Visual Composer Website Builder announces the GPL compatibility

Riga, Latvia, Dec. 10, 2018 – Visual Composer Website Builder (, a leading website builder software for WordPress has announced compatibility with GPL (The GNU General Public License). The WordPress licensing model – GPL is a free license software that allows end users to study, run, share, and modify the software.

Using its core design philosophy that says every software must be simple to install, simple to use and upgrade, Visual Composer Website Builder makes sure to comply with all the guidelines in order to guarantee its high-quality work both to users and the WordPress community in general.

“Since WordPress is all about community, it is crucial for us to be adapted to the same ethical and philosophical standpoint as people within the WordPress community,” says Michael Makijenko, Visual Composer Website Builder CEO. “WordPress itself was built on the GPL license, which works to ensure the rights and freedoms that the entire community can benefit from. We at Visual Composer are proud to offer these same freedoms to our users.”

Stating that Visual Composer is GPL-compatible, anyone is free to use the Visual Composer API to develop his/her own WordPress products (themes, add-on, custom projects), as well as follow GPL projects on the GitHub.

Visual Composer Website Builder can be downloaded for free, installed and activated like any other WordPress plugin from the admin panel. After the activation, it grants an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and a dozen pre-made content elements to be able to create a basic website.

The website builder follows the industry standards and offers a comprehensive website creation solution including smart design tools, designer-made elements and templates, drag and drop front-end editor, the compatibility with other popular WordPress plugins, mobile capabilities, regular updates, and much more.

You can download extra content like Header, Footer, Sidebar editor, more content elements, templates, and add-ons, by registering for the “Visual Composer Hub” (an online marketplace) service. A complete list of features are available for review on the website at

For more information, please contact Linda Ragaine at or visit the Visual Composer website at

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