Interview with Kobi Sela from Web Media Group

Kobi Sela is the CEO of Web Media Group. A company that’s behind the biggest WordPress conference in Israel – Press4Word. Kobi tells us what to expect from this year’s conference and why you should go!

Hi everyone. Today we’re here in Berlin with Kobi from Web Media Group and he’s the organizer of the largest WordPress conference in Israel – Press4Word.

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Hey, my name is Kobi Sela, I’m 35 years old, from Israel. In the last 10 years, I’m doing WordPress in several areas. And building websites. I have a large agency that’s making the biggest project in Israel in WordPress.

Could you tell us more about your background in IT specifically? How did you start to work with WordPress?

I got into development (when I was) 17 years old. In the fastest way, I got to do services to other people too, other organizations. And building IT projects for them.

Let’s go back to Web Media Group. It’s been around for 10 years so that’s a long time. What would you say is the key to your success and what have been the main challenges throughout these years?

To manage an agency, it’s very hard. In Israel and all over the world.

There are tough clients, you need to manage employees and projects. I think the main thing is to make a good project. To do it right. The right development, the right design. And the other way, make a profit. And in the long term, do a good service for the clients. So they want to stay with you and bring more projects.

So are there any extraordinary projects that come to mind?

We do have several projects in Israel for the government. Some big projects for the government. We have academic projects.

So if we could say that Press4Word is sort of a side project. Then for those who don’t know what is Press4Word?

Press4Word, we do it as a foundation, nonprofit. Press4Word is a WordPress conference for the real users and people that use WordPress by themselves. For the designers, for the developers, for the agencies. There are good talks, new data that they need to learn. They meet a lot of people, meet sponsors. We have really great sponsor. And you can get swags.

And how would you say it’s different from WordCamp?

WordCamp is amazing, I love WordCamp. A lot of people and organizations. But it is a little bit different. In WordCamp, all of the community came. Itš the people who made plugins and themes. But in Press4Word, we get the real users. The people that give us feedback about our products. The people that use the products by themselves.

So the next conference will be this year on September 12. There is not much information out there yet. Is there anything you can share about this year’s conference?

This year’s conference will be amazing. We have a lot of specials for everyone. It will be in Israel, Telaviv. Like all the other conferences. This year we have some of the world’s best speakers that came to Israel specially. We have some new sponsors that add extra to the other sponsors. It will be really amazing.

For those who want to know more and maybe want to visit the conference, where should they go, where should they look for more information?

First of all, we have a nice website available in English. You’ll find all the information there – the speakers, the sponsors, the venue, how to get there, buy a ticket for the conference, find accommodation. We also have a Facebook page. A lot of videos, photos. We’re promoting the conference there.

So Press4Word is what you should look for!


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