Why is social media so crucial for your business?

Without further adieu – in 2017 maintaining social media account is a must. But why? And more importantly, how should you manage it when the time is limited and you have so many things that have higher priority at the very same time moment.

If you are not a pro in social media then most likely you already have tried posting tweets and sharing photos on Instagram, but that habit didn’t survive, so one day you woke up and forgot to “do that social thing”. It is a pity, but you have to start from the very beginning again. Over the last couple of years, social media popularity has exploded – thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and others popular social platforms. And it’s safe to say that it is just a beginning, so you better be prepared otherwise your business will suffer.

More than 70% of active online adults are using social media sites Click To Tweet

More than 70% of active online adults are using social media sites; furthermore, if you will decide to simply ignore social channels, then you will make a big favor to your competitors who are proactive and keeps an eye on social media. Good news you can actually change that and eventually your business will benefit from it. Let’s examine required steps to jump on the social media bandwagon.

How to start your social media activities

Deciding where to start your social journey is critical; especially, if you are solopreneur. It is very confusing at first, so make sure to not waste your energy on the things that are less important to you right now. Start by opening accounts in social networks – I mean, in all of them.

You might not need them right from the start, but it is a good idea to reserve your brand name for possible future use. There is a paid tool called Knoew to do exactly that, in case you are on the budget you can simply check their list of sites for inspiration and then register manually in social networks of your choice.

I hope this will be the hardest part of your social journey.

Start by opening accounts in social media. In all of them.

So where should you put your efforts and energy in the first place?

It is safe to say that Facebook with its 1.65 billion monthly active users (as of first quarter of 2016) is an obvious choice to go. You still have social energy left? Go on Twitter and Instagram. Now you are fully loaded and ready to start posting, tweeting and shooting. Let’s go!

Schedule, quantity, and content

One of the most common mistakes on early stages of building an online social presence is oversaturating your social media feed with promotional messages. Remember, social media is all about building a community of highly engaged people who are ready to stand up for you and share your posts further. But who will do that with posts that don’t bring any added value to the end user?

Pushing users with “Buy one get one free” posts will not work. You have to come up with interesting content; content that gives an interesting piece of information to your subscribers and actually brings added value to them. For example, if you own a store that is selling shoes; try sharing tips from professionals on how to take care of shoes. Easy and valuable, right? But don’t stop there – bind those tips with an upcoming weather forecast and remind your readers to use rain and stain repellent before it started to rain. And maybe somewhere between those lines, it is a good idea to note that you have a special deal on your website that is exclusive to your subscribers. You decide!

Don’t be afraid to experiment, because one of your wildest experiments might go viral and then your website will be kept quite busy for some time. Also, it is worth to remember that posts backed up with images receive more attention and engagement in the long term, so consider adding images.

Social media activity during days of the week

Saying all that, make sure to have a strategy for your content. Please continue to read… The strategy is a scary word, but actually, it is not so difficult to have one. For the initial draft, all you need is a piece of paper and a few spare minutes from your busy schedule. First, come up with a list of topics that are relevant to your business areas where you consider yourself as an expert.

Personally, I prefer to write them down in easy accessible cloud-based service, such as Notes, that I can reach anywhere from mobile to desktop. As a result, whenever I have an idea for the post I’m writing it down in Notes, so next time when I will have a spare time, for example on the board of aircraft, I can write a post and cut the time brainstorming for ideas. This actually saves a lot of time for me in the long run.

Next, map out your posting schedule.

There is no purpose to share anything online if your audience will miss it. Sadly, but true. Try spreading your social updates evenly during the week, but put more emphasis on the middle of the week. According to studies, posts shared on Wednesday and Thursday receive more engagement and feedback.

To make it even simpler for you consider using services such as Buffer or CoSchedule they can analyze audience of your social accounts and propose the best schedule for posting, even more, you can stack a pile of posts in the queue and from there it will be published automatically, yet another win for you.

Takeaway: Focus on the quality of your published content always make it relevant and valuable to your audience. Don’t push too hard; start slowly and grow organically.

What is the benefit?

It is hard to name just one benefit of being socially active. Instead, I would say that it’s a shift in a way how people interact online. I assume you have a great product or business running out there, as a result, you can easily score free advertising from your customers. How? People love sharing examples of great customer service as a way of saying thanks.

So whenever someone publishes testimonials and honest opinions – respond to them and collect those testimonials for future reference as a social proof, for example in your next newsletter.

Comparing to formal email correspondence social conversation usually have a much friendlier tone and that gives you an opportunity to build closer relationships with your customers or prospective clients. So when the holiday season will be approaching first who they will think will be you – their friend.

Lightning speed. It is hard to overrate this one. When a prospective customer or existing one has a question, you can and should be there when they really need your assistance – as a result, customer satisfaction rate can skyrocket. And your business will benefit from the word of mouth advertising because being helpful at the right time is valuable to your customer and they will make sure to pass this information further through their channels.

Also, it is worth to mention that nowadays when people are complaining they use social media rather of just telling a story about the unpleasant experience to few friends, but instead, their complaint may reach a much bigger audience and do a harm to revenue of your business.

But what you can do about it?

Setup automatic brand monitoring services such as Mention to have a chance to jump into the conversation at the very beginning and make sure that it’s resolved not escalated. This is a long lasting benefit; when potential customers will do your brand research online they will immediately notice that you care about your customers and never let them down and this will convince them to trust you and use your services with confidence.

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  1. Hey guys – Ive been using Visual Composer on my website – and it makes like so so so much easier and simpler – 5 years in business – well done – amazine product and support. Ive just been reading your social media article and I would like to add 1 thing , I use buzzbundle for my business – it monitors all social media, and alerts me when anyone anywhere mentions my niche – one click of a button and I have responded to customers – the USP though – I can use multiple profiles – just thought I’d share the love – good luck with the next 5 years with visual composer

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for the congrats and buzzbundle info. I think this is something we could think of within some of the blog posts to cover this topic as well.

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