Visual Composer Starter theme review

What is the perfect theme to get your WordPress site started from scratch? A limited one or advanced multipurpose theme for every occasion? We have tried hundreds of different themes and came to the simple conclusion. It all comes down to how easy it is to understand it.

This concept does apply to both sides, the design of the theme it can produce and customization options that allow you to do this. If those two are in balance there is nothing holding you back. And if you are a novice WordPress user, you can not underestimate the importance of these two parts.

The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme
The first screenshot of Visual Composer Starter theme

With this concept in our minds, we wanted to create something special that would allow lowering barrier for people to join the WordPress community. Yes, during this year we have been taking an active part in WP community and feel there is something we must give back instead.

As a phase one, we decided to release simple starter theme, available for free under GPL license.

What is Visual Composer Starter theme

Visual Composer Starter is a great way to start developing your WordPress website hassle free. We are proud to offer one of the easiest WordPress Customizer options on the market.

Visual Composer Starter theme has one of the easiest #WordPress theme Customizers. Click To Tweet

At this stage, Visual Composer Starter has the very basic functionality you may need to start your website. This is not the place where you will find hundreds of options, and it never will.

The theme will grow over time, but our focus will always be keeping things fast and simple. For everything else, there is a plugin for this. We are not here to compete with premium WordPress themes, instead, we are offering a solid free theme as a starter.

Theme features

We have started with a few bold statements, but the truth is that you can not evaluate theme by the skill of our copywriters. You want to know the features and options behind the theme, so here we go.

Header and theme options

You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.

Footer options

We all love widgets to be placed within footer, with Visual Composer Starter you can divide widgets into up to four column and manage these columns independently. Apart from that, there is a list of the most popular social networks to be added easily.

Visual Composer Starter theme footer
Visual Composer Starter theme footer with three column layout for widgets

Fonts and styles

While our theme comes with the awesome predefined style it is obvious you would like to change them. No worries, with WordPress Customizer you can style all headings, paragraphs and even have separate options for button styling.

Visual Composer Theme Customizer
Visual Composer theme customizer with heading, paragraph and button options


We have kept your mobile devices in our minds, the theme is fully responsive and will look good on any device.

WooCommerce support

Visual Composer Starter theme can support your e-commerce project. It is a fully WooCommerce ready theme with all the shop pages designed.

WordPress standards

One of the main goals was to make a theme that will be in a full compliance with official WordPress Codex. Once you stick to the guidelines you are able to avoid any conflicts with popular and well-developed plugins. Visual Composer Starter is a perfect fit for Visual Composer Website Builder per se.

Features and options to Come

This is the very first stage of our theme and we will be collecting your feedbacks to come up with a clear roadmap for further development. The roadmap of the theme will be public to everyone in order to follow and provide your valuable feedbacks and requests.

Download Visual Composer Starter

Our next goal is to upload Visual Composer Starter to WordPress theme repository, yet this is the process that takes time. We do not want to wait and keep you waiting any longer so we decided to offer it for download via our own infrastructure while keeping track on the theme review process as well.

No signups or registrations, all you have to do is click download button bellow. Instead, we ask for a favor to leave a feedback and help us improve.

Download Visual Composer Starter Theme

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  1. Nice to see you !
    Fresh and clear ! I’m testing for awhile. >
    Thanks !
    It would be nice to have the easy chance changing the background with a picture/wallpaper …
    Have a wonderful time !
    By the way: I like this form !

    1. I just found this:
      How to Add Different Backgrounds to WordPress Posts & Pages
      When I have time I will try …

      1. Hey, thanks for the appreciation and sharing the info. I think we will add your request to our theme Backlog. We are collecting ideas for our theme roadmap and are happy for any contribution. Do you think the background should apply to the whole site through Customizer?

  2. This Starter theme could be of great use to me! Is it possible to remove the page titles? Also, will you be offering the theme through the WP repository?

    Customer Note: If you were to bundle this theme with the VC and offer it through ThemeForest for the right price, I’d buy no doubt (repeat sales too). I love the thought of purchasing a theme done by your group, that specializes in VC compatibility.

    1. Thanks for the cheer-ups! We do have plans to release it on, the problem is that theme review now takes around 3 months so we will wait for it, but in the meantime will offer it through our channels.

      As for title, right now you can use Custom CSS (WP 4.7 has Additional CSS in Customizer or you can use Custom CSS in Visual Composer) and refer to .entry-title class to set it display: none;

      1. Forcing page titles is a deal-breaker for me. I can appreciate that adding CSS will fix it, but this is a Starter theme, to “lower the barrier” for newcomers… they don’t want to learn CSS for a basic feature such as deciding what appears as the Title on their page. Good work, but will have to wait for a toggle to enable/disable Title on page, before I can recommend this theme to new WP users.

        1. Hi Scott, in fact you can disable title for the specific pages on the page options, just make sure to have Starter theme and ACF installed.

          1. Thanks for the tip! Once I installed ACF, I was given the option to hide the page title for each specific page.

  3. Hello, starter theme is a great idea, thanks for it! We have some questions / suggestions:
    1.) Can you make an otion to insert Google Analytics code?
    2.) How to remove copyright texts from footer? (do I have to use a child theme, and edit footer.php?)
    3.) There is an option to use sticky menu. It would be nice to select a sticky logo, or automatically generate a 50% smaller sticky logo.


    1. Thanks, Tibor! First of all, Happy New Year and best wishes from Visual Composer team.
      Now to the questions:
      1) We tend to leave such things to the plugins, like Yoast SEO has an option to insert GA code (and we believe that every WP site should have Yoast installed – this is the awesome plugin).
      2) right now this is the only way, but surely something to think about
      3) thanks for this one, totally agree that this could come handy. You would prefer automatically generate logo or option to upload? (a bit afraid that automatic resize can lower quality of a logo)


      1. Thanks for your answer and Happy New Year!
        – I think that manually upload a sticky logo is more better.
        – I see that this starter theme is not compatible with WooCommerce. This should be developed as a default option:


        1. Thanks, Tibor. WooCommerce is on the list (added to Backlog). We decided to go Lean and release as fast as we could, now with the feedbacks, like yours, it will be more efficient to update.

          1. Thx. Would love to get rid of the “warning” of woocommerce also πŸ™‚

          2. We haven’t introduced compatibility for Woo Commerce yet, but this is on our list of ToDo. One of the next releases will focus on WooCommerce. Thanks for your request.

        2. Wrote an article about this, very simple if you know a little bit of PHP and HTML.

          Hope this helps to everyone πŸ™‚

          1. Hi Miguel, the links seems not working.

      2. Hi Raitis!
        I didn’t find any place to insert Google Analyticks Tracking Code. I found Google Search Consol only. πŸ™

        1. Hello, I forgot to write: in Yoast SEO recommended by you I didn’t find any place to insert Google Analyticks Tracking Code.

          1. Hi Tibor, yes, it seems things changed or maybe I was misleading. Anyway, you should check out this free plugin:

            We will also think about adding the option to add Google Analytics code via Theme Customizer. In general, it should be left to plugins, but it seems that such an essential option is required within theme as well.

  4. I would like more control over the header height and menu placement. I generally like a lot more control (see Woo’s Canvas) than this theme offers. To get my menu to place at the bottom of the header (I have a vertical logo), I had to put in a margin in the CSS. So now when I bring in the browser width for testing, the menu wraps weirdly. It would be nice if the font size and the logo both just were adjusted automatically to fit the browser width and the sticky situation as mentioned by Tibor. The wrapping of the nav menu just doesn’t work for me at all. FYI: the site referenced below is under construction.

    1. Hi Irene, thanks for your request. I will make sure to book it and see when we can come up with improvements. Does something like ‘Menu position’ in header with options ‘middle’, ‘bottom’, etc. would come handy?

      1. Sorry, just saw your question. Yes, positioning menu would be great. Also, if the font would automatically resize so the nav menu would not wrap, that would be great. I am still frustrated with spacing on the header. It’s very tall and my client is complaining. I don’t want to make the logo smaller, just want less top and bottom margin/padding. No matter what I do in custom css, nothing changes. Can you offer suggestions?

        1. Hi, I made records of your requests in our Backlog. As for margins and paddings, you can control space in header via Theme Customizer.

  5. Hi, I just downloaded this theme this morning and I am testing it for a landing page I am building for a customer. I know it is a new template, but I am wondering if you already have some kind of doc available.
    1) I would like to be able to resize the header height if possible.
    2) Is there any way to add text to the header like Phone Numbers or Social Media Icons like you did for the Footer?
    3) If you check the page I am working on, I have added a Slider Revolution, removed the page title by just leaving it blank for now…I saw somewhere here I could use css to do that, I will try. But If you look at my page, there is a GAP between the Slider Revolution and the Header. Is there a way I can make it be aligned exactly below the header in the Row Settings? I tried to edit the the margins and border to 0 but it did not change anything for the gap between the header and slider nor the gab between the slider row and the bottom row. Thanks a lot

    1. Hey Fred, thanks for using our theme! We do not have documentation yet, but we are going to work on it asap. It would be awesome if you could take your time and write down things you would like to see in the documentation.
      1) I see, a lot of people are asking for this, so the priority is high for this feature. Thanks!
      2) There is a widget area in the header, next to the menu so you can use some text widget, social widget, etc.
      3) It seems you already removed it on your site, right? I have also added request to our Backlog for the option to remove/hide Page title by default with all the container.

      1. Hello Raitis,

        Great idea putting this theme in development!

        I am having the same issue that Fred had with his 3rd item in his initial message. To reiterate, the description of his issue is below (I’m having this same issue):

        3) If you check the page I am working on, I have added a Slider Revolution, removed the page title by just leaving it blank for now…I saw somewhere here I could use css to do that, I will try. But If you look at my page, there is a GAP between the Slider Revolution and the Header. Is there a way I can make it be aligned exactly below the header in the Row Settings? I tried to edit the the margins and border to 0 but it did not change anything for the gap between the header and slider nor the gab between the slider row and the bottom row.

        This empty white space displays right below the header and right above the footer. Any thoughts on a solution?


  6. Hi. Using the theme and I love it. Can you help me with this please? I don’t want the header (menu and title) and the footer to show. Not in the homepage, not in the blog posts. Im using Visual Composer and I love to have the whole space controlled by me. Is there a custom CSS code to use? Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Villouta, thanks! We are eager to see where will the theme goes in the future. Now to your question – make sure to switch off Featured Image in Customizer under ‘Theme Options’. Header and Footer, you will need to refer to CSS classes ‘header’ and ‘footer’ and set display: none;
      It will look like this:
      header {
      display: none;
      footer {
      display: none;

      1. This will hide the header and footer, but there will be still the regarding empty space, isn’t it?

        1. Ah, sry. No. It’s fine. Just had to leave the Customizer to see it work. Thx. πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Raitis,
    1.) I see that there is a theme option: sidebar position (none / left / right). It would be nice to set this option separately for pages and posts in theme settings. Possibility to override these default settings when editing pages and posts will be a heaven itself πŸ™‚
    2.) Have you got any ETA of releasing next version of your cool starter theme?

    1. 1) Thanks, will consider this one. As for overwriting from specific page/post – yes, this is a must, will look into this.
      2) We are looking into February. Right now we have gathered really valuable feedbacks (yours included, thanks a lot for that) and will see our roadmap.

  8. Hi Raitis,
    First of all, congratulations on deciding to build a Visual Composer starter theme, I wish you luck and success. I was recently thinking about it, as usually we use VC very often on the websites we develop for our customers, many times by using commercial themes, so I was thinking on searching for a good and clean starter theme that will be adopted specially to VC. Now, what I am interested in is not how to customize the theme header, footer and other options, what I am interested in is how is this theme adopted to VC better than the other ones? πŸ™‚ I think the answer you will give me, should also be included somewhere in your post above as it should be one of the biggest features of your theme. Cheers!

    1. Hi Martin,
      thanks for the appreciation. We see that sometimes customers struggle to choose a theme and look for a free alternative, so Starter hopefully will become this free alternative that people can use hassle free. We, of course, ensured that Visual Composer and Starter theme fits great without conflicts (and do not disable any functionality as we see this happen in 3rd party themes sometimes). But the true power it will have with a new Visual Composer which is currently in development.

      1. That sounds exciting. Can’t wait to see it in action. I will definitely follow Starter Theme closely!

  9. Hi

    i like it a lot. One question though… How can I just display the site title in the header on the left and not the logo of VC, which it defaults to if no logo is uploaded.

    so far i have been commenting out the image in header.php, but this results in the site title coming out completely unstyled, which is too much work.

    how to do it?


    1. Hi, Jens, this is a good point. Right now you have discovered the only way to it, but this is something that will go into our Backlog. Thanks for your request.

  10. Waiting for next release of Starter theme πŸ™‚
    Don’t you thinking about to sell Visual Composer Developer Licence without Codecanyon?

    1. Hi, we have set a roadmap for next release and already working on features. Thank you for your contribution. As for the second question, new Visual Composer will be available in a developer friendly manner.

      1. New Starter theme and new Visual Composer? Don’t you thinking about to make all of them WCAG compliant? (Accessible, high contrast etc…). You could be the first who give an accessible theme + bilder !

        1. One of our guys is advocating for WCAG so we do think about it a lot with a new version.

  11. Will be great if the theme will be “ThemeForest Requierments Ready”, so we can use it like a “Theme Starter” to built themes to sell on Themeforest . I think the peopel are more interest to this potion than compatibility.
    What do you think about this idea ?

    1. We can think about it, but you should take into account that the end-result (your theme) will have to be GPL as well. ThemeForest does accept GPL products.

      1. I totally agree! The theme created with Composer Starter Theme have to be also 100% GPL.

  12. Good job. Thnaks for this plugin.

  13. Thx a lot! I like the idea to have a simple but also high configurable theme for VC.
    But I have a problem/question: How to make the menu / header transparent (as described there). I really would like to have a background picture BEHIND the header OR just to be able to not show the header (and using other 3th party plugins to show the menu else where).
    Would be lovely if you can tell me how to make the header transparent, so that the first VC row of a page starts at the first pixel-line (no padding to top of page)

    1. Okay, not showing the header at all I found your answer right above. Thx. But still would know how to use the header transparent/above the content.

      1. Hi Jan, there is no opacity option so you will need to add a bit of CSS – use Additional CSS in your Theme Customizer and add this CSS code:
        .navbar-wrapper {
        opacity: 0.5;

        1. Sorry, I’m not an expert…
          I’m really interested on put in header.php the ‘opacity’, I opened the editor and header.php …then? Could you explain to me how and where? (if it’s possible)
          The same for
          header {
          display: none;
          Thanks a lot

          1. Sorry again,
            I tried it on Custom CSS and it works for ….display:none, but I also tried opacity:0,5 (some your comment above) but It doesn’t work for the background….maybe I’m doing some other errors…
            Thanks for your help

          2. Hi Paul, here you go, try this one. Make sure to specify color in RGBA.
            #header .navbar .navbar-wrapper {
            background: rgba(168, 6, 165, 0.5);

    2. Can it be that the Starter Theme is not responsive? In mobile view navigation menu is completely gone…

      1. Hi Jan,

        Starter theme is fully responsive, on a mobile view regular menu is transformed into a sandwich menu. You should make sure that in Theme Customizer you have set a color for the sandwich menu which is different from header background.

  14. Hi, my Visual Composer came with the theme “Opportunity” I’ve purchased. I can not find where the Visual Composer template section in admin . It is not showing under the “Visual Composer ” left hand column in admin. My theme developer is hopeless making any contacts or answering my questions, I can not add or show footer items. I need help please

    1. Hi, theme authors often make some modifications that affect plugins so this is something to address to theme author of yours. From our side we recommend checking if themes interact with plugin, for example Starter theme does not remove any functionality or affect it in some strange way.

  15. Hey, was looking for a good starter theme to use with VC! I read above under Header and Theme Options: “You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.”

    I am trying to have an initial transparent header with a video background, but I don’t see any settings to make the header transparent and able to place on top of a video. What am I missing?

    1. Hey, for transparent you will need to apply Additional CSS and refer to the navbar class as there is no opacity controls right now, but we receive such request on and on, so it seems we will need to add it.

  16. Hi! Visual composer is a great plugin, but 1 big thing was missing… the ability to start from scratch with a beautiful blank page! And nothing on it! Your theme covered this. Thank you a lot!! I’m new in WordPress theme’s world and I have a question about your theme though: how can I remove the VC icon on top-left?? And the space header?? I checked in the customizations options and in WordPress options, but I can’t see a way. I turned off in customization “Reserve Space For Header”, but the white space on top is still there, then I don’t have any logo but the page still show the default logo (VC logo). Can you help me please?

    1. VC icon is a placeholder which you can replace via Theme Customizer by uploading your own logo. As for ‘Reserve space for header’ – it defines if a header is located above on top of the content. I believe you are talking about disabling header as such – this is indeed something to think of. Will add it to our Backlog of ideas.

      1. Hi Raitis, thanks for your reply. Yes, I get that (VC icon is a placeholder), the problem is: this placeholder is always on. I mean, if I don’t want put my logo there because for example in my layout I want to show it in the middle of my hero fullscreen image then the website will show anyway this placeholder on top of everything…. As other themes are doing I think you should eliminate this logo and leave only the possibility to add there the logo when a real logo is uploaded in the site identity section of theme customizer (domain.ext/wp-admin/customize.php). In this way only the actual logo will be shown and only “if” a logo is uploaded.

        1. Ok, I will make sure we address this question as this all sounds legit.

  17. how long before you release support for woocommerce?

    1. We want to introduce WooCommerce support in theme version 1.2. It is planned within 1-2 months and if there are anyone that would like to contribute we accept any help as Starter is our GPL product open for public.

      1. It appears that WooCommerce still isn’t supported. Any timeframe on when we can see it supported?

  18. Hi there. I recently installed your visual composer starter theme to my WordPress site and attempted to create my child theme. Is the name of the template visual-composer-theme-master (name of .zip file and folder once installed), or visual-composer-starter? I opened a support ticket, but not sure how long that will take.

    I get the following error when I view my child theme:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare visualcomposerstarter_enqueue_comments_reply() (previously declared in /home/content/a2pewpnas01_data02/28/3890028/html/wp-content/themes/delego/functions.php:194) in /home/content/a2pewpnas01_data02/28/3890028/html/wp-content/themes/visual-composer-theme-master/functions.php on line 194

    1. Hi Cristine, make sure to specify Template: visual-composer-theme-master in your style.css it should work just fine (works at my end).

  19. Thanks for this theme .-) IΒ΄d like to have a menu row that becomes a little less high when scrolling up the content and the logo becomes a little bit smaller. Most of the modern themes act like this. Is there a chance to have this with your Theme Master? A plugin or a CSS snippet? Thank you for your help. John (sorry for my bad English)

    1. Ok, right now you can set in Customizer header as ‘sticky’ and it will stay. I think we will need to add the option to control height for it. Just added this to our Backlog. Thanks!

  20. Love the theme. How do we make the header shrink to say 50% when the viewer starts to scroll. I am using the sticky header but would love the extra screen space once the viewer starts to scroll.

    1. Hi Robert, this is already booked in our Backlog so in one of the next releases we will have this option for sure. And thanks for the nice words about the theme.

  21. Hello Raitis,

    Are there any good plugins or ways to remove/change the top navigation bar and put another design menu-bar in this theme?

    1. Hi Bralain, for theme menu you can look into Uber Menu plugin – it is really powerful when it comes to menu management.

      Also, we will add more options to theme as well in future.

      1. Thank you Raitis for the recommendation. I will have a look at it.

        Looking forward to the new version with more options! When will it be released?

        1. Next release is planned at the end of the month, we are now testing issues and finalizing stories.

          1. Hello, and I’m sure you’re tired of people asking about WooCommerce, so forgive me in advance for being one more person asking about WooCommerce. Is WooCommerce compatibility included with the next release you said is planned for the end of the month? Thanks for your time.

          2. Next release will not have Woo Commerce compatibility yet, but we already have it on our ToDo list so we will implement it in one of next releases.

  22. Thanks great job I also use this to several of my sites.
    Very simple and efficient.

    1. Thanks! Would love to hear your thoughts on how to make it better for you. Also, would you mind sharing some sites where you have it?

  23. Hi,

    The makings of a great theme. I have a question.

    How do I remove the extra space below the header and above the footer?
    I only want to remove the space.

    1. It’s ok …sorted.

      Space below header:

      Space above footer:

      1. Awesome! But we will also look into the theme to sort it out by default. Thanks for pointing that out!

  24. Just started using visual composer. Creating pages according to client specifications has become easy.

  25. Hey, i was just curious if there was any way to change the menu font?

    1. Hi, you should look into general theme fonts and it will also change menu fonts. If you are about having a specific font for a menu, you should apply custom CSS.

      1. I’m trying to change the menu font in custom CSS but cannot figure out what selector to use in the CSS.

  26. When will the next update be out and when is the estimated time to incorporate Woo Commerce?

    1. The next update should be live in about 2 weeks. As for Woo Commerce, we are planning it for ver. 1.3.

  27. Hi, just out of curiosity, can I use this starter theme and build a premium theme on top of it and sell? just to clarify due to licensing terms. thanks

    1. Starter theme is fully GPL which means that any derivative work must also be licensed under GPL.

  28. Hyee Ratis Thank you for this,
    This will be definitely helps to create my website..

    1. Hi Franks, glad that you liked our theme and we appreciate any feedback and feature requests as well.

  29. Update from 1.1.0 to 1.2
    There is a bug in the 1.2 update. It still contains version numbers fra 1.1, that does the themes not update properly and still want to update again and again.
    I removed the path in vct-update.class to get rid of the bug temporarily.

    1. Thanks, just forwarded to our guys and they promise to fix it right away!

      1. It still not working.
        I just downloaded the new 1.2.1 and install it (without the old 1.1.1) Clean install.
        I still got the message to update from 1.1.1 to 1.2.1 and it keep on and on and on.

        The Update/Version 1.2.1 is not working!
        (And the first one smash my hole custom theme too!)

        1. Bug fix release by Angelll is available at github:

          1. It is not the only bug in version.
            There are lots of things that not work. Google Font is of them.
            Compare to ver 1.1.1 this version is very buggy.

          2. Our team performed additional testing and did not locate Google Fonts bug. Version 1.2.1 is stable and should work just fine – please try to install it from scratch.

  30. OK maybe I am a total noob, but how can I make pages full width?

    1. Hi Justin, in Customizer you can specify things like header, menu, footer and featured image to be full width, but content area is boxed as most content is still boxed. To make it full width, it will be necessary to enhance content area via content management plugin, for example, Visual Composer Page Builder where you can set row and in row properties then specify this row as full width. By doing so you will be able to control parts of your content and divide them into boxed or full width any time.

      1. Well I just watched a youtube video where all he did was set the stretch row attribute and it set the background to full width. What am I missing.

        1. You can check out our Video Academy where there are tutorials (including full width). Ex.

          1. Got it. I think it was a theme issue.

      2. By the way I am using VC.

      3. Now how can I edit header with VC?

        1. Visual Composer works with content part of your theme so for header you should look into Theme Customizer options.

  31. Hi Starter Team,
    please, can you offer the Date (~) for version 1.3 which should be Woocommerce compatibel ?

    Many thanks in advance and best regards

    1. We will have our release grooming meeting tomorrow so we will provide this information later on. Thanks.

      1. Sounds Great!

        Wish you a perfect meeting and hopefully a fresh beer after :- )
        Best regards from Germany

  32. Is there a link to the basic theme so we can preview it here?

    1. Our blog is using Visual Composer Starter theme. Also, we have plans to build a site for additional information, demo, etc.

  33. I’ve downloaded the ‘starter theme’ but can’t edit the Row because only the move part of the button shows. The Column edit button is also difficult to click, only showing the pencil periodically. My previous theme doesn’t have the same problem. I’m sorry starter theme isn’t working for me, I need something simple being a novice. Also, I have a full width video on the site but cannot make it narrower and adjust it to see just the top part of the video, the padding doesn’t seem to work; I’m probably doing it wrong. The website below is the one I’m trying to do. Our original website (same address but with www and will be shut down as we cannot afford to pay the designer’s monthly charges so any help would be appreciated. Regards, Ches

    1. Hi Ches, seems that you refer to the content part of your site, not the theme side. But if it is related to Visual Composer, please open a ticket at so we can take a look. We use the combination of our theme and VC on multiple sites and never had any problems. Visual Composer and Stater theme are made to be together πŸ™‚

  34. Thanks for your reply, I will try the theme again, perhaps the problem has something to do with our internet connection which can be slow, particularly at weekends and holidays. I want to use a video header, will starter theme allow?

    1. For video header, you will have to combine theme and Visual Composer and create a hero section (container) at the top of the page with a video background. But this is also an interesting idea for theme controls as such (will add to our Backlog). Thanks!

      1. In that case, not knowing how to create a hero section and being such a novice, would VC’s Header Designer addon, achieve what I want ie. to change my theme header to a video header? Thanks for your patience and information.

  35. Thanks for offering the Free composer theme. I was going to edit a bit of the Style.css but not sure how to update the Style.min.css. How do I minify the style sheet once it’s updated?

    1. Hi Evan, thanks for the kind words. As for the question, you should take the source from the GitHub repository and make all changes there and then compile and minify everything if necessary (you can even propose pull request).

  36. Thanks for a great theme.! Is there any chance you could help me with the code for a custom font setting for the menu? I think more settings to customize the menu would be a great ad. Other than that I think this theme is the perfect combo with VC.


    1. Hi, right now there is no font management separately for a menu, but we will book it into our Backlog to consider as a feature request. Thanks.

  37. Hi, any update on WooCommerce support?

    1. It is in progress, but feel free to join #starter-theme channel to receive notifications on updates and roadmap info.

  38. I just discovered your theme and it rocks, expect 5 stars from me when this gets added to WordPress repository.

    I was able to customise the theme how I want, even with barely perceptible abilities with php, but I kept notes from the beginning and I think these basic changes to the theme would really help users like me to create a modern website with your theme.

    β€’ Turn Page Title on or off for Pages or Posts
    β€’ Options on Posts to turn off Meta + Author info or that annoying first column where the Author currently goes, Author should be at bottom of post content, not on top.
    β€’ Option to Change Footer text – happy to vote you high on WP, but clients seriously do not want WordPress or Software companies in their footers
    β€’ Option to turn off SideBar on a per page or per post basis / optionally – create a page template for full width (I created one myself by duplicating your page.php and removing the sidebar but I don’t like working in php or changing themes by code).

    1. Hi Craig, happy to hear that and thanks for the feedback. Few things:
      – Make sure to have ACF installed as well as this is allowed currently;
      – Good idea – will add it to our Backlog;
      – Also added to Backlog;
      – The sidebar can be switched off (make sure to have ACF). As for full width – will add it to Backlog.

      Once again, thanks for the review and make sure to join #starter-theme to receive notifications and communicate.

      My best,

  39. Thanks! Great theme to build landing pages using VC πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks! Happy to hear that.

  40. Hey,

    I’m unable to change a google font on a Separator with Text that includes an Icon using the theme customization.

    I’m changing the text size here with no results.
    Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Fonts & Style > H4 > Size

    Can it be adjusted elsewhere?


    1. Make sure to visit our so we can look into this. Thanks.

  41. Can anyone please advised how to remove the huge gap between the header and the main page and how to remove the Visual Starter logo / link from the header.php

    1. Hi Robert, right now you can do this via Custom CSS like this:


      Space above footer:

      Also we will address this in the next release.

  42. Hi,

    I am pooja from White Ranking Technologies.

    I have been following your blog from few months and I love your blog content, themes and articles that you share with your readers.

    I am interested in publishing a guest post on your site with a backlink directing to my website: We have professional content writers who can prepare 100% unique and interesting content related to your website. If you have any topics you wanted to share with your readers, let me know, so that we can formulate a guest post on that particular topics.

    I wish you will be considering my Request!

    Awaiting your response.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Pooja, thanks for the kind words. As for guest posts, we don’t do backlink posting to promote business. Guest authors are welcome to promote their personal brands, but it is not ad channel as such. Thanks!

  43. Hi I can see earlier one has asked if it is possible to costumize the theme and sell it to his customers. You are writing something about – licensed under GPL. ! Does this mean that I can use this theme with VC and make theme’s that I can sell to my customers?

    1. Hi Tom, the theme is GPL, Visual Composer Page Builder is not GPL. You can take the theme and create a product for your end customer. Also, you can include VC there for one customer. But if you want to develop a theme based on the Starter theme, then it has to be licensed as GPL as well. Hope you got the point there. You can also jump into #starter-theme channel to talk this over in more details.

  44. Hi, I have bought visual composer , but I found it doesn’t work well on Internet Explorer 8 , I know Internet Explorer 8 is really old but my customers want the website work well on Internet Explorer 8 ,what should I do then?

    1. Hi, we follow Microsoft official support policy and once they drop support for browser we do that as well. To make VC compatible with IE8 you’ll have to perform a custom work on your side or hire a developer to do that for you, but, to be honest, I doubt it will pay back in a long term for you. I would suggest to really discuss it with your customer and convince him/her that this is a bad idea.

  45. There may be a glitch in the latest version of the VC theme – I’ve selected more than one column in the footer but it is all showing up in one column.

    1. Sometimes WP Customizer can stuck, try to resave it and reload.

      1. I’ve changed the number of columns, saved, reloaded, turned off, turned back on the footer area, nothing changes. Both column widgets are in one column.

        1. Join our slack at, so we can look into this with our dev team.

  46. Hello, If I have VC included in theme (the voux) how can i actualize VC??? Unfortunately my webside loading veeery slowly. How can I solve this problem?

    1. You should visit for licensing and theme integration info. In short, theme license can not activate VC, for this you will need a separate license.

  47. Hi,
    I love this starter theme, great! may i ask when the new version will be released?

    1. We will start next version release soon, it will include Woo Commerce update as well.

  48. I just started using VC this past week. When I started using it, my thought was to find a starter theme that allows me to build from the foundation what I want with VC, so I started looking at basic and starter themes. I had a hard time finding one. This is brilliant.
    What I would like to see is a complete visual CSS styler in the the VC to modify each element in a WYSIWYG environment also.
    With that, VC would be an incredibly robust application, though it already is!

    1. Thanks! In fact, we have plans to offer website builder in the nearest future so these are good news for your case, I guess.

  49. This Starter Theme is bloated with Ad Links and link clogging. Check the core files before using this theme.

    1. Maybe you downloaded it from somewhere else, we do have few links to as a backlink because of the free theme, but they can be removed. But, in any case, it can not be called as bloated.

  50. Does the starter theme have the ability to put social media icons on the header ?

    1. There is a widget area in the header next to the menu where you can put social widget as well. Such mechanism is a way more flexible and allows additional options.

  51. I have this theme but I can’t figure out how or where I can add a header background image. All it gives is an option to change the color. I thought maybe there was a plugin to do this. But nothing except some stuff I did not want. Am I going to have to get another theme?

    1. Make sure to go to Theme Customizer and allow to set featured image. Then within pages and posts you can set featured image on the top.

      1. Kinda figured it out by mistake actually because I did not know where the feature pic upload was. Found it on the post a page edit section. That was a weird way to be different in that set up. I have to set featured image for each page individually and I have over 100 so last night i spent 2 hours doing this and only got half done. I want the same pic for each but saw no setting to accomplish this. So fun fun. Sorry about the attitude but I have been having so much problems with my site that I am deleting it and starting over. This is just another problem to it that made me do this. I am so frustrated that after 16 years of working with wordpress I’m about ready to delete the whole thing and just say screw it. I don’t put up pages anymore, my time is spent fixing what breaks here and there and here and there, Every week 5 new problems pop up. Error codes. Site takes 20 to 30 seconds to load a page. Cloud flare actually makes it slower. Hopefully this delete and restart from scratch fixes it. Sorry about the rant. Just sick of all the problems.

        1. We intentionally put separate images so you can control each and every aspect, otherwise, there would be no option to set different images.

  52. Hello
    I had a question
    Thank you very much for guidance
    I created a slider to insert the latest news using the carousel and info box. I have several posts daily that I want to display in this slider. Is there any way I can post the post in WordPress and automatically put this post in the information box?
    I do not want to open and insert elements for the new news.
    I want to write automatically to go to this slider.

    1. Information Box seems to be some 3rd party element – I would suggest addressing this to the element author directly.

      1. Anyway, I want to use an element to insert newsletters that automatically put in the item when I post a daily news entry. What are the methods?

        1. You will need to look for a custom solution there or maybe some addon that enhances options of the Visual Composer.

  53. Hi, I new to visual composer and I am so glad I found this theme…. I was getting headaches trying to find something basic as a starter. The one thing I can’t find is a option to change the footer text is it hidden somewhere before I consider modifying the theme files.

    1. These texts are in PO/MO files but not in Theme Customizer yet. Feel free to adjust them manually if you wish, just make sure to do it on the basis of the Child theme, of course πŸ™‚

      1. Thank You.

  54. This is amazing VC Template, ight weight and easy to customize one. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. Happy that you like it!

  55. Hi and thanks for Γ₯ great theme! i was hoping for some tips:
    1. I would like to have a menu header with the logo in the center, preferably with the overflow of logo visual – something like this:
    Any tips on how to do this?
    2. Is it possible to remove page background for some but not all pages?

    1. Hi Yasmine, for theme background you will need to custom code it, but this is something we will think about as well – thanks for your request. The logo position is now fixed as well, but again, this is something on our roadmap.

  56. Thank you for the theme… I’m having an issue to put the menu bar on a slider using visual composer please help?

    1. You should open a ticket at our support – and provide a link and more detailed info. Our guys will be happy to help you out!

  57. Tell me is there an opportunity to change the name of the topic? How to make a unique topic name?

    1. What do you mean by topic? Page title? If so, you can change it in WordPress at any time.

  58. Hi – any news when you will have a woo commerce compatible version? It seems like it’s always coming “soon in the next update” but you’ve been saying that for more than a year.

    1. In fact, Starter theme is not yet even a year old πŸ™‚ But I get the point, yes, due to the constant work on Website Builder we postponed theme update and now looking for scheduling update. Thanks for pushing us.

  59. By the way – I love the light weight approach and install plugins when required – good idea.

  60. Thanks for the awesome theme! I have a quick question: My desktop navbar is almost full, and on smaller desktop screens the menu drops to 2 lines. Is there a way to change the navbar menu breakpoint? So it turns to a hamburger menu at like 960px for example?

    1. Now you will have to adjust it via CSS, but this is something we will add to our Backlog for future considerations – thanks for your request!

  61. Hi Raitis,

    Thanks for creating such a great theme!

    Its not uncommon to have a wide page layout for a home page and then have a sidebar on the blog page to display blog related widgets. So the ability to control the sidebar classes on a page by page basis would be ideal.

    Also it would be great to see additional options for the menu positions so you can make a more traditional horizontal nav bar.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Garet! Thanks for the kind words. As for theme control, if you install Advanced Custom Fields plugin you will have an option to specify if the page contains a sidebar within pages and posts. For menu position, this is in our roadmap but not scheduled yet.

      1. Great! Do you have instructions that you can share on how to setup the field groups for the sidebar for ACF?

        1. If you install ACF along with the Starter theme – in you page and post options you will see the option based on ACF to control it by default.

          1. Awesome, thanks Raitis!

  62. Is there a way to change the footer to be centered with content instead of full-width as it defaults to?

    1. Hi Michelle, we did not implement such functionality yet, but we will make sure to add your request to our Backlog. Thanks!

  63. Hello, I have a few requests:

    1) Is there a way to make the mobile hamburger menu fully stretch the screen?
    2) How do I go about placing custom images in the hamburger menu?
    3) On mobile navigation I can only click the arrows to activate drop down sub menus, is there any way to make the full title able to be pressed for navigation?

    Much appreciation and thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Brandon, we will have to write down your requests in our Backlog for future implementation. Thanks for ideas and requests.

  64. Nice theme – I am optimistic it will work for our needs. A quick question:
    * How do we put a back to top floating button on the page(s)?

    1. You can either put a button (or icon) in the widget area or at the bottom of the content area with a link to the top. And we will think about default way for that as well – thanks for your feedback.

  65. Hi, iΒ΄m currently using the starter theme – and have encountered a problem: below the header section, there seem to be a white margin before the start of the page content: how do i get rid of it?

    1. Make sure to update the theme up to the latest version – we have removed this margin on top and bottom so it should be fine now.

  66. Plugin Visual Composer Page Builder Is Great Plugin.

  67. Hi.

    I’m pretty new to website building but loving visual composer and the starter theme.

    I have a problem with the responsiveness. It looks ok on the laptop but not on mobiles and tablets. Any ideas?

    I also seem to having issues with adding a header image, half of it gets cut off.



    1. Hi, Thanks for nice words. For responsiveness, you can use media queries in the page builder, but in the website builder in Design Options you can control elements for different devices. As for theme image, you should look into Theme Customizer as there are options for images, also make sure to align/resize images to fit design – it will also be good for performance and SEO. Feel free to join Visual Composer community at – there are active users who may help you out with some advice, also our team members have active office hours weekly.

  68. The backend editor keeps disappearing for certain pages – how do i fix it?

    1. When Starter theme is activated? Make sure to join if it is related to the page builder or if it is the Website Builder issue.

  69. Hi – I am struggling with loading my header record. Most wp themes I have worked with have a place to select your header image, maybe a crop option and it is installed. Apparently I am missing something. How and where can I select my header for installation? THANKS Very nice theme – would like to keep it.

    1. There is a featured image option and in Theme Customizer there is option to select dimensions of the image that will be used (full screen, original, or custom).

  70. Is there a way to have a standard expanding/drop-down style top menu in responsive mode instead of the sandwich menu that slides over? I have never understood why designer/developers are using the slide-over responsive menu that obscures the view of the site.

    1. Not at the moment, but we will add it to our Backlog for future consideration.

      1. It would be wonderful if it was added sooner than later.

  71. Is there a way to remove the white space after the featured image? For instance, I want to use a VC row instead of a featured image, but when I do, there is still a large white space before it, which I noticed was there underneath the featured image. I know it’s not the header. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Hi, you can remove it via CSS, but we will also add it to our Backlog as an improvement. Thanks!

  72. Hi there, first of all I’d like to thank you for a lightweight free Theme that fits perfectly to VC.

    I’m just using it in a project where VC was used and the former Theme is outdated. I wrote a Child-Theme for adapting the needs of the Design. The main site needs to be in German, so I translated the prepared .pot-file with po-edit. So far so good. The only text for translation that is missing in the .pot-file is that in the searchform.php. Is there a way to get this translated?
    The Result Page for the search is well translated, therefore I’m pretty helpless. Thanks!

    1. Hi Renate, thanks for the information – will need to do some updates on theme files as it seems we missed it.

      1. Thanks, in the meantime I changed the ‘searchform.php’ in my Child-Theme with the label like this _e( ‘Search for:’, ‘visual-composer-starter’ ); and it worked for me.

  73. Hi Raitis,

    Is there a way to turn the sandwich menu on at a size above 768px without manually overriding the CSS? Visual composer designer has settings to set the break point for a larger size but this doesn’t seem to work.


    1. In the page builder, settings are related to the content area. In theme, you should overwrite CSS, but I will also add it to our Backlog as feature a request.

      1. Ok thank you.

  74. Hi Raitis,

    I hope all is well. We recently installed Ultimate Add On’s for visual composer and there is a few issues with the theme. I reached out to the team at Brainstorm Force and they have laid out the issues in more detail. Mostly CSS conflicts. Is there an email address I can forward their findings?



    1. Feel free to join #starter-theme channel and report all the details so we can pass them to the dev team.

      1. Sounds great, thanks!

  75. Hi, is the theme compatible with WPML?
    Thanks, Agnes

    1. Yes, we worked together hand in hand with the WPML team to make it compatible.

  76. As I see, the handling of retina graphics (@2x) is not correct.

    1. There are few things to handle and we have them planned – thanks for that.

  77. Love the starter theme with one exception. Is there a way to instert a banner into the header next to the logo? Between this theme and visual composer, I have just avbout everything I need except for the option to add a banner image to the header. I thought perhaps there would be an option for this in visual composer, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Any suggestions? I have 3 new websites coming and would love to have the ability to use this theme with visual composer for those sites.

    1. There is a widget area next to the menu so you can put the banner there via widget area.

      1. Worked great! Thanks. One more question please? Is there a way to change the color of the text for the menu? I tried all the options under Customize/fonts but no change. My header background is dark and I’d like to change the text color (and font if possible)

  78. Greetings,

    I am having trouble with my header and need help ASAP

  79. Is there any possibility of adding the option of selecting a thumbnail image size when using the ‘set featured image’ option. I can change the hieght of the featured image in the customize theme options, but the image resizes to full width for the post. It would be nice to have the option of changing the width or selecting a size for the post . I would like to use a thumbnail image when creating an event. (Using The Events Calendar which works very well with VC.) I’ve changed the default image sizes for my thumbnail images in the media settings which works for galleries and I can get the size I need, but this doesn’t help when setting a featured image for an individual post or event. I would rather not change the functions.php file if I can avoid it.

  80. I’m still experimenting with the starter theme. How do I divide widgets into up to four column and manage these columns independently. I see the option to add a widget, but can’t figure out how to edit it with VC or divide it into 4 columns?

  81. Most of customizer font management in latest version doesn’t work. Body font can’t be changed from Roboto, it is also loading all subsets, no changes are saved. + other fonts weights are not loading into link. Had to disable all your google fonts functionality. Please fix in the next release..

    Besides that the theme is ok πŸ™‚

    1. Did not have such issues on our side, would you mind joining so we can check it out?

      1. Hello I have the same problem: body font can’t change from default Roboto (I can select all other fonts in the dropdown menu but it doesn’t apply the change).
        I am using Visual Composer Website Builder 1.13 on Visual Composer Starter theme 1.3
        Please can you help me?

  82. Hi, i am still using your Starter theme – but i see the Page Builder needs to be updated – how do i do this, as i donΒ΄t have a separate license but are using it through your theme?

    1. Starter theme does not include the page builder so probably you got it via another theme – in such case make sure to update it via this theme.

  83. My logo in the header is too wide for the “mobile” layout but fine for other sizes. How can I make the logo shrink for mobile screens so there is not a large white column on the right hand side?

    1. Hello, right now you can do it via custom CSS by adding media query. On our side, we have this in our backlog and will implement controls for mobile logo responsiveness in one of the next updates. Thanks for vote-up.

      1. Ok thanks. Sorted! Themes working a treat now.

  84. Hi,

    Thanks for the theme, it’s a great base to start with!

    Do you have any timescale for when the theme will next be updated or WooCommerce compatible?

    1. Hi, right now our team is highly focused on the website builder, but we do have plans to schedule tasks for the theme as well. Thanks for pushing us.

  85. Hello! I was wondering if there was a way…
    1) to get my menu and the site title in the same line
    2) remove the space between the header and the start of the content.


    1. Hi!

      1) If I got you right then by default it should be already in one line, in your case seems like you have customized the h1 size in the customizer and set the font size 100px, and is breaking it. These custom css lines should fix your issue:

      .navbar-brand h1 {
          font-size: 40px;

      You can apply them via the customizer additional css section.

      2) Try to add these css lines via the customizer

      .content-wrapper {
          padding-top: 0;

      They should remove the gap.

  86. Can you advise me as to how to get the blog page to display properly? It takes the heading and combines it with the paragraph. Once you click on the actual blog it displays nicely. Also, can you get a smaller image to display in the blog preview/blog main page?

    1. Hey Robert, join our #starter-theme channel so someone can give you some tips on this, as comments are not very handy for communication.

  87. Hi!
    I’m not sure if anyone already ask for this but with the this Starter Theme, is it possible to create that shrinking Header effect when we scroll down?
    Something like this?
    Thank you so much!!!


    1. Hi, not yet, but we do have it on our Backlog, we are now waiting for the official repository to approve our theme so we can start rolling out updates the native way.

      1. Nice!!! Thank you and keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  88. A Few Questions:

    1. Are there plans to be able to set the header as “stacked” through the customizer in the near future? Logo on top of the navigation and centered.
    2. I had been using version 1.2 and noticed that 1.3 was in the repository but there was no notification in the WP Theme screen that an actual update was available. Will we receive notifications when future updates are available?

  89. What’s the timeline on having WooCommerce support with the starter theme?

    1. We plan to add it in the next update.

  90. Hi, I seem to be having trouble with responsiveness, possibly only in older mobile devices? When I test the site out on the inspector, and through the visual composer, everything looks amazing. The same for newer phones. I tried it on my older ipad mini. The letters go one by one in a list down the page, the page is destryed. i’m a bit at a loss what do do, I dont have a clue how to fix it, and the site is supposed to go live in the next few days. Any help?!

    1. Actually, it also doesn’t work on newer smartphones. Really really need a fix.

      1. Would you mind sharing a bit more info on the issue in the GitHub repository of the theme?

  91. I am installing this now on a site to test. Is there anywhere to insert custom header scripts? I cannot seem to see that there is.

    1. WordPress doesn’t allow to add this kind of functionality into themes. Check WordPress plugin repository for a dedicated plugin that does that.

  92. The latest update is crashing my site. I like this theme, any idea why this might be happening?

    1. Hi, Did you created a child theme from Starter Theme in the past? If so, you will need to update files that you previously overrode. On submission to .org theme repository reviewers asked us to rename certain hook names.

  93. Just what I’m looking for. Fast, light and simple WP theme framework. Thanks for this! πŸ˜€

  94. Hello everyone!
    I need to add a script to a specific page header. I have used Insert Header and Footer plugin for scripts for all pages, as Google Analytics, but that plugin doesn’t work for scripts in only one page.

    Does anybody know how can I do it?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  95. I do love this theme, honestly I would take out for dinner by candle light if I could πŸ™‚ But please, keep developing it and updating it “Keep It Alive”. This theme with WP Bakery plus the plethora of WP Bakery addons out there you can virtually build any layout that springs to mind. I have hardly used any css to modify the theme, in fact just one line. The site I am building is not live yet so I can not show an example but I do vouch for it.

    One minor annoyance maybe some one could help with is on this “In progress build” the theme is not built to be full width. I am forcing full width using the full width row or stretch row in WP Bakery. How ever when the site loads for a brief second it loads central “Not Full Width” before going full width which 1. Adds a slight delay & 2. Not so good visually.

    Any ideas any one?

  96. Goodday, Lovely theme. I updated to it because I do everything with wpbakery nowadays and I didn’t needed the functions and extra code of my old theme.

    One thing I can’t figure out. How can I make my logo multilingual? I work with the polylang plugin. The logo doesn’t show up in the string translations. Even not when i create wpml-config.xml file as is said in this link ( ). Is there another way of doing this or can you tell me what i do wrong in the xml file?

    I used this code in the xml file:

    Β Β 
    Β Β Β Β 
    Β Β Β Β Β Β 
    Β Β Β Β 
    Β Β 

  97. responsive menu not working after site migration:
    i am using your starter theme and the responsive mobile menu stopped working after migration: how do i fix it?

  98. Hi Is it Possible to make the font size in the Sandwhich menu smaller

  99. Hi, thanks for the fast light weight theme!

    I’m using the theme with a revolution slider on the home page. I want this:

    Header and Theme Options
    You can customize your site header by choosing between a standard top and sandwich type menus. Define header width, colors, and position to place it on top of the content or make it transparent.

    I want the slider to appear behind the site header like the feature image on all other pages.
    This page is correct: (feature image behind site header)
    This page is incorrect:

    All other themes that I work with will replace the feature image with the slider rev when it is added at the top of the page.

    How do we make this adjustment?

  100. Great theme and a huge fan of Visual Composer.

    However, I’m not 100% satisfied with the service. You receive answers you already know. By instance I’m struggling with formatting my hyperlinks. I added my own CSS code, but the website isn’t responding well all the time.

    The answer of the VC support team: check your CSS-file. Really? No, that can’t be true. πŸ™‚ I want to know which CSS-file and which section. Be concrete and not vague.

  101. Is there an online preview available – please provide URL.

  102. Hello there,

    It looks like there’s still no way to make the header transparent.
    All suggestions above don’t work (they make the text of the header transparent and not the background). I’ve also tried setting it up in various ways in custom CSS.
    Any chance you could help with that?


  103. Hi Guys,

    We are using the Visual Composer Starter Theme, I’ve set the footer of the theme to be fixed always at the bottom of the pages, but the footer is transparent.

    how can I make the footer not transparent?


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