Step by step guide: How to perform a technical SEO audit

Technical issues prevent your site from ranking on Search Engines. Therefore, SEO Audit solves your site problems and increases your site SEO as well.

The process of SEO Audit ensures probing Technical issues regarding Search Engine Optimization, and factors such as Site structure, Robots.txt, Traffic Analytics, Content optimization, and Backlink Profile.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to carry out SEO Audit. After you taste the process, you can use the manual knowledge or tools to help you improve your site for Search Engines.

1. Check indexing status on the Google

Before you rank your business on Google, you need to index your site in Google.

To index your site in Google, Google’s Search Console Account helps you submit your site to Google. You can create a Google Search Console account on this Page.

Once you complete the process, make sure you check your site Indexing Status. You should perform checking your site Indexing Status once in a week.

Head over to Google, and use the Google Site Operator for checking your site Indexing Status.

seo audit visual composer ok

If you see your site pages on Google, your site is indexed in Google.

2. Page speed in SEO audit

Low Page Speed increases your site Bounce Rate. People who visit your site leave, once they get late for more than 5 seconds on a page.

Search Engines such as Google takes the Page Speed into account. Therefore, once Google feels users leaving a site more often, it drops the site from the Ranking pages.

Fortunately, you can check your site speed with tools such as Site Checker. It also helps you list down facts that need improvement.

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Besides using Tools to speed up your site, the speed of Website CMS also matters. Let’s proceed and learn to speed up your WordPress site like a Pro.

3. Internal link structure

Your site is a collection of lots of interlinked WebPages. The way you link your pages defines your Site Internal Link Structure.

Before optimizing the Internal Links, you should define your site Hierarchy. It means listing down the important sections of your site and defining their Link Structure.

In WordPress, you can check the Link Structure in the Settings, Permalinks.

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The point of impact is caring for two factors; define a Link graph on the page, consisting of your site main sections, and the sections under them. Second, after completing the graph, create relevant categories in the WordPress, and change your Permalink structure to Custom.

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4. Check for the broken links

Broken Links drop your site ranking on the Google. To get started, you must decide on checking your site links for the broken ones, on a regular basis, say once in a month.

A typical page that causes a Broken Link is known as the Not Found page, or 404 Error page, and looks like below.

seo audit visual composer ok

To find Broken Links on your site, proceed and install the Check My Links Chrome Extension.

Once installed, land on your site and click on the Extension icon.

The Extension checks your site page for the broken Links and shows the stats. It also highlights the found Broken Links on the page.

link building visual composer

5. Sitemap

The Sitemap consists of the content links of a site. It helps both Users and Search Engines understand the site content in an easy way. A Sitemap page looks like below.

seo audit visual composer ok

To make your site visible to Search Engines, let’s learn to create a Sitemap for your site.

I use the Yoast SEO plugin to create Sitemaps for my sites. The best part is that the Yoast SEO plugin creates a sitemap and updates it automatically.

In the WordPress Dashboard, install the Yoast SEO plugin first. Proceed and click on the SEO on the left panel.

When the page loads, click on the Features tab.

seo audit visual composer ok

Scroll down, and you will see the XML Sitemap option listed. Turn it ON.

seo audit visual composer ok

6. Competitor analysis

To carry out SEO campaigns that work for your site, you need to have an eye on your Competitors, too.

Not only it helps you see their activities and the Seed Keywords, but also helps you taste the industry trends in the crowd.

When carrying out Competitor Analysis, you need to use the Manual knowledge and Tools for the purpose.

On Google, you can use the Google operators to explore the target sites, such as using the Google Site Operator for listing down all the pages of a site.

seo audit visual composer ok

Similarly, you can use the Related Operator for finding the Competitor sites.

seo audit visual composer ok

In the same manner, use the SEO Tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush to find competitor’s measures including the number of Backlinks, Domain and Page Authority, Traffic, Top pages, Search Volume, and Seed keywords.

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7. Configure one version of your site URL

Search Engines such as Google needs to know the single, original URL of your Domain. For example, people use to type in your site address with www, or without it, and land on your site.

In this case, Search Engines don’t know about the One, the original URL. You need to set the one in the Google Search Console account.

Google Search Console is a suite of features for Webmasters, helping you audit your site for SEO stats, and improve them accordingly. Once you setup your Google Search Console account, proceed to Add a Property.

seo audit visual composer ok

Enter your site address in the box, and proceed.

seo audit visual composer ok

Once entered, you need to verify your Domain, by either installing the Google Analytics or Uploading an HTML File to the root of your site. Once done, you can see the verified message on the screen.

Click on the Continue. Once you land on the Dashboard, click on the Settings icon at the top right, and select Site Settings from the short menu that appears.

seo audit visual composer ok

On the next screen, you can set a Preferred URL for your site.

seo audit visual composer ok

8. Duplicate content

Duplicate Content affects your site Trust in the eyes of Search Engines. When Search Engines such as Google finds two versions of the same page, it creates SEO issues including the indication of the Duplicate Content and no signal about the original content piece on the site.

Moreover, a single piece accessible by two different URLs also indicates the existence of Duplicate Content.

Google helps you find duplicate content with its operators. Head over to Google, and type in the query: intitle:”keyword phrase”.

seo audit visual composer ok

Once Google shows multiple results for the entered query, you should analyze each for the possible Duplicated topics and content.

You can also use the Search feature of your site, to look for the pages that could create Duplicate Content.

To avoid the Duplicate Content, you can place original URL at the end of every page possibly posing Duplicate Content.

In addition to it, Use the Canonical Tag to tell Search Engines about the original copy of a page. To know more about using Canonical Tag, head over to Yoast Blog Tutorial for the purpose.

9. Keyword analysis

A Proven Keyword Research Strategy helps you succeed in your SEO on the Google. It consists of finding out Seed Keywords, creating a list of LSI Keywords, and writing content around main keywords.

Firstly, you need to focus on finding out Seed Keywords. Seed Keywords are referred to Base or Primary Keywords.

Head over to Google and type in your niche phrase. Before pressing the Search button, make a list of the Google Suggestion phrases.

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Similarly, you can use the Uber Suggest and LSI Graph to find the Seed Keywords. Once you finish, you need to find Keyword Measures that help you decide on the Keywords that will perform better on Search Engines.

keyword research process

The Keyword Measures include Domain and Page Authority, Keyword Traffic, Search Volume, and Keyword Competition. Once you find these facts, you can decide on the keywords having Low Competition, and write content that will perform well on Search Engines.

seo audit visual composer ok

To find valuable Keywords, use tools such as Long Tail Pro and KW Finder. In an automated manner, these tools help you find valuable keywords fast, and easily.

seo audit visual composer ok

10. Run through a backlink SEO audit

The process of Backlink Auditing consists of finding out all the Backlinks and removes ones that hurt your site ranking.

To get started, you need to find out all the Backlinks with tools such as SEMrush, or a free tool such as SEO Review Tool.

seo audit visual composer ok

Once completed, manually check every link and analyze the Rank Health of the pages. Pay special attention to Domain and Page Authority, Keyword Density, Site Relevancy, and Google Indexing Status.

Also, you need to have a look at the Link Tag attribute, No-Follow or Do-Follow status. If your site has lots of Backlinks with No-Follow Tag, you may want to remove some of them. In the same manner, collect your Anchor Texts, and change or remove ones affecting your site SEO.

seo audit visual composer ok

You will need to reach out to site owners, and ask them for removal of your Backlinks. If for example, you fail to get things by reaching out, you can disavow your bad links. For a complete walkthrough of disavowing your harmful Backlinks, this tutorial covers the gaps.

11. Optimize images and code files for speed

Optimizing your content for speed helps you gain the Google Trust. It helps you speed up your site to decrease the Bounce Rate.

When Google sees your site with improved Bounce Rate, it can place your site on the ranking position. The Bounce Rate shows the rate of how often and fast users leave or stay on your site.

To get started and increase your page speed, you need to optimize your images for speed. If your site is built with WordPress, use a plugin such as Smush Image Compression and Optimization Suite.

seo audit visual composer ok

In the same manner, if you don’t use the WordPress, you can manually compress your images, and increase your page speed. To get started manually, you can use the Free Image Compressing Tools online.

seo audit visual composer ok

Similarly, you can enable Gzip Compression for compressing the code files, or use the HTML Compressor for the purpose.

seo audit visual composer ok

Moreover, this tutorial helps you learn 12 ways to optimize your site for Speed. Also, make sure you check your site with Pingdom and GT Metrix that help you find a detailed report on how to find and improve the speed factors on your site.

seo audit visual composer ok

12. Submit your site to search engines, and submit a re-crawl request in Google Search Console account

Once you improve your site regarding SEO, you need to resubmit it to Search Engines. Similarly, your site needs a Re-crawl as well.

To proceed, use the Google Add URL to submit your site to Google’s Index. In the same manner, by using this page, you can submit your page to Bing.

seo audit visual composer ok

Besides Google and Bing, use this page to submit your site to Yandex.

seo audit visual composer ok details

To know more about submitting a site to Search Engines, you can head over to Hobo Web Tutorial.

The second part, you need to submit a Re-crawl request for your site in the Google Search Console account.

Once you land on your Google Search Console Dashboard, on the left panel, click on the Fetch as Google under Crawl.

seo audit visual composer ok details

Now, enter your Site Root URL or a page address in the text box and click on the Fetch button.

seo audit visual composer ok details

After the processing, click on the Request Indexing button, and submit your Re-crawl request to Google.

seo audit visual composer ok details

13. Website responsive design

People use their cell phones to browse the Internet and your site. It means, not only should you focus on Responsive Design, but also test your site on a regular basis.

Let’s face it and proceed to test your site design with Online Tools. These tools help you test your site Responsive Design, along with showing live preview on various screens such as Tablet, Desktop, and Mobile.

seo audit visual composer ok details

As making your site Responsive is a technical routine, you need to go through two options, hire someone for the purpose, or do it yourself.

If you have issues with your site design, you need to hire someone to do that for you. Instead, you can learn to make your site responsive.

On the other hand, this video tutorial helps you create a Responsive Web Design.

Final thoughts

We defined key factors in performing a Technical SEO Audit. These facts contribute to ranking your site on Search Engines such as Google.

From changing your Site Link Structure to Submitting your Site to Search Engines, all steps play a vital role in boosting your SEO stats.

In the Technical SEO Audit, you need to focus on things that affect your site more than other facts. Such facts include the Harmful Backlinks, Mobile Responsiveness Issues, Keyword Analysis, and Page Speed. Besides these facts, creating a Sitemap helps Google understand your site content correctly.

Last but not the least; you can make a difference by carrying out things on a regular basis. To get that going in the right direction, create a Google Search Console Account, and check your Site Structure, Crawl Errors, and Indexing Status on a regular basis in the Google Search Console Dashboard.

Did you learn the ingredients of a Technical SEO Audit in this article? Don’t forget to ask questions, or suggest new facts regarding Technical SEO Audit. Also, our WordPress Article Directory helps you learn the WordPress with in-depth articles.

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    Regarding indexing your new links, you can use the Google Search Console dashbaord.

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    To index your links quickly, read the 12th heading in the article above.


  3. It isn’t mentioned much on review sites but INK the new gem platform. I’m clueless when it comes to optimizing content for Google and this software is the first program with AI capabilities that I’ve come across that helps me out with this extremely important part of my workflow beyond just readability and adverbs.

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