SEO mistakes that silently affect your online business

You work hard to get your business on Google.

But I’ve a secret for you.

With little knowledge, you may do things improperly. Instead of hoping your SEO state goes higher, it seems going down

SEO Mistakes affect your site ranking on Google. Mistakes that we do, resulting in failing to scale our business according to Google Ranking Factors.

Let’s go deep in the game. This write-up contains SEO Mistakes that affect our site ranking on the Google, along with effects, how to find the gaps and fixing routine. Also, we are going to learn about doing SEO in the right way, helping us scale our business for SEO.

1. Keyword research

Problem Definition: Most sites fail to find main keywords or create content on a single major keyword. In this case, you compete against a large number of ranking sites, thus making your ranking hope worse.

Effects: Your site takes longer to rank for keywords, sometimes years. You feel like a failure in SEO game because ranking for strong keywords requires focusing on lots of factors, such as backlinks.

How to find a gap? Fire up Google Keyword Planner, and put on your main topic in the search bar. For example, if you blog about SEO Tools, search the Google Keyword Planner for SEO Tools. You will see a high number of monthly search volumes for SEO Tools. If you’ve been targeting SEO Tools in articles, you’ve been blogging about the main keyword. The more you create content on the main keyword only, the harder you get ranking on Google.

Average monthly keyword search data

How to fix? In the Google Keyword Planner search results, find the keywords having low monthly search volume. Your site traffic depends on finding the right keywords, the keywords having low monthly search volume. Find and make a list of keywords with 100-1K monthly searches, and create long-form content on those keywords.

Google Keyword Planner for keyword discovery

2. Keyword stuffing

Problem Definition: You create content with excessive use of the main keyword. You should place the main keyword once in important parts of the article; introduction, body, and conclusion. If you fail to follow this routine, you fail to avoid keyword stuffing.

Effects: Search engines count keyword stuffed content as Spam. Matt Cutts at Google warned about keyword stuffing and declared making Google Bot smarter against keyword stuffing. This approach is counted as Black Hat SEO tactic, resulting in defaming your site ranking.

How to find a gap? For 500 word content, if your main keyword repeats more than 3 times, you may fall short of avoiding keyword stuffing. Follow the same criteria for all the content you produce.

How to fix? Use the main keyword once in the first 100 words of the article, 2 times in the body text and once in the conclusion part. Follow this routine on a 500-word basis. Also, use different synonyms for the main keyword in the article.

3. Internal link structure

Problem Definition: Google needs to see your site like Humans do. A site with bad internal link structure doesn’t put relevant things into relevant categories. This makes search engines confused about your site structure, topic and crawl routines.

Effects: Search engines fail to index your site properly. A bad site structure results in affecting your ranking, even if you constantly work on improving your search engine optimization.

How to find a gap? If your site is built on WordPress, check the Permalink structure in Settings. The best link structure is Custom, in which you define categories for different types of content on your site.

Check the Permalink structure in Settings

How to fix? In addition to change your Permalink structure, create a sitemap with Yoast SEO plugin. Also, place page location on every page of your site.

Permalink structure with Yoast SEO for WordPress

4. On-page SEO

Problem Definition: On Page SEO includes factors such as Keyword research, optimizing your site for conversions, content length, and internal links. Your pages may not target proper keywords. Similarly, you may miss out on improving your pages for conversions, or create content having a low word count.

Effects: On Page, SEO puts your site on the ranking table. A page with poor On Page SEO falls short of competing against ranking sites. In the same manner, a lower word count and poor internal link structure affect your site ranking as well.

How to find a gap? You can spot out each factor manually, such as word count. You can also use tools for the said purposes, such as Neil’s SEO Analyzer and Site Checker.

How to fix? Once you find poor elements on your pages, improve them properly. For example, your link structure should seem natural. Similarly, you should write content having more than 2000 word each.

5. Backlinks

Problem Definition: Links from unindexed sites affect your site ranking. Your site gets penalized if it has links from untrusted sites. Also, if both sites have different topics, search engines count such backlinks as Spam.

Effects: Instead of hoping your site ranking, your site gets penalized. Moreover, removing such links from sites is a tedious task. These links serve as a permanent source for search engines, to keep your site penalized in search rankings.

How to find a gap? Carry out backlink profile search. Use Open Site Explorer or Semrush to find backlinks pointing to your site.

Open site explorer MOZ

How to fix? If you find spam backlinks, find the contact information of the target sites and request link removal. Also, don’t buy links. When building links, long-form practical content gets backlinks naturally. Similarly, always find relevant sites before you guest post.

6. Analytics

Problem Definition: Your site lacks installation of a proper analytic system. You don’t focus on site analytics, resulting in missing out things that work. Along with this, you focus on things that have less value at all.

Effects: Your SEO campaigns get blind and boring. You don’t have a list of things that work, and things that don’t work. As a result, you seem giving up on SEO or even if you are close to results, you don’t know.

How to find a gap? Have you installed Google Analytics on your site? If yes, don’t ignore the tracking results. Also, if you did not create Google Search Console account for your site, you are missing some important facts on improving your site ranking.

How to fix? Install Google Analytics on your site. Also, create Google Search Console account for your site. Give close attention to search console instructions for site ranking, search terms, crawl errors and site protocols.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress plugin

7. Content word count

Problem Definition: We have a misconception. Updating your site with regular content doesn’t put your site on the right track. Instead, if you don’t focus on content quality, actionable advice, images, and word count, you can’t count regular updating to improve your ranking on search engines.

Effects: You may waste your time doing things improperly. If you don’t maintain quality standards for content, you can’t hit the Google search page.

How to find a gap? Check if your site content lacks proper placement of keywords, on-page SEO, word count, and optimized images. At the moment, don’t think about updating your site on a regular basis.

How to fix? According to Backlinko, by analyzing One Million search results, longer content outrank those with short word count. Write content having 2000 word each.

8. Creating similar content around the same keyword

Problem Definition: Your site has multiple contents around the same keyword. For example, your site contains an article on SEO tools for beginners, you create another piece of beginner tools for SEO. In this case, search engines seem confused about finding an original piece of content.

Effects: Search engines defame your site for duplicate content. As a result, your site is dropped from the search result pages.

How to find a gap? Fire up Google and put in the main keyword you want to find similar content for. For example, if you want to find duplicate content titles for the keyword SEO tools for beginners, using the SEO tools for beginners command becomes your Google search query.

How to fix? By using the SEO tools for beginners command, if you find more than one results on Google, take them all in an account. Find the original version of the article, and set up a Canonical Tag to tell search engines about an original piece of content. Also, you can leave the actual version of the article, and remove the others.

Set a Canonical Tag to tell search engines about original piece of content

Final thoughts

Not only doing SEO is important, doing it properly, in the right way is mandatory. There are a lot of factors concerning Search Engine Optimization. You need to take them all in an account and adopt proper ways to keep things in the right direction.

  • Apart from these facts, the following points serve as a go-to approach;
  • Create long form, actionable content. This improves your SEO rankings by targeting low competitive keywords;
  • Focus on your site structure. Arrange content elements under relevant categories. For this, use the site link structure settings in WordPress;
  • Improve your On-Page SEO. Also, focus on earning backlinks naturally, by creating authoritative content around different relevant keywords;
  • Improve your search ranking by having an eye on Google Analytics and Google Search Console data.

Last but not the least, consistency plays an important role. If your target is creating content, publishing long-form content once in a week is better than posting short articles several times in a week. Also, be consistent with all the facts defined in this article. By working on each domain, you can see your site rankings go higher with the passage of time.

To keep learning, let’s discuss your SEO journey. How are you struggling with SEO? Believe me, you shouldn’t miss this page about technical SEO.

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