Top 5 ways to monetize your WordPress website to increase income

The Internet provides passive income opportunities. By building websites, and carrying out Content Marketing; you can develop e-businesses that increase income on the Internet.

In this tutorial, we learn top 5 ways to monetize your site for income. These methods have reportedly seen creating income streams for the people.

1. Affiliate marketing to increase income

Affiliate Marketing consists of promoting other people’s products and earning a commission by making sales.

To get started as a beginner, you can take the below steps in order.

1. Choose a niche

Choosing a Niche depends on your intention. You can choose a niche you have expertise in or a popular niche with high earning opportunities.

If you blog online or deal with Digital Marketing, you can select a Niche such as Blogging, Paid Ads, Blogger Tools, Content Marketing, and Website Traffic. However, you can find side Niches with Google.

Head over to Google, type in your main Niche Keyword, and you can see the suggestions. Similarly, you can collect lots of profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing.

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2. Find affiliate products

Once you choose a Niche, the next step is finding Affiliate Products to promote and earn commissions on sales.

Create your account on the Clickbank website, a platform that contains products to promote as an Affiliate Marketer.

Click on Create Account at the top right, and fill in your personal information.

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Fill in the fields and click on the Next button at the end. On the next page, you need to enter Banking Information.

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After you confirm your account, proceed to Clickbank Marketplace, choose the products on the left panel, obtain Referral Link information, and promote to earn commissions on Sales. Make sure you choose the products offering above 40% in commissions.

3. Create a website to promote affiliate products

These days, creating a website is easy. You can use Content Management Systems to create your site like a Pro.

Let’s proceed and create a website with WordPress, and promote your affiliate products.

Creating a website is easy, but contains steps in order. The above tutorial helps you create a site with WordPress, along with Screenshots and actionable steps.

After you create a website, you can download and install various themes from the WordPress Themes Directory, and make your site speak about your Affiliate Products.

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4. Create valuable content

You can keep your online business live with Content. It means creating content for Search Engines, around keywords that play well regarding your Niche.

To get started and create content to promote Affiliate products, make a list of Seed Keywords to proceed and create content for them. Head over to Google, and use the Google Suggest Feature to compile a list of Seed Keywords.

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After compiling a list of Seed Keywords, proceed and make Headlines to create articles. Use the Headline Generating Tools online.

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Proceed and install the Yoast SEO Plugin to help you write SEO optimized content.

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Moreover, before you write content for promoting Affiliate Products, make sure you learn to create SEO optimized content in the right way.

5. Build an audience and promote your affiliate products

A significant portion of income comes from the Email List. Once you start blogging about main Keywords, the main point is capturing Email Leads to market your Affiliate Products with Email Marketing Tools.

To build an Audience, focus on creating valuable content. Besides content, you can increase income by SEO, and gain more Organic Search Traffic to your Affiliate website.

Once you start getting traffic to your site, your next step is capturing the visitor’s emails with Optinmonster Pop-up Forms.

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After having email leads captured, use the Email Marketing Tools such as Aweber to send Marketing Emails to contacts.

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2. Create digital products and increase income fast

1. Introduction

On the basis of your expertise in a specific field, you can create Digital Products. You can put in your knowledge into the product, and build your passive income stream by leveraging relevant audience.

After creating a product, you can make a page that lists your products on your website.

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Besides a Product page on your site, you can use online Teaching platforms to market and sell your courses, the platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare.

2. Types of products you can create and sell online

You can create different types of Products online, such as eBooks, Video, Software, Images, Template Designs, and Audio files.

For example, if you plan to create an eBook, you can write the script and create a template with the Canva, a tool that helps people design attractive Images, Templates, Book covers, and Social Media images.

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Once you finish writing an eBook or creating your digital product such as Video or Audio, you can proceed to create your school on Teachable or Udemy, and start earning money right away. Once you create a school, your site plays a vital role in attracting a relevant audience and marketing your products as well.

3. How to create a product

Firstly, you have to work on creating a product. This process includes choosing a specific product type, such as an eBook or a Video course and coming up with outlines. The next step contains creating the content. Once finished with creating a product, you need to optimize your content on your site and create a school on Teachable or Udemy.

4. How to create an online store

Land on the Teachable Home Page and click on the Create a course button at the top right.

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After you create an account, proceed and Login. When on the Dashboard, click on the Create a School on the left panel, give a name to your School and proceed.

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Next, set the options on the screen and proceed.

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On the next page, you can find a list of basic options, including the option of creating a course. Here, you need to upload your course content, create a sales page, and set the payment price and gateway for your school.

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Click on the Create a Course option in the list. On the next screen, you will see the necessary options for the course, such as Name, Author Bio, and Description of the course.

Once proceeded to the next page, you will see the page of uploading your course content. You can click on the New Section button to create a section in the course curriculum. Similarly, click on the New Lecture to create a new lesson inside the Course Sections.

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Once completed, you can proceed to the Pricing page. After finishing the basic things, you can create and optimize your Sales Page for the course. The left panel helps you edit the Sales, Checkout, and Thank You pages.

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5. Market the product and increase your sales

If you haven’t started creating content for the Product, you are missing out on the potential sales and income. Once started Blogging about your product, and how it helps the audience gain value, you need to capture the visitor’s emails with tools such as Optinmonster. After that, you need to use Email Marketing Tools such as Aweber for sending out Marketing Emails and earn with sales.

3. Membership and subscription-based websites to increase income

1. What are the membership or subscription-based sites?

Membership or Subscription-Based sites are referred to sites that provide premium features in exchange for a monthly fee. Premium services include content, courses, and a community of professionals.

People and students join such sites to learn and make their careers. On the other hand, students can read selective articles in the field, talk to professionals, attend webinars, and take advice from the community.

An example of the Membership or Subscription-Based site is the Freelance Writers Den, where Writers join to learn, take advice, and make their careers on the Internet.

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2. How to earn money with the membership sites?

Before you proceed and build a Membership site to earn money online, you need to choose a specific niche for the purpose. The specific niche in which you can serve the premium knowledge.

On the other hand, you need to have a community of professionals on the board. The community that helps others build their careers to increase their income on the go.

increase income visualincrease income visual composer tutorial composer tutorial

3. How to create a membership website with WordPress?

Unlike other sites that need no specific plugin for the general purposes, creating a Membership site requires a plugin called Member Press.

After you purchase a Hosting and Domain Address for the site, you need to install and set up the Member Press for creating your Membership site with the WordPress.

A Hosting package helps you obtain server space to upload your site files. On the other hand, the Domain Address helps people access your site on the Internet.

For the complete walkthrough of how to create a Membership site with Member Press, adjust the Pricing structure, and create Sign up and Login pages, this Tutorial helps you learn and go through the entire process.

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4. Products and services you can offer on the membership sites

You can offer a range of services on your Membership site, such as Live Chat support, Phone support, Webinars, Paid content, Premium Articles, Video courses, and Career Counseling and support.

On the other hand, besides services, you can create your products on the Membership site. The products include eBooks, Video courses, and Audio files.

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Similarly, you can collect a community of professionals in the field, and charge the students for joining the Professional Desks on your Membership site.

5. Final words about earning with the membership sites

Once you create your Membership site, spread the word out by writing Guest Posts on Top Platforms such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Thrive Global.

In the same manner, you need to leverage Traffic sources for drawing in the Free Traffic. Traffic sources include Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also build your Blog, and write content to attract a relevant audience to your Membership site.

Offer discounts on a timely basis. Members and new students like to join new features with discounts. The discounts help you gain more subscribers, as well as spread the word of mouth to gain more targeted traffic to your Membership site.

4. Place paid ads on your site to increase income fast

1. Introduction

Offering space for the Paid Ads on your site helps you earn money. The more your site is popular, regarding traffic, the more you can make money with the Paid Ads.

You can place ads on the right sidebar of your WordPress site. Unlike Membership sites, the process of earning with Paid Ads requires no technical knowledge to set up.

Proceed and place Ads by creating Widget areas on the right sidebar on your WordPress website. To get clients that want to place ads on your site, you need to join a relevant ad community such as Star Clicks.

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2. How to proceed and earn with the paid ads

You can find the Ad platforms that help you set up your account, place ads, and earn money.

You can find so many platforms for the Ad purposes, such as Info Links for the in-text ads on your Blog.

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Similarly, the Buy Sell Ads helps you join a community of site owners offering ad spaces on their sites. You can join Buy Sell Ads, offer your ad space and earn money with your WordPress site.

3. Join ad sites

At a scale, once you prepare your site for the Paid Ads, you can join community platforms and attract advertisers to your site.

There are lots of community sites for the Paid Ads, including Craigslist, OLX, and Ad Post.

To find and join ad sites like Buy Sell Ads, Google Related Operator helps you find similar sites to Buy Sell Ads.

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On the other hand, you can also use alternatives to Buy Sell Ads that work in the same way as Buy Sell Ads does in the trade.

4. Adjusting pricing criteria

There is no hard rule regarding Pricing Criteria for the Paid Ads on your site. You can create a page on your site that describes the pricing table for the Paid Ads.

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Make sure you describe the ad type such as Banner, Text Links, Sponsored Posts, or Backlink, and the duration of the ads.

In the same manner, you can create a PDF File for the purpose that includes information about your site traffic, ads, pricing, time duration, and discounts.

You can also set your prices by Traffic your site gains on a Monthly basis. The more you adjust and leverage your site strength properly, the more you can attract people wanting to place ads on your site, and this way, you can earn with Paid Ads on your WordPress site.

5. Professional tips on earning with paid ads

If you can leverage Traffic Sources such as Twitter and Pinterest, you can earn a handsome income with the Paid Ads.

Once you start getting some traffic to your site, create a list of sites in your Niche, reach out to them and offer the discounted rate for placing Paid Ads on your site, along with your site stats such as Traffic Hits per Month, Google SEO stats, and the potential benefits they can avail by placing ads on your site.

5. Publish sponsored posts to increase income with your WordPress website

1. Introduction

Sponsored Posts are paid or promoted posts for traffic, sales, and revenue purposes. Mostly, big companies or individuals alike use to write and publish sponsored posts on top platforms with massive traffic and audience.

You can start accepting Sponsored Posts on your site. Before you plan to earn with Sponsored Posts, you should focus on drawing in traffic to your website.

After that, don’t forget to write Contributor Guidelines for those who want to get their Sponsored Posts published on your website.

Contributor Guidelines to ensure quality content with no violation of any rules regarding Search Engines, Community, and Internet Acts.

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2. How to proceed?

You can start by creating a page for the Sponsored Posts, holding information about contributing Posts to your site.

The Sponsored Posts page also holds information about the pricing structure, along with other measures such as No-Follow and Do-Follow link attributes, Website Traffic, Word Count, and other stats regarding your SEO and Content Strategy.

Once you created the page, you can place a Link or Button on the Navigation Menu Bar of your site. Similarly, you can also place the link in Bio on other sites.

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3. Defining the contribution criteria and rules

We discussed the surface rules above. In this section, we need to dig deeper into the game.

You can define rules for the Sponsored Posts, such as posts should relate to Site Niche Keywords. On the other hand, also focus on the Article Format, Contact Medium, Editing Requests, and Publishing Routine.

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In the same manner, you can also state about Payment Medium. Besides Payment Medium, provide discounted rate and support for the clients wanting to publish multiple posts on your site.

4. Pricing criteria and hunting for clients to earn money

Once you set up your page for the Sponsored Posts, you can market your offer. If possible, close a deal with Content Writers and Marketers, who use to publish Sponsored Posts on a regular basis.

By closing long-term deals, not only you can earn more, but also you can expand your relationships with potential business partners.

In the same manner, conduct the Cold Outreach Campaigns. Cold Outreach consists of reaching out to potential clients and business partners through the Email and offering mutual partnership opportunities. Cold Outreach Campaigns help you get more clients and increase income with your WordPress site.

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5. Professional tips on sponsored posts

Make a list of top platforms in your Niche. Once you compile a list, you can start analyzing the Authors and find out the Sponsored Posts Guidelines on the Platforms.

It helps you find their Sponsored Post Authors. Once completed, you can reach out to Authors, and offer them the Sponsored Posts on your site.

Similarly, repeat this process until you land clients. You will start noticing clients coming in with the passage of time. By email, you can close instant deals for your Sponsored Post offers.

Over to you

To increase income online, you need to get the necessary skills, including how to make a Website with WordPress, the right strategy, and working on a regular basis.

In addition to it, you will also need to write and market your Content.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning marketing other people’s products. In this case, you earn commissions on making sales.

Similarly, the process of creating your products helps you increase income, as well as builds your authority in the field.

On the other hand, if you love creating websites, building a Paid Membership site with the WordPress will play the role.

Also, consider offering Paid Ads and Sponsored Posts once you start noticing traffic to your site. To get started offering Ads and Posts, focus on leveraging Traffic Sources such as Pinterest and Twitter.

You learned to make your WordPress site earn for you. Did you find this tutorial helpful? We have more in-depth tutorials about WordPress, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Also, don’t forget to join the discussion in comments, and help us improve our Knowledge Base.

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