How to stay in vogue: 10 easy and helpful tips about web design

Without a doubt, the performance of own business is one of the most important aspects of its further development!

All in all, talking about an online store, forum, advertisement website, gallery, blog or another kind of website with an eCommerce integration, the first thing people always note is the visual look of an online project. Seeing that, don’t forget that even if you are a happy owner of a powerful and ideally running website it still should be brilliant!

L et’s talk about beauty because we made a great discovery in order to help one to launch a truly trendy online project.

Would you like to hear today’s web design trends? For these simple reasons, we propose you to view a list of 10 easy but quite vital tips that will indisputably be motivating and helpful for anyone!

High-quality images and breathtaking photography

Visual Composer Starter WordPress theme
Hero image of Visual Composer Starter theme

What is the next option that is usually on trend? The quality, of course, so keep in mind that the quality of the pictures for your online project might be a nice addition to its pages! As well, unique photographs have always been a must-have for a remarkable website, so until this moment, you should think more watchfully about the pictures that you are going to use for your online project.

It is not a secret that a lot of popular companies or website designers even use the services of the professional photographers in order to get the exclusive shots for their sites. Gently speaking, you don’t have to spend a mint of money, because expensive things are not always the good ones!

All in all, use all your potential to get an authentic photography for your website, as with its help you will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Charm your guests with Parallax effect

Would you like your online project to be more gorgeous? In this case, the mentioned function was created for your needs! To make things easier, the parallax effect is a new and popular web trend, which involves background moving at a slower rate to the foreground and makes a marvelous 3D effect when one is scrolling the page.

Shortly, such graphical effect brings you a sense of a charming depth and motion. Originally, this technique was made to be used in video games, but now it is one of the most preferred and indispensable options for any modern website. Below you can see three main reasons explaining the situation.

  • First of all, a good-looking design of your website will positively show the results of a longer visitors time on the site, so the traffic of your online project will be increased!
  • Secondly, using parallax scrolling one has a chance to create a spotless and inviting information path, which will guide people through the website showing all aspects of its beauty.
  • Next, the parallax effect is suitable not only for a two-dimensional creation. What is more, the feature can be additionally used as a good way to add various effects to one’s online project. Such as icon enlargement, moving or minimization – things that are easily based on scrolling. Finally, with the help of the parallax effect, you became the owner of the fabulous and intriguing pages!
Impressing WordPress Theme by Template Monster
Impressing WordPress theme by Template Monster

This Theme was presented by TemplateMonster, which today has more than 26 000 of wonderful premium templates for any type of online business.

Remember about GIFs

Visual Composer Website Builder Gif Example
Visual Composer GIF example

Need more ways to show your creativity? Well, don’t forget about such cool and useful things as GIFs, as they can easily help you to express your emotions and attract the guests of your site! Thus, introduce your online business with entertaining because this web trend lets people see that your deal is not only about money and sales. Furthermore, today you are able to use an awesome 3D-effect to bring the appearance of your online project to more professional level!

Stylish means simple

Example of flat business website design
Flat business website design

Do you want to hear about the next web design trend? Firstly, answer the question: are you the one, who believes that the design of your pages must be full of details and unusual elements? Well, think about the most remarkable trends and you will realize that stylish usually means simple, so here is flat design to serve you!

Still, think that flat design is something about a prehistorical version of Windows?

In this case, now is a good time to find out the truth! To begin with, flat design is a minimalist user interface design approach which brings one a real usability… What is more, today flat design is more than just a comfortable thing, as it provides you with a possibility to get a stylish and shining appearance for a desired online project! Naturally, you are able to have all you want and even more using a lot of incredible images, impressing color palette and inimitable, neat web fonts. Be sure, it features clean, open space and crisp edges.

Needless to say, the written features were added in order to highlight your products or services. Thus, using this cool web trend you can have a modern website design, which will easily emphasize your particular type of business.

Experiment with the extreme colors

Art and Culture Bright Template
Art and Culture Bright Template by Template Monster

To continue, there is no need to do your website in white or dark colors. Would you like to be unique? Thus, be free to experiment with the performance of your online project and express yourself as much as you can with the help of rich pallets, screaming colors and unusual shades!

Unquestionably, such a step may quickly attract the attention of web audience to your site. Actually, the appearance of your website shouldn’t be blatant but a brave one! All in all, the main idea of this part of the article is to inspire one of some outstanding changes that can help your site to look extraordinary but still elegant and pleasant. Above you can find the example of a bright and elegant website theme that represent this outstanding web trend and will definitely catch one’s eye!

Plus animations

Amazon animation example
Example of animation from Amazon

In addition to the previous paragraph, remember the animations, as they make the next web trend and provide one with another opportunity to represent your online project with fun! For example, you may check the eye-catching picture with a girl spinning around and demonstrating her red dress on the Amazon page.

Impress your guest with some videos

Focus WordPress theme with video
WordPress theme with video

Talking about entertainment, the recent technologies let one introduce their products or services with the help of using various videos, so you are able to add to your online project any media that you like. Likewise, today you may also do it even with the menu of your website! Here is an interesting fact for you: it was written on the Hubspot that by the next year about 80 % of all the user internet traffic will be media.

Moreover, they discovered that over 50 % of a whole today’s mobile traffic is already related to media. I guess, you already know what this web trend is about! All in all, videos are always quickly taken all over the internet! As a result, using them would be a great idea for the marketing purposes of your eCommerce project, as with its’ help your ideas will be widespread in different social media with a single click of a mouse!

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design example

Now, when we have already discussed the visual part of a successful web design, let’s talk about its functionality. Just look around and you will see that everyone use their cell phones in order to find out something interesting on the internet as today all these devices are multifunctional.

Logically, the using of such comfortable items saves people’s time as well as allows to pass it. That is why you have to know about the described services as it is another must-have!

As the name says, a mobile-first design is the process of website creation for a small screened gadgets and then working up to the bigger desktop version for larger devices. In the end, you get a splendid, strong site, which will look and work perfectly in all the browsers and on all the devices.

For these simple reasons, mobile-first design quickly became a fast growing web trend. In addition, below are three simple reasons that will tell you about the advantages of using the described strategy.

  • To start with, for today there are nearly 1.2 billion mobile users in the world.
  • To continue, mobile applications have been downloaded nearly 11 billion times!
  • What is more, the sales of various mobile devices increase every day and today it’s across the board with over 85 % of recent cells that let their owners access the mobile web space in the easiest way!

In general, a mobile-first design will unquestionably save not only your time but also the time of your customers.

More responsive design for your website

Sparkling - fully responsive theme by Colorlib
Sparkling – fully responsive theme by Colorlib

All in all, not every person who dreams about a cool and modern site is a coding guru… Still, there are some helpful features to assist you with the creation of a trendy online project! Thus, let’s learn more about the next web trend!

Originally, a responsive design is mainly an approach to building a website using Cascading Style Sheet media queries plus flexible layouts that were pre-loaded for your comfort. Furthermore, this item works hand-in-hand with the mobile-first design. Thus, the first feature makes the experience and the appearance of your website, when another one literally realizes it.

Consequently, here is an additional way for your website to be perfectly displayed on the devices of different sizes. What is more, remember that your site will successfully transport any type of content on mobile phones as well as on the tablet, laptops or the big-screened desktops!

Learn more about SVGs

Learn more about SVG

Would you like to get an inimitable design for your site? Just learn more about new web trend, called SVGs and be free to use it instead of usual JPG or PNG files! Firstly, keep in mind that SVG images are only suitable for vector graphics, so they don’t work with photographs. Still, one is able to create the shining images or logos with the help of SVGs!

In addition to the amazing and unique look, such images have pretty small sizes what is another plus for the speed of your site!


Well, now you know a lot of helpful information about the web design trends, so it is time to sum everything up!

Needless to say, vogue has always been one of the most valuable and irregular things, so every modern person desires to know everything about it and stay trendy in their personal life as well as in their type of business… Still, it does not mean that one has to follow all the mentioned web design trends at the same time!

Gently speaking, the most important, useful and productive rule for further success of any site is quite simple and old as our world. It says that you truly need to be inimitable in order to become the best and the first in your deal. How can you do it? Well, there are a lot of possibilities for your creativity.

All in all, this post is too small for all of them to be written here. What is more, there is no law that may be one and only for all the people, as each of us is a personality, which needs to find the particular way for the prosperity of their website. Seeing that, keep in mind that web design trends (even the most impressing ones) are only the advice that one may use for their needs, so they mean nothing without your own vision!

Thus, have a closer look at these web design trends in order to find something for your online project and then treat them like the helpful items for your imagination!

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