Learn how to ask Google recrawl your WordPress website

Google SEO is vital for a website. It refers to ranking your site on the Google Search Result Pages (GSRPs).

As Google crawls websites on a regular basis, you as a blog owner can submit an instant crawling request to Google. It helps in ranking your site fast on Google.

Usually, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, making Google re-crawl your site becomes vital after updating your content.

On the other hand, Google may crawl your site on its schedule, comparatively slower than submitting a crawling request.

In today’s article, you will learn about submitting your site to Google, making Google re-crawl your WordPress website. Once correctly set up, you can instantly rank your site on Google search pages.

Recrawl WordPress website

Using Google Search Console

To get started, you will need to create an account in Google Search Console, a suite of tools that help you rank your site on Google. Previously, Google Search Console was known as Google Webmaster Tools.

re-crawl wordpress website wpcrib blog

Once you create an account, you will need to verify your site. You can do this by adding some code to your website or by uploading a file.

Next, you need to create a sitemap for your site. Once finished, submit your sitemap in Google Search Console. For more information on how to create a sitemap with the Yoast SEO plugin, this tutorial walks you through the entire process.

Tip: Google Search Console provides tools to improve your site’s SEO. By mastering Google’s highly effective tools, you can significantly improve your SEO metrics including search ranking, 404 pages, and traffic stats. For more information on using GSC, head over to this tutorial at Backlinko.

If you found the above method hard to follow, you can use other methods listed in this article. The following methods are more comfortable to follow for submitting a re-crawl request to Google.

Use a Ping tool

You can use Pingomatic, an online tool that helps you inform search engines about your site content updates. With Pingomatic, you can ping major search engines about your site content updates.

Once you land on the site, enter your homepage URL, select all search engines and click on the Send Pings button. The tool will send a ping request to crawl your site.

re-crawl wordpress website wpcrib blog

Using a ping tool requires no technical expertise. However, such tools don’t provide pinging stats for your site. Instead, you can see a success message on process completion.

Tip: Using a Ping tool is easier than using Google Search Console. To get started with GSC, you will need to create an account, and proceed with technical knowledge. Instead, Pinging tool asks for your site URL.

Update Robots.txt file and submit it to Google

A Robots.txt file contains directions to search engines, about allowing or denying crawling your site URLs. The said file resides at the root of your website, such as example.com/robots.txt.

re-crawl wordpress website wpcrib blog

By updating your site’s Robots.txt file, you can ask Google to crawl your site.

First, proceed and create a sitemap for your site. Once finished, insert the full URL of your sitemap into Robots.txt file and use the Pingomatic or Google Search Console to submit your Robots.txt URL.

After completing the said routine, Google will find your sitemap link in Robots.txt file and will proceed to crawl your entire site. As Google tries to crawl your site next time, it will notice the existence of sitemap URL in Robots.txt file.

If Google finds a working sitemap on your site, it will start crawling your site for updated content, as a sitemap contains the entire list of URLs on a website.

Tip: As a blog owner, using Robots.txt file ensures allowing or denying access to URLs. You can update your Robots file by logging into Hosting File Manager. Also, instead of using GSC for the traffic stats, you can explore the Hosting’s features for your site traffic stats.


Asking Google to crawl your site is an SEO routine. Like updating your website is essential, the process of taking SEO measures has its significant importance.

Along with using Google Search Console to submit a re-crawling request, you can make use of its features for improving your site’s SEO on high levels.

If you don’t prefer using Google Search Console, or it seems excessively technical, use the Pingomatic tool instead.

Also, don’t hire professionals for the said purpose. It is something you will need to manage as a blog owner. Moreover, once you submit your sitemap, you can check weekly results in the search console’s reports. Instead, for traffic stats of your site, checking your site’s traffic logs provides an easier routine.

To get more assistance, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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