MailOptin review for beginners

On your blog in the future, you will need to capture visitor’s emails. The process seems strange in the first face but happens automatically with tools like MailOptin.

MailOptin integrates with your WordPress site as a plugin. It can create email signup forms to capture emails, provides email automation, and helps you engage people with promotional or educational email series.

If you can see people coming to your website, you should setup MailOptin to capture their emails. Later, when successfully set up, you can proceed to start sending promotional emails.

In today’s article, we aim at focusing on MailOptin for saving visitor’s emails. If your site shows traffic on your blog, and you haven’t set up MailOptin yet, you may lose money in the long run.

Introduction to MailOptin

MailOptin helps you collect emails on your WordPress website. After you install the MailOptin plugin on your website, you can create sign up forms to capture users’ emails.

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MailOptin helps you configure popup forms for various positions on your website, such as Header, Footer, or sidebars. When a user lands on your site or browses to one of your blog content, the MailOptin shows popup forms to capture visitor’s email in exchange for an offer, eBook, or discount code. The entire process refers to Lead Generation and helps you make email lists for various marketing campaigns.

Features of MailOptin

  • Built-in Analytics: MailOptin helps you make decisions by seeing how popup forms on your blog are performing.
  • Exit Intent Technology: You can also capture emails of one-time users. A popup form is shown to users who try to leave your site.
  • A/B Testing: You can test various popup forms on your site, and decide the best option that improves Lead Capturing for your business.
  • Auto-responder: When emails are captured, the system can start sending emails automatically. This phenomenon refers to Auto-responding while dealing with Lead Capturing systems.
  • SpeedMailOptin claims to capture users’ emails with speed and accuracy.
  • User Targeting: If you want to target specific people based on interest or browsing experience, MailOptin has got you covered.

Plans and Pricing (MailOptin review)

MailOptin specifically focuses on Lead Generation, Email Automation, and Newsletter based features. It provides the following three plans for the said features.

  • The standard plan for 1 Site: The plan comes at $79 per year for beginning websites and includes the Lead Generation features only.
  • Pro for 3 Sites: In this plan, you can avail of all the three features of MailOptin (Lead Generation, Email Automation, and Newsletter) and costs $179 for a year.
  • Agency for Unlimited Sites: If you manage a network of websites or blogs, MailOptin offers Agency plan for you. You can proceed with the Agency plan for Unlimited websites, including all the features of MailOptin and comes at $279 per year.

Pros and Cons


  • MailOptin helps you capture leads on your site, converting visitors into sales and customers. It enables you to make money by sending promotional emails to interested people.
  • MailOptin provides email automation for sending marketing emails. This process helps you create sequences of emails that generate sales while you sleep.
  • You can also try out MailOptin Demo at This Link. The MailOptin Demo helps you taste its system before you go for any of their paid plans.
  • MailOptin provides seamless integration with popular Email Marketing Tools, CRMs, analytics, and WordPress solutions.


  • Requires technical expertise to create and set up popup forms on your site. You may also need to write educational and promotional emails for email automation.
  • For beginners, you may feel conscious about MailOptin’s plans and pricing. The Standard plan only helps you capture leads, and you may need to upgrade if you want to go for email automation.

How to start?

Head over to MailOptin’s pricing page for information on their plans. Once selected a package, you can proceed to install and setup the MailOptin’s WordPress plugin on your website.

Next, you can proceed to create your first email Opt-in campaign or head over to the MailOptin’s documentation portal for more tutorials.

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Lead Generation is the process of capturing visitors’ emails on your website. In exchange for an offer or free eBook, the entire process ensures capturing the users’ email addresses.

There are many popup form generators like MailOptin. However, when it comes to ease of use and cost, MailOptin provides seamless automation and features for beginners.

Later after collecting email addresses, you can use the MailOptin’s Email Automation feature to send promotional emails to the people and ultimately, make money blogging.

Most importantly, the more your blog has traffic, the more you need to set MailOptin on your blog. In the opposite case, you may be leaving money on the table.

We hope you liked this article. You can proceed to know more about popup forms for lead capturing in WordPress. If you’re facing issues implementing MailOptin on your blog, let us know by joining the conversation in the comments.

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