Interview with Alexander Frison from Inpsyde

WordPress is a business that has grown tremendously over the years. So we are not looking at only blogs anymore but huge websites that require a lot of work to be built and maintained. That’s where a WordPress agency would come in and help.

During WordCamp US 2018, we had the chance to meet and interview Alexander Frison from Inpsyde, a WordPress VIP agency, to talk about what it takes to be a VIP agency in WordPress and why should businesses choose to hire one.

Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Alex. I’m the CEO of Inpsyde. We are the biggest WordPress agency in Germany and specialize in enterprise projects also multilingual solutions, WooCommerce. We also have some different plugins like backWPup and MultilingualPress. We’re also very into the community. We are all around Europe. Working remotely, hundred percent. And our passion is WordPress.

Would you mind telling us why WordPress and how did it start? Why did you choose WordPress?

We were some freelancers and bloggers and just WordPress freaks in the very beginning. We started actually to translate WordPress into German. And then everybody had their own business or it was just a hobby. The requests were getting bigger and bigger. That was 12 years ago. So in the very early days. And then we got together and thought “Hey, we should start a company, get all the solutions and also the requests which are getting bigger and bigger. And go from there.”

In the beginning, it was just a hobby. Nobody thought it would end up like this today. We started with eight people from the community. It was just a bunch of people who have the same passion – WordPress. And now we are 33 people. And we’re working for really big companies, enterprise companies. It’s a really big business nowadays.

Also if you see on WordCamps, back then, in the early days, everybody got together and it was only maybe a hundred people. I was at the second WordCamp back in Texas, Dallas. We ordered “subways” and everyone was talking about their blog and all those things at the very start. Now it’s a million business that everybody is talking about enterprises, solutions, big sales. And it evolved. Quite a bit. So it’s a big change between like ten years ago and nowadays. But interesting. And it’s, I guess, always evolving and always new things coming so it’s always interesting.

So Inpsyde is a WordPress VIP agency. What does it really mean to be a WordPress VIP agency?

It’s kind of a signature. For us, I would say, the result of good work, quality work. And it’s also like an exclusive club, where we provide a really good high quality. So this is very important. I mean there are many, many, many WordPress agencies. But I think the distinctive difference between the VIP agencies and many other agencies is that not all of them has the high quality we provide to our clients. Also breaks the limits. Get to new solutions and give evidence for enterprise solutions based in WordPress. So it’s not only a blog anymore it’s not only for small web it is really the solution. Great solution for big websites and enterprise solution, whatever you want. WordPress can compete with every other CMS and is sometimes superior to other really high-cost solutions out there.

A lot of businesses choose to make everything themselves. Why should they choose an agency to do everything?

I think the investment, in the beginning, might be a little bit more expensive. For example, instead of 20 k, you spent 50 k, if you have a bigger website. And the outcome of spending the 20 k would be 30 k, and you’re making some money on it. So you have a profit of 10k. But if you spend 50 k and the output is 100 K then, of course, you get more.  You invest more, you get more.

Also, you are able to reach your results earlier. So you can be ahead of the competition because you can bring something online earlier than others. The appearance looks more professional. So if the appearance of your website is professional, people also consider your products and services are professional.

It is also a thing like “Do you have a strategy.” Many times an agency has the experience to tell you what are the strategies, what are the options, what you can do. So they can bring your best solutions. Also the processes. Some of the companies don’t have a process to build or create new features or a website. And a professional agency can provide this. Save not only money but also lots of time so you can take care of your core business and do what you love and do what you can do best. And others doing that on the website. So you have a win-win situation.

You can free up your time and take care of your business and make it even better. And then you have the agency and they can do the best for your website. So this is very important. Very effective.

Those are some reasons. I mean you shouldn’t do everything on your own. They will help you not only with building and writing code but also like processes and also long-term. They also tell you “What are your long-term visions.” And they also tell you “Okay, we need to have scalability of the website and not a dead end road that’s like “Let’s make it quick and dirty.”  You want to have it like – in two years we want this and this accomplished.

So the base at the very beginning has to consider what is the long-term solution, a vision for the website. And many times people don’t know about it because they don’t have experience. And a WordPress agency, a professional one, they do. Skip the trial and error – just hire a professional agency. Because they know how to do it best instead of  “tried out failed, tried out – failed again.” It’s more costly and takes more time and takes time away from the core business.

We know that a lot of big companies choose your services. Do you think that small and medium-sized companies would benefit in the same way?

I think so. Even though we do have experience, even with global enterprise companies, they are very good at their stuff – What are they doing, what they’re producing, with their service. But still, it’s not their core business to provide a website. Except they have like an online shop like at Ama, on of course.

Most of the time they have a department or one or two people or they just – “Ok if you have time, take care of the website and everything.” So it doesn’t really matter if it’s really a big company or small company. All of them really should take care of the core business and get ahead of the competition or make it better. And have some other people who know their stuff best – hire them and do their website. So it’s not really a big difference. Everybody has the same problems.

If people do decide to do it on their own, what are your tips for some pitfalls that people usually have?

Well, there are many pitfalls. That’s a problem. I mean ask and listen. And try to get help. You don’t have to hire but you also have to think in the very beginning what is your long-term strategy. Where do you want to go. Also check out what is the solution you can provide to your customers. And how to display it on the website. You really have to dig into it and think it through before you start.

Don’t save your money, because if you’re saving money, if you buy cheap, you will buy double. So like somebody said “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”, and that’s how it is many times. And not only on websites. It’s also right if you’re building a house or whatever. If you do this and this on your own. If you have the time – then do it. But if you don’t have the time because you also have to take care of your business then hire someone who’s a professional person.

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