10 WordPress plugins to boost engagement with readers in 2020

When it comes to readers’ engagement, it’s always a good time to find new ways to increase the ratio. Yet, engagement is also massively undervalued not just in the blogosphere, but also in all industries.

Whether you’re observing traffic increase or suspect something is wrong with it, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention the top 10 WordPress plugins that have proved to keep visitors stay longer and inspire to take action.

Now when it comes to readers’ engagement, it’s imperative to understand that there can be multiple reasons for lower engagement. For instance, you might be creating highly-engaging content but your website may be lacking the right action buttons at the right places.

The point is, creating killer content isn’t going to automagically boost engagement with readers. There are, however, a few WordPress plugins that (if used correctly) can help you increase engagement ratio in the short term.

Below is the list of the top 10 WordPress plugins that I personally recommend. Of course, there are many other plugins that deserve a slot on this list but these plugins are picked specifically to help you:

  • Increase the time visitors spend on your website;
  • Optimize user experience;
  • Improve content presentation;
  • And of course, increase overall engagement with readers.

That being said, let’s dive right in!

WordPress Plugins to Increase Engagement

Yoast for SEO Optimization

One of the first plugins you’ll need in order to increase readers’ engagement is the Yoast SEO plugin.

In the content game, build it and they will come is a myth. You need to make sure that your blog posts and web pages are being discovered by different search engines like Google & Yahoo.

Yoast SEO plugin can help you do exactly that. Yoast helps to properly optimize each web page and blog post content so that it can reach hundreds of thousands of people for specific search keywords.

Yoast SEO plugin is, in fact, now considered as the number one SEO tool to increase traffic as well as engagement with readers.

The Yoast SEO Premium provides an internal linking suggestion feature which can further increase the average time visitors spend on your website.

Better Click-to-Tweet

Better Click-to-Tweet, as the name suggests, is a WordPress plugin for twitter which allows you to create and display tweetable content in between blog posts as well as web page content.

In fact, Better Click-to-Tweet is the most trusted and affordable WordPress plugin that allows you to engage with Twitteratis by allowing them to share snippets and quotes from your website content.

The plugin is very easy to set up and use and there is also a paid version in which you can get different styles for presenting tweetable content in a more personalized way.


Retaining visitors is more important than just attracting them. If your website visitors aren’t returning to your website as much as you’d like them to, then there is a WordPress plugin for that.

OptinMonster can help you increase the ratio of returning visitors to your website by converting incoming visitors into subscribers.

OptinMonster is a powerful conversion optimization Plugin that supports over 25 email marketing tools. The plugin comes with a drag-and-drop builder so that you can easily create and customize the opt-in form on your WordPress website.

Apart from the customization options, OptinMonster also provides useful features like timed pop-up forms, geo-targeting, and a few others to help you maximize the conversion ratio.


One of the proven ways to increase engagement and the average time spent on the website is by displaying related posts in between and at the end of blog posts.

For example, if a visitor is reading about the ‘benefits of waking up early’, then he is also likely to read ‘5 tips to wake up early without alarm for the rest of your life’.

That’s what displaying related posts do. And Bibblio is one of the most trusted WordPress plugins for displaying related posts section on WordPress websites.

AJAX Search Lite

You might already know about Google’s autosuggestion feature. As soon as you type a word or two in its search bar, Google automatically shows different suggestions.

The AJAX Search Lite WordPress plugin can help you implement a similar feature on your WordPress website.

AJAX Search Lite Plugin can help you retain more visitors who usually search for content directly by adding autocomplete and auto-suggestion features on your WordPress website.


Intercom is a famous live chat support toolkit that is very easy to set up and comes with lots of useful features.

Having a live chat functionality on a WordPress website can come in handy especially when you’re selling products or services. It can help you solve your potential customers’ doubts in real-time and increase the chances of making more sales.

The Intercom comes with a variety of chatbox layouts, analytic tools, loads of other useful features that can help you increase engagement with your readers.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms, as the name suggests, is a form creation plugin for WordPress. It is a free WordPress plugin that comes with a drag-and-drop tool. Setting up Ninja Forms in any WordPress website is also simple and straightforward.

You can add as many fields as you’d like and even customize the user interface of form to make it more intuitive.


When it comes to social sharing, most WordPress website owners make the mistake of placing sharing buttons only at the start of a blog post.

If you’re one of them, let me ask you this – how come you expect that your website visitors will share your blog post before they read it or even scroll all the way back to the top after reading?

The point is, placing the social sharing button only at the beginning of the blog post is not so smart. Therefore, it’s recommended that you add a floating social sharing sidebar so that the probability of the visitors sharing your content gets increased.

SumoMe is a popular social sharing WordPress plugin that lets you add a social share bar that remains on visitors’ screen at all times.

The best part is, SumoMe is free-to-use, ultra-easy-to-setup, and is connected with over 15 social platforms. Adding SumoMe plugin to your WordPress website will definitely add value in terms of increasing engagement with readers.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Though I’ve already mentioned one related posts WordPress plugin in this list, but Yet Another Related Posts or YARPP for short is equally popular and useful WordPress plugin for increasing the average time spent on a website.

Another reason to add YARPP to this list to highlight the importance of displaying the right related posts.

You see, if you’re not displaying only genuinely related posts, then the chances of them reading those will drastically be reduced. And the related post matching algorithm of YARPP is unmatched.


You didn’t think that I would forget adding a WordPress plugin for the comments section in this list, right?

Most website owners don’t realize this, but comments are still one of the most effective ways to increase engagement with readers. And it’s for this reason, they use the default WordPress comment widget.

Now, the default widget is fine if you’re not focusing on increasing engagement through comments. But, if comments are one of your main focus to increase engagement with visitors, then using the default WordPress comment widget is not so good.

Picture this for example. – You’ve published a killer blog post and a visitor has left a comment with a doubt. Of course, you’re going to respond with an appropriate answer. The question is, how are you going to make sure that the visitor will revisit your post in the future to check your response?

This is where Replyable, a popular WordPress comment plugin, comes to the rescue.

In simple words, Replyable adds the two most important features in your WordPress web site’s comment section:

  1. Subscribe to comments via email;
  2. Respond to comments via email.

As a result, it encourages visitors who previously left a comment come back and engage again.


That’s it! The above-listed WordPress plugins will definitely help you, as they have others, in increasing the engagement ratio of your WordPress website. Although, you should also keep in mind that readers’ engagement heavily depends on how valuable content you provide. Therefore, make sure that your website content is truly unique and engaging. These WordPress plugins will only ultimately help to maximize the value that your content provides.

That being said, if you need further help with your WordPress website, feel free to check out our Web Development Services.

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