Configuring sharing options in WordPress

If your blog aims at creating and marketing content, you will need to set sharing options in WordPress.

Sharing options refer to the social media buttons, used to help visitors share your site’s content with a click of a button.

In a WordPress website, you can configure sharing options manually, by using a WordPress plugin, or by installing a WordPress theme packed with a built-in sharing feature from theme developers.

The entire scenario helps content marketers spread their blog posts across the Internet. If you have got a decent amount of traffic on your WordPress website, you could be losing business without having sharing options configured on your website.

In this write-up today, you will learn how to configure sharing options on your WordPress website. The entire process doesn’t ask for technical routines. You can install a plugin for the purpose or go for alternate ways defined in this article.

Why should you configure sharing options in WordPress?

Without having sharing buttons on your website, people can’t share your content on social media or content websites like Feedly.

Long story short, if people can’t share your content, you fail to capture people’s attention on the Internet. The amount of money you make online totally depends on how well you market your site’s content.

Also, social share buttons help you effectively market your blog content. Later, by using email marketing tools like ConvertKit, you can start sending promotional emails to your email list.

Configuring sharing options in WordPress

Free alternatives to set sharing options in WordPress

On the WordPress plugins directory, you can search for a free option for sharing buttons on your website.

Proceed and install the Easy Social Sharing plugin on the WordPress plugins directory.

easy social sharing plugin
Easy Social Sharing plugin is available under the GPL License

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, proceed to land on Settings -> Easy Social Sharing page in WordPress Dashboard.

The next page shows various options to set sharing options on your WordPress website. Select appropriate options and save changes at the end.

easy social sharing options

Once finished, you can see share buttons on your site’s blog posts. The sharing plugin also provides its premium features for professional users. You can see its full features on its official premium page.

Paid options to set sharing buttons in WordPress

The best-paid option for sharing opportunity is Social Pug. It comes at $34 for a year and includes all the premium features in the bundle.

social pug

The price seems reasonable for startups. It pays off in the long run for new blogs.

If you need more information about Social Pug and its features, you can proceed to its official tutorial on how to install Social Pug as a WordPress beginner.

Theme’s built-in option to set sharing buttons in WordPress

In premium themes, you can avail the option to set sharing buttons without installing a free or paid plugin on your WordPress website.

sharing buttons

In this case, you can see your theme built-in features to look for a sharing option in the pack. I use Johannes WordPress theme on my blogs. It includes a built-in option to share content across different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

At the time of installing or buying a premium theme, you can see whether a theme supports the sharing feature. However, proceed to the list of top WordPress themes that support sharing options.

Final thoughts

Configuring sharing options in WordPress becomes easy if your current theme supports a built-in sharing feature. You can also install a free plugin for sharing buttons on your blog.

You should install share buttons on day one of your WordPress blog. As you market content across the Internet, the sharing options help you spread your content across social media platforms.

Setting up sharing options is vital for high traffic websites. Sharing options play well with a site with high traffic. The more you get traffic on your site, the more sharing buttons help you spread your content across the Internet.

You can see our Knowledge Base for more information on WordPress features. We would love to hear your queries in the comments section.

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