business page. Even there’s no visual difference between the personal and business Pinterest boards, having a business page allows you to look into the analytics, thus giving you a better understanding of what your audience cares about, and what are their behavioral patterns. Note that accessing analytics you will be able once you verify your website with Pinterest, read further to see how.

Sign up for Pinterest business account

When filling out the blanks, be sure to follow Pinterest best practices:

  • Tell your brand story – Apart from the personal account, business account works as a portfolio for your business, make sure to describe your brand, highlighting products you sell or services you provide by fitting effective keywords you want to be searched and ranked for.
  • Build a community on Pinterest – Let your followers take part in pinning activities, create boards that are open for anyone to pin to. This kind of two-way commitment will encourage more people to join your Pinterest community.
  • Choose how you send traffic to your site – Work out the common style of your Pinterest page, carefully crafting visual appearance through high-quality images that are strong call-to-action attributes to lead people to your website. Use relevant keywords, titles, and descriptions.
  • Learn how to analyze your Pinterest attendance to improve – Pinterest learns your followers’ engagement and ensures that you have an access to the insights for your pinning strategy to improve in future. Use them for good!

2. Verify your website URL with Pinterest

One of the main reasons why verifying your website is that it helps to rank higher in the Pinterest search. Also, by claiming your website, you gain an access to your website analytics, so you can actually see what people are pinning from your website.

Claim Your website on Pinterest
Screenshot of a Pinterest Settings menu

You can verify your website from Settings menu on the top right in your Pinterest account, typing your website address under the ‘Claim Website’. Once claimed, Pinterest will review your website and send you approval message. From the experience, it happens pretty fast, little patience and you will be set to go!

3. Create boards, pin your content & re-pin others’

Pinterest boards take a big part of your marketing strategy. When creating new boards, make sure they are related to your niche, for example, if you are a company selling fashion designer clothing, don’t create boards about fishing or gardening tips, always remember who your audience is and what’s relevant to them.

Go to your competitors’ boards and search for ideas that work, board-names that get a big engagement and adapt these ideas to your account. Be unique when adding board names and descriptions, use keywords for search engines to rank your pins, Pinterest pins and boards are indexed by Google meaning they are also searchable.

Pinterest, unlike the most of the things, qualifies for ‘quantity equals quality’ statement, as consistently pinning is a part of Pinterest’s algorithm that’s based on interaction, so the best tip for ranking on Pinterest is to be super active. Simply said: Pin it to win it for yourself! 🙂

4. Add buttons and widgets

Notice how this post has a “Pinterest” button beside other social media share icons? That’s for you readers to share our content on your Pinterest board benefiting us both –  we get extra traffic while you save a great content on your Pinterest board. It works both ways – simply, if you want your Pinterest strategy work, you have to follow the simple rule – 20% your content, 80% re-pins that are relevant to your business. So, why don’t you start optimizing your site with Pin It! button to let your website visitors or blog readers build awareness for you as well?! There are several ways of how it can be done:

Pinterest itself has a bunch of useful buttons you can customize and adapt to your requirements – use Pinterest widget builder to create Save and Follow button, as well as Pin, Board, and Profile widgets. Being universal to fit all the website platforms, to use the widget builder, you will have to copy and paste a code into your page where you want the widget to appear. Plus, it requires a script to be added right before the closing </body> tag. If this becomes little too tricky for you, take a look further into other options.

Pinterest buttons and widgets

Plugins – WordPress has dozens of social media plugins that offer various approaches how and where to add Pinterest share buttons – an easier set up to customize your Pin It! button’s appearance.  Using the WP plugins will make it easy to add visually stunning sharing buttons to your website in a variety of locations – you can add share buttons above/below your posts, via short-codes and even floating share buttons. One of the most popular social sharing plugins for WordPress is Warfare PluginsSumoEasy Social Share Buttons For WordPressMashShareWP Social SharingCustom Share Buttons.

Full package website builders – another great solution to add sharing buttons to your site is actually build your website using WordPress website builder, that consists of all must-have website elements, including Pinterest and other social media share buttons. This approach won’t ask for any high-tech skills, as all building process happens by simply drag and drop elements in ready-made or your own created templates.

An image is worth a thousand words

This leads us back to a very beginning – to understand why people interact and why Pinterest gives users fulfillment and inspiration throughout creating new boards, pinning, and saving others content. There are various reasons why this might have become a lifestyle to so many people, and I am sure psychologists would have a better word to explain this, but let’s try anyway.

Pinterest is like a wish board to people who design, people who raise kids, collect cars, adores animals; it’s a virtual billboard for new ideas and a great pleasure to the eye. That said, it isn’t too load to admit that all is based on the image!

So, no matter how good your article is or how nicely you described your new fashion line, if there won’t be an appealing image added to it, there won’t be visits to your site. Whereas, colorful image, covered with an eye-catching text will give you leads and sales! So, be sure to invest your time creating a tasty image when sharing your content!

Organize Pinterest boards with eye-catching images

Define how your content appears on Pinterest

Writing a WordPress post includes adding featuring image, the content itself, choosing categories and/or tags. From a very basic perspective, that’s enough to publish. But without adding marketing boosters, your great content will be hiding somewhere in your website’s menu, unrecognized by million of Pinners. A small reminder, in case you’re still thinking of, should you be adding a Pinterest share button to your site?!

So what happens when a reader wants to share your article on his Pinterest wall? He clicks on the share button from your blog that opens a small window (add-on) letting him choose own board to save the pin on. Pinterest automatically takes your featured image to be used for your pin, and that’s not the best way to interact. Why not? Because most likely, the featured image is not customized for Pinterest best practices – wrong image size, no cover text, no call-to-action – everything to make your content appear bald. So, let’s add a spark to your shareable content with one or two of the following options:

Apply for Rich Pins – the pins with more information than standard pins, offering five different content types – article, movie, product, recipes, and places. Each type has its own upgrade such as a direct link to your site and real-time pricing for your online store products.

Article pins are useful for blogging since you can promote your blog posts and news with your own logo, readable headline and a link back to your site. And since Pinterest uses the Facebook Open Graph meta-data, it’s easy to launch with WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO.

Having a Yoast SEO plugin is a simple way to make sure having a healthy search engine optimized site, plus, adding a snippet to each blog post will make sure your content is shared using the right meta tags and descriptions, not only on Pinterest but throughout all social media.

However, we still miss out on the image – as good as the SEO plugin gets, you will want to implement social share plugin that allows you to define sharing options. Like mentioned before, there are many such plugins to choose from but to show you an example, I will take a Mash Share to guide you through.

A Mash Share social sharing screenshot of WordPress admin panel

As you can see in the picture above, there is an option to add a special image, and description for each social media, including Pinterest. This way, we make sure that when someone’s sharing our content via Pinterest, the pin will be visually attractive and describable. The image that’s added to Pinterest Image is not seen on the blog post, however, appears once you click ‘Pinterest’ share button above or below. Go ahead, try it out and see for yourself!

This is a great way to customize content for Pinterest, adding 2:3 ratio graphic thus appealing to Pinterest’s guidance of a perfectly set up image size – as higher as better is a way to go!

Wrapping it up

Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing social networks throughout the last decade, and I am sure to say that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

It may have started as a place where people go dreaming about their dream house or trips, but it’s also have become a huge social media platform and reasonable marketing media with millions of users looking for quality and attractive content.

Try all or some of the tips I gave you and don’t miss out on a chance to reach new potential audiences that most likely could be your beloved customers.

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