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Imagine that you have worked really hard on your WordPress site for possibly years and finally starting to do well in your business. Sales are going up, customers are happy, your site has many visitors and conversion is great. What can possibly go wrong? But then after some time sales start to drop and seems that everything in your business world is going down the hill..and you wonder ‘What happened? What has changed?!’

Could it be that you haven’t paid enough attention to the social media world and what’s truly needed to succeed in this overly saturated business world?

Could it be that your WordPress site is lacking integration with the big social media sharks like Facebook?

Why Facebook is so popular?

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the largest social network on the planet. Despite all its competitors Facebook still remains #1 social media platform with 2.2 billion active users monthly.

Considering the fact that there are approx 75 million WordPress sites online and Facebook is the #1 social media platform, it’s a no-brainer that you MUST integrate these two giants and use Facebook plugins to compliment your WordPress website.

Despite all its competitors Facebook still remains #1 social media platform with 2.2 billion active users monthly. Click To Tweet

Facebook offers plenty of features that work well with WordPress such as Facebook login, Facebook feed and Facebook like box plugins. If you can make your social media platforms work in your favor you can most likely improve your business performance and overall WordPress experience for your clients.

If all above-mentioned information is true, surely most of you would benefit from integrating Facebook with WordPress – the magic question is ‘how’?

In this post, we will explore 6 ways (plugins) how to integrate your WordPress website with Facebook. I will also explain why social media is so important for your business. So let’s get to it then, shall we?!

Top 6 plugins to help you integrate Facebook with WordPress

Nextend Social Login

Nextend social login and register plugin for WordPress

This feature would enable your clients to login to your WordPress site with their Facebook credentials. This plugin is very interesting and quite common on other platforms. Facebook allows third-party apps to use their login by just connecting to their Facebook account. This saves time for people and if you can do that you have already won your audience. People love convenience and simplicity! Most of us interact with so many social media platforms on daily basis, why would you create new logins every time?! This is a great proposition from a practical standpoint.

Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed plugin for WordPress

Everytime time you log onto your Facebook account you see a bunch of publications organized by their category. Integrating Facebook Feed with your WordPress page allows displaying this information. You can either store this information as part of the page or as a widget. This can be useful if you would like for your clients to read a particular information on your website. This is also a good way how to promote your Facebook page without being too salesy because you are just sharing information but also promoting at the same time.

Reach&Share plugin

React and share plugin for WordPress

Unless you have never used Facebook you must be familiar with Facebook reactions aka emojis. These reactions describe how people feel about a particular post whether they are sad, happy, angry, in love, like your post or laugh about it. This plugin also keeps track on how many people have chosen each reaction and displays it to other readers. In this way, everyone who reads your posts can see how the community feels about it and it gives your post a ‘social proof’ if you like. And we love those, don’t we?

Easy Facebook Like Box

I believe that this plugin does not require long explanations. We all are familiar with Facebook like button. Facebook users generate approx 4 million likes per minute. Wouldn’t it be cool to have some of those likes associated with your WordPress page? This is an awesome way to increase engagement with your page. Let’s take it from a customer’s point of view – would you rather read posts with lots of likes and reactions or with none?


WPDiscuz plugin for WordPress

This plugin works really well with the Facebook login plugin I mentioned earlier. People can comment on your WordPress posts using their already existing Facebook credentials. By using this plugin you can also take advantage of reactions plugin and create a familiar feeling to your customer and this will make them feel like at home. People might forget what they read on your page, but they will never forget how you made them feel when they visited your WordPress page. This plugin will also allow to create discussion between your readers and raise the value of your posts.


AddtoAny Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

AddToAny plugin is the most popular share plugin for WordPress and has been delivering social media ready sites since 2006. This plugin is a must-have if you are an amazing creator and would love for your readers to share your content on other social media platforms. The more social media addons you will have the wider audience it will reach. So do you math!

If you are really keen on having your WordPress site business ready and escalate to the next level of abundance I would highly suggest reading this blog post on must-have plugins for your business.

Why social media is so important for your business?

Facebook has reached more than 200 million users in less than 12 months alone. Not to mention the fact how many newspapers are declining just because everything is available for us to read in digital version on our mobile devices and just one finger touch away. How crazy is this? It has taken so much time and effort for people to figure out how to print press and now it’s all declining due to this massive digital shift! Sad of course, but social media is here to stay, so might as well take the most of it and use it in your favor.

'Social media is the biggest shift since Industrial Revolution' Erik Qualman. Click To Tweet

I honestly believe that most old-school media like newspapers, TV, and radio will soon be extinct…

What this means for your business? It means that you can take a piece of this huge shift and make it work for your business. I agree that due to this digital revolution it’s more competitive than ever, however, it takes much less effort and finances that before if you play your cards right.

If all above sounds amazing, but you haven’t got your head around social media yet then please read this blog post on why social media is crucial for your business and dive in step by step advice on how to start your journey on the world wide web using social media tools.

And to sum up, this post – key things why you should integrate Facebook with your WordPress:

  • Facebook remains The King of social media;
  • These plugins are free of charge unless you require pro version;
  • Social media is one of the key elements of any business;
  • Social media plugins help your clients to easily navigate through your site;
  • An average person spends at least 1 hour a day on social media platforms;
  • Social media is the #1 activity on the internet;
  • Take care of your client experience and your business will take care of itself;
  • Companies that use social media in their business significantly surpass their competitors in profit.

And my final question to you all – have you already integrated your WordPress site with Facebook? If so which plugins are you currently using? We would like to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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  1. Thank you. I tried all plugins but didn’t hear anything about Addtoany. Will try asap. Among others, I dunno why, but WPDISCUZ is my favorite.
    And yes, when starting my business (commerce, we sell shoes), I didn’t pay attention to sm. When we hired a special person who helped us to involve audience from soc media(It was like just to see what will happen), we noticed growth in sales. I guess we should have started so long ago..

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