28 most important link building basics you must known

Link Building is an essential factor in Search Engine Optimization.

The number of Backlinks defines the standard of a page ranking on Search Engines. Before we start taking an interest in building Backlinks, we need to know how Backlinks work.

The process of building Backlinks is a long-term deal. In this process, we need to know about Basics and facts to avoid.

Let’s proceed and put all the facts on the table. In this article, we talk about Backlinks, how to create them, and the measures we need to take into account before we start building Backlinks.

Link building basics

1. Pitch the right websites for link building opportunities

One of the ways for building Backlinks is Guest Posting on top platforms.

Make sure you approach the right sites for pitching your Guest Post ideas, regarding Relevancy, Traffic, Niche, Domain Authority, and Page Rank Value.

Google helps you find relevant sites. On the other hand, use the Free Keyword Research Tools to find Traffic, Domain Authority, and Page Rank of a website.

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2. Build relationships before you start link building on top platforms

Relationships help you earn Back Linking opportunities. Once you decide on the platforms, you need to search for concerned Editors.

On Social Media platforms such as Twitter, you can find Editors, Marketing Managers, and Content Officers.

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Say Hi, discuss their Content needs, share case studies, and ask for the favors, gently.

3. Know your website’s stats before link building

Google takes website’s stats serious for Search Engine Optimization, such as the structure of a site.

With that in mind, before you start building Backlinks, run through a Site Audit.

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The process of auditing a site ensures finding Technical issues, Website Speed, SEO facts, and Content stats. Collectively, all these facts help you qualify for improving your SEO with quality Backlinks.

4. Anchor text selection

Backlinks with the same Anchor Texts cost your SEO campaigns, where Anchor Text refers to Text in a Hyperlink.

When building Backlinks, make sure you choose diverse Anchor Texts. Go for the Brand name, Keywords, URL, and random text.

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Learn more about Anchor Text selection in the Moz Guide on Anchor Texts. To get started, make a list of Anchor Texts, create Backlinks with different phrases, and increase your SEO stats with natural Backlinks.

5. Always go for the white hat link building methods

Backlinks are created with two methods, White Hat and Black Hat Link Building strategies.

Google can identify links built with forbidden ways. To stay safe from a penalty, build links by White Hat methods; including Guest Posting, Internal Linking, Niche-Based Directories, and Affiliation Links.

Conversely, make sure you avoid Black Hat methods, such as Paid Links, Spam Comments, Duplicate Content, and Article Spinning.

6. Start a blog for link building, write valuable content to attract backlinks naturally

Building quality Backlinks takes time, does as well seeing the SEO results.

Instead, Blogging consists of writing valuable content on the relevant keywords. The point of impact is getting Backlinks by writing valuable content.

Once decided, creating a Blog with WordPress covers the game. You can also write SEO optimized content, and make it sure to increase your SEO stats.

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7. Avoid private blog networks for link building

Private Blog Networks refer to a series of Private Sites to create Backlinks.

For the better SEO, always avoid Private Blog Networks. Google may flag your Backlinks pointing from PBN sites, as PBNs don’t contain facts relating to good link sources.

Although you may notice sites getting rankings with PBNs, you must avoid the low fruits. Instead, go for the White Hat Back Linking routines, always.

8. Quantity vs. Quality

As always, Quality is better than Quantity. The same goes for the Backlinks.

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You must understand the fact that having several Backlinks from credible sources is better than having lots of low quality Backlinks.

Lots of factors contribute to the difference between Quality and Quantity, including Link Relevancy, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Anchor Text, and Google Indexing Status of the source website.

9. Check your target site’s Google indexing status before link building

You may experience having two kinds of Backlinks, some from credible sources and the others from spam sites.

Credible sources transfer the Link Juice, while Spam sites cause your site drop ranking on Search Engines.

With that in mind, having Backlinks from sites not indexed in Google are considered as Spam ones. To check a site’s Indexing Status, you can use the Google Site operator.

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10. No-Follow vs. Do-Follow backlinks

If possible, avoid No-Follow Backlinks. No-Follow Links refer to those providing no value for SEO. Instead, focus on creating Do-Follow Links that help you gain value from the source pointing to your website.

Before you build links, make sure to check the No-Follow and Do-Follow criteria.

You can check the Link status by Right clicking on a link on the target site, and check the code by clicking on the Inspect from the short menu in Chrome.

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11. Know about link building basic terms

Backlinking Terms help you understand the Backlinking process. For example, Domain Authority refers to Trust by Domain, Page Authority by Page.

In the same manner, Interlinks are referred to links that point to pages within the same website.

Similarly, External Links are those pointing from other sites, or your site pointing to other pages.

12. Backlinks from high page authority site only and avoiding low page authority sites

Search Engines don’t like handpicked links. Instead, your Backlink approach should contain Low Page Rank sites as well.

Not only should you focus on building links on Top Platforms, but also from normal sites with Low Page Authority.

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After you go through a site profile, consisting of Domain and Page Authority analysis, you can make a list of sites for Backlinking campaigns.

13. Lots of backlinks in a short span of time

“Getting tons of Backlinks” in a short span of time seems to spam to Search Engines.

Search Engines such as Google may put your site under observation for creating Backlinks at scale.

You should avoid building lots of Backlinks in a short span of time, and adopt a strategy that seems natural. Also, use natural Anchor Texts for the Backlinks.

14. Getting links from sites or pages with tons of links

Backlinks from pages or sites with lots of links provide Low Backlink Juice.

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Such sites indicate link Directories, and hence don’t create natural links for improving your site SEO.

Instead, Good Backlinks are those coming from Articles or sites with quality content, reputation, and relevancy.

15. Backlinks from No-Crawl pages

Search Engines perform the indexing process of sites on a regular basis. Make sure to create links from pages easily crawled by Search Engine Spiders.

To confirm the status of a page on site, head over to Robots.txt file. Usually, you can find the Robots.txt file at the root of a website.

Carefully check the page in the Robots file, and make sure the page is not listed in the Do Not Index section of the Robots file.

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16. Avoid link exchange

Link Exchange refers to handshake for exchanging the Backlinks.

When Google finds two sites having Backlinks from each other, in a short span of time that doesn’t seem natural; can cause your site penalized by Google.

Instead, don’t fall into the trap, and build links naturally such as by Guest Posting. It helps Google understand your content worth properly, and provides an increase in the ranking.

17. Position of the backlinks

Backlinks Position matters. For example, links from a site’s Widget area or Footer carry less value in terms of SEO.

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There are the Backlink positions you need to avoid. Make sure to create links from content text, instead of going for the Footer or Widget area.

Also, if possible, don’t create image links. With that in mind, you can also forecast the Low Juice of creating Backlinks via Paid Ads.

18. Backlinks in the source codes

Have you ever thought about hiding links in the source code files such as CSS and Javascript?

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It seems normal but may put your site under observation. Backlinks from Source Code files sound unnatural at a scale to Search Engines and hence are counted as Spam.

Instead of Spam links, if the Backlinks from code files are treated as normal links, such Backlinks don’t provide enough Link Juice.

19. Backlinks from websites hosted on the same server

Websites hosted on the same server have the same IP address.

In this case, Backlinks from sites hosted on the same server sound spam or seem like Backlinks created with the Paid options.

Always go for the different site locations when creating Backlinks. To confirm the IP address, use the You Get Signal’s Reverse IP Domain Checker.

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20. Turn your mentions into backlinks

On the Internet, when you create valuable content or resources, you get Backlinks naturally.

In this case, finding the unlinked mentions with Google Alerts and asking for a Backlink makes the deal.

You can also use specialized tools to find unlinked mentions such as Ahrefs Content Explorer.

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21. Links without the keyword in the anchor text

When it comes to Link Building, Anchor Texts play an important role.

A Backlink that worth your time consists of several facts including Anchor Text, Relevancy, Site Traffic, and Reputation with High Domain and Page Authority.

With that clarified, links with no Keyword in the Anchor Texts provide Low Value in terms of Search Engines Optimization.

22. Avoid site wide links in link building

Sometimes, you may find Web Development companies building Backlinks by placing their Brand name in the Footers of the pages.

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If you run a company that builds speedy websites or has a partnership with one, make sure you avoid Site Wide Backlinks.

Links having Brand Name on Footers, at a large scale are referred to Site Wide Links. Such links provide less value and may sound like Spam to Search Engines.

23. Imbalance backlink profile

A Backlink Profile contains information about your site’s Backlinks.

You must keep your Backlink Profile in balance. It means not creating Backlinks to a specific section or page on your site.

For example, building Backlinks to Home Page only may cost your SEO campaigns. Instead, make a list of your top pages, resources, and important sections of your website, and build Backlinks accordingly.

24. Regularly check the linked sites

After you build Backlinks from credible sources, you must check them out on a regular basis.

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It ensures the Backlinks stay on the track for improved Search Engine Optimization.

Sometimes, the sites you have Backlinks from turn into posting irrelevant content or edit their Robots files. In this case, having a look at their stats keeps your Backlinks play well for your Site’s SEO.

25. Keyword density on backlink source pages

Keyword Density shows the percentage of times a Keyword appears on a page. It is calculated with respect to the total number of words on the page.

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The pages having exceeded Keyword Density sound Spam to Search Engines. It is of course, important to write Guest Post content with respect to an acceptable rate of Keyword Density.

Also, make sure the pages you have Backlinks from; have a standard Keyword Density Ratio.

26. Dead or irrelevant content

Make sure you include LSI Keywords in the content of Guest Posts. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords are the phrases relevant to each other.

By including LSI Keywords in the Guest Post you write for the Backlinks, you can increase your content relevancy, and hence provides Link Juice.

You can use the LSI Graph to create a list of LSI Keywords easily. Just put in the Seed Keyword, and the tool shows lots of keywords relevant to each other.

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27. Remove your broken backlinks

On a regular basis, it is important to have an eye on the earned Backlinks. Similarly, asking for fixing or removal of the broken Backlinks is necessary for Search Engine Optimization.

For the purpose, you can land on the page you have a Backlink from, and use the Chrome Extension for Checking the Broken Links on sites.

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In addition to checking the Broken Backlinks on a timely basis, make sure you check the Back linked resources on your site too.

28. Pay special attention to backlink analytics

By using the SEO Tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush, you can have an eye on your Backlinks.

It is important because of measuring your Backlinks performance regarding Traffic, Link Juice, and Social Shares.

Once you have a clear understanding of Backlinks that play well for your SEO, you can do the same on other sites. Make sure you do more of what works and avoid what doesn’t work for SEO.

Final thoughts

Building quality Backlinks is a long-term process. It needs a Team of skillful people such as Content Writers and Digital Marketing specialists. But once you create some of them, can help you rank your site on Search Engines.

The point of impact is not the quantity of Backlinks; it is the quality that matters. Make sure to follow a Backlinking Strategy in the right way.

Besides the strategy, avoid mistakes defined in the write-up above. As Link Building is a process that needs time and patience, you can increase your SEO with Backlinks by avoiding mistakes, quality of Backlinks, and having an eye on Backlink performance.

Most importantly, you should learn about Backlink Terms that play an important role in building Links. On the other hand, if you skip caring for the various aspects of the Backlinking process such as Quality of Backlinks, you may fall short of implementing the strategy properly.

To this line, you have learned about Link Building Basics. Did you read learning the WordPress in ONE WEEK? Also, don’t forget to visit our WordPress Tutorials Directory for more in-depth articles and tutorials.

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