20 best places to learn coding (For Free)

Learning to code helps you improve your Technical knowledge and enables you to build smarter applications. Fortunately, the Internet is packed with resources that help you learn to code. Not only you can learn coding but also practice the lessons.

Today’s article lists down best places to learn to code for Free. Students can learn different coding languages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and ASP, and test your knowledge right on the learning platforms.

To help you learn well, the platforms divide topics into small parts and arrange lessons for the daily schedule.

Best places to learn coding for free

1. W3schools

Since 1998, as a free online coding school, the W3schools is considered the most extensive web development learning site on the Internet. It teaches programming languages used in website development, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and SQL.

To get started, you can start with introductory lessons on the W3schools, lessons that provide the necessary information about a language. The platform starts with the basic coding lessons and provides testing your code right on the tutorial pages.

The students are presented with the topic index. You can choose a topic from the list, or continue from a previous one. Also, students can find categories of different coding functions that help users better understand their learning routines.

2. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp helps you learn coding with free online courses. You can also join the Forum, and learn or support among coding students.

FCC defines itself as a supportive community for Developers. The learning process goes through taking coding lessons and proceeds to building projects to earn free certifications.

On Free Code Camp, students also demonstrate your coding skills by working for nonprofit organizations. The offer seems legit for beginners and helps them qualify for the paid coding jobs.

FCC provides coding courses for HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Databases, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js. Let’s proceed as a student by joining the FCC account program on the Home Page.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy reserves the honor of teaching more than 45 million people in 12 languages, including Web Development courses, Python, Ruby, and Angularjs. They claim their students work at the top companies, including Facebook, IBM, Google, and Bloom Berg.

The courses are arranged in a structured curriculum, allowing you to learn different lessons on separate days. Students can take coding quizzes to practice their skills smarter.

Head over to Codecademy Home Page and get started by creating your Free account. Students can also join the Codecademy Community, to share your knowledge, learn coding, and participate in mutual coding practices.

4. CSS Tricks

If you have been struggling with designing your pages, you need to learn CSS. The CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is a language used to describe the style of HTML documents.

To proceed and learn CSS, you need to head over to CSS Tricks and read tutorials about building CSS skills. It helps you learn CSS definitions and concepts, along with training videos.

Students can also download code snippets from Snippets Directory. Along with the developer’s community and code snippets, CSS Tricks maintains a job database for designers and developers.

5. Codewars

Codewars features a challenge-based system to teach coding skills to students. You can start as a Beginner, win challenges and achieve mastery position.

Unlike traditional code learning platforms, Codewars provides a friendly interface to learn coding skills. Codewars maintains programmer’s community to teach people how to code, with challenges known as Kata.

The students are trained with programming challenges in an online IDE. As you go through passing different stages, you can learn more, practice, and achieve high levels.

6. EDx

EDx is known to have more than 1900 online courses from leading institutions including Harvard, Microsoft, and MIT. It provides courses for more than 30 subjects, such as Computer Science, Design, Business, Art, Engineering, and Ethics.

To get started as a Code Learner, you can find language course listings on EDx Library. From Cyber Security to Web Development, students can cover IDE programming languages including C++ and Matlab.

Besides language courses, EDx provides online Programs and Certifications. Head over to EDx Home Page or download the Android application, and start learning to code for Free.

7. Khan Academy

The Home Page of Khan Academy efficiently arranges different courses for various kinds of students. They claim to have online courses for every subject and level, from absolute basics to advanced users.

Under the Computer Programming section, students can go for a start, or handpick selective courses such as HTML/CSS, SQL, and Javascript. The Platform’s friendly interface allows choosing courses on the site and loads the content right on the same page.

The courses on Khan Academy contain video tutorials. Students can watch videos, and join the conversation in the comments. The students are also provided with the video scripts for improved learning.

8. Udacity

While you can find free courses on Udacity, you can also join paid programs to boost your coding career. Udacity claims to have experts from top companies like Google, MIT, and IBM, along with support from their experienced careers team.

On Udacity, students can master their coding skills. Once you finish going through online courses, the learning community helps you review your projects, and helps you proceed to put your skills in the Real World.

The students join various coding programs including Mobile Development, Android, Data Science, Marketing, and Design. Above all, Udacity helps you explore skills by Titles such as Data Engineer, and provides relevant skill suggestions for beginners.

9. The Code Player

The Code Player provides a straightforward solution to find online courses under the Designing and Development categories. On the Code Player’s Homepage, you can see courses for the HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

You can start by creating a Simple Web page to advanced tutorial about CSS and HTML. Students can learn by watching video GIF tutorials and see the output right on the same page.

To get started on the Code Player, there is no need of creating an account. Not only learning process is improved by videos, but you can also download the source codes of languages used in the tutorials.

10. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is one of the most popular sites that provide tutorials for the Developer community. The Homepage of Sitepoint is updated on a regular basis, along with providing Email Courses as well.

Students can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Angular. The lessons on the Sitepoint are composed of articles, resources, and expert suggestions.

Students get a start by selecting their desired course from the top bar or head over to Books or Courses section of the site. To make most out of the Sitepoint resources, you can join their premium program, or join the Expert’s community for improved learning and support.

11. Tutsplus

Tutsplus maintains an extensive database of learning media about Coding, Web Design, Business, and Computer Skills. Students can learn coding from scratch with free videos, pictures, eBooks, and paid content.

Right on the Home page, you can browse different course categories. Head over to course curriculum and content, and buy premium plans to watch or download the paid content.

Tutsplus contains more than 1000 video courses, 240 eBooks, and lots of learning images. By spending $16/month, you can start availing paid opportunities as well.

12. Learn C++

C++ is a popular general-purpose programming language. To get started, Learn C++ has a friendly interface, providing chapter wise lessons for the students of all levels.

Learn C++ outlines topics from Basic to Advanced level. You can choose tutorials, read materials, and take the quiz at the end of the tutorials. Students also join the discussion in the comments, share, and help each other.

You don’t need an account on the Learn C++. On the Home page, students can search the knowledge database or pick a topic from the listed ones.

13. Learn Java Online

While you can find different programming languages on Learn Java Online website, it claims to teach Java in the right way. Once you land on the website, you can see the content outlines.

The website teaches Java with article tutorials. Also, students can learn to code in Java, practice, and download the code snippets used in tutorials.

Learn Java Online takes a step forward for the students, and provides a small real-time window at the bottom of the screen, to practice the Java lessons properly.

14. Learn Python

Like Learn Java Online, Learn Python has the same outline structure and website design. It also provides small windows on tutorial pages, where you can enter the code to see its output in Real-Time.

The website divides a topic into various headings and shows online coding classes for each section. This way, students can learn coding blocks for various sub-topics.

At the end of every lesson, a small text area allows students to practice the lesson. Once you finish a tutorial, you can proceed to the next one by clicking on the Next Tutorial button.

15. SQL for Web Nerds

SQL for Web Nerds is a digital book written by Philip Greenspun. You can access the book by visiting the website.

The book outlines are displayed on the Homepage. It covers the essential aspects of the SQL, including Data Modeling, Triggers, Views, Styles, Limits, and Normalization.

The lessons are compiled with the code snippets. You can see tutorial headings that help students learn more about SQL. Also, you can see reference materials at the end of the tutorials. Besides it, students can proceed to the next tutorial by clicking on the Next button.

16. Scotch.io

Scotch has articles that teach coding with screenshots and code snippets. Long form tutorials on Scotch help students understand their learning routine well and practice on suggested materials.

On the Scotch Home page, you can see tutorials listed under various topics. By clicking on the Courses at the top, Scotch presents courses in different languages including Angular, Javascript, and Node. Moreover, you can also learn about Laravel, jQuery, and ASP.NET Core.

Scotch also features the developer’s products in its shop. Also, you can download a free eBook about Node that helps you build server-side Javascript apps.

17. The New Boston

Learning to code is a technical task, but learning by watching videos plays an important role. Unlike other platforms that teach coding skills, The New Boston features a YouTube channel for the purpose.

The New Boston has a large following on its YouTube channel. Students learn a variety of programming languages, game development, and design. You can call it the source for learning Tech related applications.

Students can learn C Programming, MySQL, and Python on the New Boston channel. The channel has more than 2,027,400 subscribers, showing its value for beginners, and advanced users as well.

18. Udemy

Udemy is the learning and teaching platform for students and teachers alike. It has more than 80000 courses in different subjects such as Freelancing, Coding, Web Design, Development, and Logo Designing.

With over 24 million students, Udemy has Free and Paid courses for the students. As discussed before, Udemy provides a marketplace for the students and teachers, students can learn different things, while Teachers can create their courses, and make students sign up for the paid content.

Udemy also supports discount coupons for the students. In addition to coupons, Udemy provides Business Accounts for Teams that allow accessing Udemy’s Top 2500 courses anytime, anywhere.

19. Coursera

Coursera requires a paid account to keep learning after a 7-Day trial ends. However, you can also join Free Courses on Coursera. You can learn coding skills in Computer Science category on the site.

After you create your account, you can learn coding as a Beginner. Based on selecting your career level, the site shows selective courses for the students having different levels.

Coursera is a learning community of more than 33 million students, having more than 150 university partners, 2700+ courses, 250 specializations, and 4+ degree programs.

20. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is more than a learning platform. It is an online community of developers that share, learn coding, and work on mutual projects. Its Homepage features live discussion threads about various topics such as programming languages.

On the Home Page, you can find a list of new topics. You can browse questions right away; however, you need to create an account to answer a question.

Stack Overflow also maintains a Developer’s Job Directory, where you can find different jobs related to Coding and Development. Every job listed on the site outlines the required job skills needed for the job.


With the right platforms, you don’t need to pay for learning how to code in different programming languages.

The learning platforms discussed in this write-up help you learn coding languages, as well as provide a testing environment for the students, where you can apply your skills and learn to secure your sites.

Beginners and Advanced students alike use learning platforms to take their levels off the ground or avail new skills on demand. In addition to it, students can learn even more by paying a small monthly fee.

Students can also find Developer’s jobs on the learning platforms. You can learn coding right away, search for jobs, or create a mutual partnership to work on open source projects and sharpen your skills in professional environments.

Also, students can go for certification and degree programs. Collectively, code learning platforms provide a complete suite for the code learners and those who want to give their careers a new professional touch.

We are learners, let us know about your favorite learning platforms. Don’t forget to join the conversation in the comments. Also, you will love our WordPress Article Directory for more in-depth tutorials. You can also try our WordPress Page Builder.

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