10 SEO trends that will dominate the future

In Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization strategies are evolving at a very high rate. There is a demand for frequent technological updates. SEO Trends are changing, experts agree that there is a need to learn and develop the latest trends that can shape the future of our digital businesses.

Currently, Google search engine is becoming more intelligent and efficient for the users. Through regular algorithm updates, the search engine has innovated new technologies to improve the user experience. Nothing is frustrating than a non-navigable website to the users, that’s why the SEO developers work hard.

10 SEO trends which are likely to dominate the future

1. Video and image search will vastly improve

Over the past years, online interactions have improved and become more visual. Besides the internet speeds, more visual-friendly social media platforms have emerged due to general public desire to engage with more videos and images in their online interactions.

The demand has stirred up social media platforms to come up with strategies which suit their user’s expectations. For example, startups like Moodstocks and Eyefluence have come up with visual elements within images and video’s which are geared to improve user interactions.  Such brave moves have compelled other similar service providers to up their game for them to remain relevant in the market.

For instance, Google significantly updated its image search in 2017. Since then many search engines to avoid further traffic loss, they have begun updating their websites to compete at the same level as Google. For example, nowadays users are interested to find a site which gives them the incentive to optimize image material. Each SEO is seeking to create a platform which allows user content to interplay image, video or text element. This should be geared towards creating adding value to users.

2. Voice search in relation with the speaker sales

Voice search is fast changing the manner at which users are communicating with Google and other search engines. To find relevant answers search engines have tried to come up with developments which improve the user experience. This trend seems to continue to dominate in future because the users are thrilled by it and demand more.  For example, SEMrush and other providers are offering tools which are showing users the source of traffic from featured snippets.

Keeping in mind the advanced devices, voice search in the future is like to trend across the world. Experts affirm that voice searchers are more verbose thus helping to deliver a more relevant response.

3. Featured snippets

Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng claims that about 50% of the future searches will be done via voice or image.  In addition, according to data published by Stone Temple, two-thirds already use voice commands with their phones.

Strategy Analytics experts reveal that by 2020, 75% of all inter-connected devices something different other than a PC, Smartphone or a Tablet. They believe that the future belongs to voice interaction driven devices. This is the reason why dominating search engines like Google and Bing are aggressively pushing for the use of Featured snippets.

Featured snippets are likely to trend in future because they satisfy user’s need for a simple answer to a question. Also, the displayed content is taken from web pages that Google interprets and finds suitable for answering the question asked.  Even though it’s not clear how Google deals with the trustworthiness of the pages in each case, users find it appropriate to the engine. Besides, in the featured snippets, Google is currently embracing the use of graphs in search queries something which is so satisfying to users.

Marketers are likely to focus on how to create traffic and make sure that the customer gets an exceptional experience overall. Shelly Fagin Founder, Highly Searched notes that there is a massive increase in the usage of chat functionality by visitors who demand instant answers thus creating robust public relation.  Stakeholders declare that businesses are likely to grow if they use the service to their advantage.

4. Customization vs Ranking

Recently, search engine Google has been pushing for the development of personalized search results. They argue that relying upon individual search history, browser cookies, and other search information gives the user-customized SERPs. The invention of smart speakers has indeed improved search convenience thus greater technological sophistication. SEO experts foresee greater demand for personalized search tools. Users are demanding information and data search mechanism which will be more accessible, fast and customized for them.  Search engines are compelled to keep updating their algorithms to remain competitive in the future.

5. Hyperlocal results will finally take off

As per Google’s Smartphone insights 94 percent of Smartphone users have looked for local info and taken action as a result, 57 percent of local Smartphone users look for info at least once a week and 25 percent search for local info daily.  The data exposes how hyperlocal results are becoming relevant to SEO’s users every day. Google SEO has the capability of understanding a person’s immediate locality and suggests search results within the local physical location.

We can expect in the future that mobile users will continue to grow. Currently, consumers are conducting more searches with hyperlocal intent. Marketers for long have been discussing the importance of targeting the targeted customer location.  With help search engine like Google, marketers have been able to locate their customer’s location thus helping them to sell a specific brand to specific people according to customer’s demand. Hyperlocal results are assisting the users to optimize their content to have an excellent opportunity for success.

Since its establishment, hyperlocal results have taken marketing scene by storm. Meanwhile, more local search and local SEO users continue to embrace its use to achieve total success as try to reach their targeted customers.  Sale experts attest that targeting actual proximity has helped them reduce unnecessary expenses, therefore, doubling their profits. In future hyperlocal results have 90% probability to trend in future because of their uniqueness and exactness in regards to marketing.

6. Machine learning will spell the end of traditional search algorithm updates

Machine learning currently is having a positive and much-needed impact on SEO.  Before SEO was all about keyword, but machine learning has changed this fact completely. Google is using machine learning technology within algorithms and its adapting queries based on interpretation rather than direct input. SEO experts claim that in future users are going to witness gradual changes regarding SEO. The more users will ask queries the more it adapts much data and information. This implies that the computer engineers will no longer be able to code up a website and roll it out directly.

The reason why machine learning will trend is that algorithm continually retrains. Presently, the learning machines only train at once. As the machines are connected to the internet and continuously retrain on most relevant information SEOs will more user-friendly in the future.

Here are the vital forecasts about the future of machine learning:

Improved unsupervised algorithms

The use of unsupervised algorithms to make predictions from datasets when only input data is available without corresponding to variables is making the machine learning establishment future bright. This advancement of developing better algorithms naturally will result in faster and accurate machine learning predictions.

Enhanced personalization

Machine learning personalizes algorithms and offer recommendations to the users and luckily entices them to complete specific actions. With the help of such algorithms, the user can quickly synthesize the information in a data and eventually make an appropriate conclusion about the person’s interests and other personal attributes.

Improved cognitive services

Machine learning it has cognitive services like SDKs, APIs, and other services which allow developers to include intelligent capabilities into their applications. As the technology

Continues to evolve, users are likely to witness the development of highly smart applications which can speak, hear, see or reason with the surrounding.

7. SEO will expand beyond Google and Bing

Over past year Google and Bing have continued to improve their SEO services with the intention to meet market demand. Internet users are more comfortable with search engines which give the results they need at ease.  Other search engines currently are fighting for ranking space outside Google. Meanwhile, Google is dominating the search engine sphere market, and for decades it has remained popular with internet users. Even though other search platforms like Yelp and Amazon which act as third parties have still gained recognition, Google has overwhelming support and confidence from internet users.

The other reason why other competitors have failed to take the number one spot is that they are not innovative enough.  Besides, Google has the biggest database across the world compared with other SEOs. Their innovation fails to meet user’s expectation in regards to tailored services.

Even though Google has dominated other search engines, SEO is likely to expand beyond Google and Bing. Yelp, Amazon and digital assistants like Siri have stepped in to become relevant search engines. From their latest approach to reach the widest audience, there is possibility Google dominance will diminish as the time goes by. SEO professionals foresee cut-throat competition as the underdog search engines companies tries to claim their market share from Google which is likely to fight back with more customer friendly innovations.

8. RankBrain: Artificial Intelligence

After Google’s introduction of Rankbrain, it has grown and become a vital factor in shaping Google’s search algorithm. According to the company’s official statement, it revealed that Rankbrain is considered as the most important ranking factors. The system not only analyzes user’s behavior on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) but it also manages to grasp the relationship between the topics and queries.  Currently, RankBrain influence is getting bigger every day because it helps users attain quality and comprehensive content. SEO experts claim if website owners start thinking like their users, it will be easy to provide them with the data or information they want to know. The professionals claim that content is the king and there is an emerging need to have high-quality content to address the long tail of queries.

Meanwhile, Google is planning to introduce subsequent algorithms updates of Panda and Penguin. Their primary objective is to learn how to mix core algorithms in the best way possible to give users relevant results possible.  This technology is currently being embraced by social network platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  The platforms are highlighting the content per user’s preference.

The RankBrain development seems to take online marketing by storm because sellers will have excellent experience as they more customers. The discovery appears to increase market share for interested companies if they make use of the platforms in the future.  Online establishments like E-bay, Alibaba, Amazon, and other establishments are likely to reap high profits from the RankBrain establishment.

9. The rise of mobile-first index

According to statistics, there are more than 50% searches done on mobile by 2017. Today the percentage has tremendously risen hence creating an opportunity for SEO developers to reap from. Google has been developing the mobile version as a primary version for users. They intend to establish a fast website which is mobile friendly to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool. This service is likely to trend in future because other competitors cannot compete with Google effectively.

We can transform the websites into a fully mobile-friendly version by making sure that the page speed load is considered acceptable. SEO professionals note that there is dying need to speed up mobile load time to increase mobile user experience.

10. Micro-format

Micro-format is often abbreviated as “μF” is a markup HTML/XHTML.  The tags are given to support additional metadata and other related attributes. These attributes can be based on relationship to contact information, social and geographical coordinates which appear to end user automatically. Micro-format in future is likely to be used to point to resources and helpful information about the website. By this virtue, the data and information are made available to Google thus making it easy to rank your site.

Microdata is used to help search engine index a website for better search. This ultimately brings traffic to the site thus business.


Search Engine Optimization is changing which is influenced by the need for better, quality and user-friendly services. SEO experienced professionals attest that customer’s demand for better and exciting experience pushes them to continue developing better products and services which surpasses competitors’ innovations.

The industry is on the pressure to create more secure products and services which will guarantee users privacy and security. Jayson DeMers, the Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, argue there is an immediate need to improve website SEO for it to stay relevant in future. He believes in cut-throat competition among SEO providers might render some providers into losses if they fail to appease targeted users.

Readers, let us know about your thoughts in the comments. Also, don’t forget to have a look at our WordPress Knowledge Base.

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