Kinsta WordPress hosting feature review

Web hosting is one of the most important things to consider before sending your website to perform live in the online bazaar. The speed, security, and exploitation of your site depend on the web hosting capabilities and features.

In the WordPress world, there are not many hosting companies that dive deep waters for the sake of the WordPress users. But there are nice exceptions. Kinsta hosting is one of the rare ones that keeps surprising in a good way.

WordPress hosting provider Kinsta feature review
Screenshot of Kinsta homepage

In this post, I will review Kinsta best features, capabilities and benefits. As well as highlight the extras that users get when hosting their websites with the WordPress-dedicated Kinsta hosting service.

About Kinsta WordPress web hosting

Since the day they were founded, Kinsta has walked an extra mile to become a top hosting provider for many WordPress users. Support, speed, and tools are the key elements that strengthen Kinsta’s performance. Kinsta has a lot of great hosting features, devoted not only to the WordPress users but for every site owner who wants his website go beyond the average.

Here are the highlights of Kinsta that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Google Cloud platform;
  • Free site migration;
  • Expert 24/7 customer support;
  • Powerful dashboard;
  • Automated website backups;
  • Staging site;
  • Advanced tools (+free SSL);
  • Free site migration.

Hosting on Google Cloud platform

With Kinsta hosting, your site is hosted on the Google Cloud platform, which is one of the first-rate infrastructures and an overall a great standard. The fact that your website is hosted on the framework created and maintained by Google is binding.

By choosing Kinsta’s offered Google platform as an engine to look after your website, you get both security and the option to choose your data center. The security is at the highest level and they top it up by offering to restore your site for free if you get hacked. A pleasant gesture if you really get an attack on a website.

Kinsta Google Cloud platform centers are located all around the world in more than 18 countries.
Kinsta Google Cloud platform centers

Returning to the data centers, Kinsta has placed its servers all around the world, covering all five continents. So based on the country you wish to target, you can choose the location of your server. These servers are located in places to offer you the lowest latency anywhere in the world.

Free site migration

Migrating your site can be a real struggle, especially if you are not familiar with the process. If you decide to move your existing WordPress site to Kinsta host, you won’t have to worry about it at all – Kinsta will do it for you for free!

Sites under MyKinsta dashboard: Add your first site now
Site migration window on MyKinsta dashboard

All you need is to sign up for an account, use the migration form from your Kinsta dashboard, and their migration team will schedule a time to migrate your site for you. And migration just doesn’t stop there, they will also test your site before sending it online thus making sure everything works after the transfer.

WordPress expert support

When you are choosing a premium class web hosting, you cannot accept any sub-standard support. Kinsta shines with its outstanding customer support offered by real WordPress virtuosos. Not only they supervise the hosting, but they also make sure that you don’t have to worry about any WordPress issue.

There are hundreds of five-star reviews from Kinsta users who gladly share their positive experience all over the internet. Many pointing out that they really like Kinsta’s customer service team because of their dedication to finding a resolution. Instead of guessing and assuming, users receive top-notch support from very knowledgeable people.

Custom dashboard (MyKinsta)

The dashboard offered by Kinsta is very powerful and well organized with great tools to help you manage your account and sites. Even if you are new to managed WordPress hosting, you will have no problem understanding it.

Kinsta custom dashboard with options to add a new site, view analytics, and more.
Overview of Kinsta custom dashboard

Since Kinsta is a WordPress host, it makes sense that their control panel has a WordPress-type design. The interface is simple and intuitive, and the design of charts and the layout is pleasant. The dashboard (MyKinsta) is like a control center for your sites. You can add a new site to your plan, manage redirects, see detailed analytics, view resource usage, manage your billing information, and lots more.

Automated website backups

Every plan that Kinsta offers comes with a free daily automated backup of your WordPress site, storing several instances of backup copies. This service of Kinsta lets you save money as there is no need for any 3rd party backup service (e.g. VaultPress, Updraftplus).

Automatic backups are kept for a minimum of two weeks and longer with each upgrade. Any time, it takes a click for you to restore your backup to a live production site or to a staging site.

It also offers to create a manual backup for any individual site in your control panel. For example, if you run a large site with dynamic content, it will make sense to get an hourly backups add-on.

Staging site

The testing environment is crucial for many web developer teams. Kinsta is aware of that and offers this service as a default feature. Whenever you need to edit your website, first you create a copy of your live site as a staging site, make changes there, and once approved, make it live to the production site.

Kinsta staging environment fir testing and development
Staging site option on MyKinsta dashboard

Staging site should be a must-have feature for any hosting providers. In fact, when you are looking for managed WordPress hosting, ensure that the host offers a staging feature.

Free SSL & advanced tools

Kinsta offers a hassle-free system where everything can be managed under the same roof. Services like SSL, CDN, and DNS also live under that roof. So no need to buy extra services which can be sometimes painful to manage.

You can enable SSL for your site from your MyKinsta dashboard under Tools section. This section also lets you restart the PHP, change the PHP engine, enable or disable SSL, and clear the cache.

Kinsta plans (pricing)

Kinsta offers an entry-level hosting plan for $30 which allows 20K views in a month. They position themselves as premium-class hosting and have a reason to do so – their service performance is excellent.

The main differences among the plans are the storage space that increases with each level of service. Another difference is the number of WordPress sites users can host. But what is unique to Kinsta is that the features are the same across all of its service plans.

Kinsta pricing plans: entry-level hosting for $30 which allows 20K views in a month
Kinsta plans

Which plan to choose depends on different indicators. If your site is new and you are just starting, go for an entry-level package; you can always upgrade later. From the other hand, if you are migrating your site from another hosting, check how many monthly views you are getting. You can always contact Kinsta team and ask for them to suggest the best plan for your site.

The final verdict

If you are looking for a fast, reliable managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is a great choice. It seems to develop a better product day by day. It is a fast and no issue hosting provider offering a free migration, robust security features, and user-friendly interface.

Their 24/7 support is great and one of the biggest advantages. Being a premium-class hosting provider, the pricing level is above the average, but when you realize that time is money, these things add up to success.

Without hesitation, Kinsta is a smart choice for your website to run it smooth and hassle-free. See all Kinsta advanced features and apply for the most comprehensive plan to have a fast and safe website.

* The post contains affiliate links, however, the belief that Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hostings is unbiased.

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