Why your web design must be in line with your USP

For today, there are more than 1 billion websites on the World Wide Web, according to Netcraft’s Web Server Survey. That is a huge number. Now we know that you are not in competition with all 1 billion of those websites. But even if you take a specific industry, there are a lot of competitors vying for customers’ attention and business.

If you want your website to stand out in the sea of websites, you need to align it with your USPs. This way you will ensure that your customers find exactly what you are offering and why they should choose you over the rest.

What is a USP

A USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is the factor that the sellers present to their viewers or customers as the reason why their product or service is different from or better than their competitors.

The term USP was coined by the great advertising executive and pioneer of television advertising; Rosser Reeves (for those of you who don’t know, he was the main inspiration for Don Draper’s character played by the legendary John Hamm in the hit television series Mad Men). It is a strong marketing tool used by all successful businesses and professionals around the world.

In simpler terms, a USP is what makes your products or services unique. It defines the distinction between you and your competitors. It’s what makes potential customers choose you over other products or services. Keep in mind that a USP is not a mission statement. It does not describe your goals and objectives. It highlights the unique aspects of what you are offering to your customers.

Why you need a USP

Simply put, without a USP, your brand is nothing more than one of the hundreds of businesses out there that are offering the same products or services to the customers. There is nothing to distinguish your website from the crowd. Customers don’t have a solid reason to choose you over all the rest.

When you do have a clear-cut USP, it helps you be more competitive and adds value to what you have to offer.

Benefits of a USP

A major benefit of coming up with a USP for your brand is that it gives you an identity among the sea of competitors. It enables you to stand out from the thousands of companies offering their products and services to the customers.

Creating a USP is not only helpful for your brand, but it is also a great way for you to think about your marketing and advertising strategies.

A USP also helps you design your website accordingly and gain your users’ trust and loyalty.
It also helps your reputation in the market and signifies you and your brand among your peers and in front of your clients.

Using USP in your web design

A website is composed of many elements. An attractive design, user-friendly navigation, high-quality content, CTAs (Call to Action), but without a USP why would the user choose to do business with you instead of others?

When you align your web design and development with your USPs, you are able to make a great first impression on your clients and teach them about the benefits of doing business with you. Your USP needs to be a part of your entire web design strategy; from your landing pages to your website’s navigation and everything in between.

Here are a few reasons why you need to do this:

Making an impression

As we all know, this is the age of information and information brings choices. Consumers who traverse the internet looking for a product or a service know this. If your web design is not according to your USP, it will not be able to make a positive impression on your visitors. When your website’s visitors do not find anything to engage them or attract them, they will look somewhere else.

They know that looking for products online is not a difficult task and they can probably find something better in a matter of minutes. This is the reason why many businesses go under as they are not able to distinguish their products from their competitors.

This is the reason why your web design should incorporate your USP and display it prominently. Put it on your homepage and all the other pages to draw the crowd in, no matter which page they land on.

The first 15 seconds

Do you know how much time an average user spends on your website before clicking away?

According to HubSpot, 55% of your visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website. The probability of leaving is high because the users are highly skeptical. Not everyone lands on the perfect page every time. They must have suffered a lot of poorly designed pages in the past that didn’t offer them some value. This means that you have a quarter of a minute to capture your visitors’ attention on your website and encourage them to spend more time with you.

This can only happen when your USP is proudly displayed above the fold and the user interacts with it the second they land on your page. If your web design cannot convey your USP in these crucial 15 seconds, it has failed and the visitor is gone.

Show why are you the go-to website

As discussed above, your USP tells your customers about your uniqueness. It tells them what they can’t get anywhere else. Everything about your web design including your content, UI, UX, and everything else should be a portrayal of that statement.

Highlight your company’s specialty or expertise in your specific niche. Show how your packages are bundled together for your customers’ benefits, add a special guide, or offer some other value that no one else is offering.

Here are great examples of how to do it:

Saddleback leather

The second you land on the Saddlebackleather.com homepage, you see the words ‘100 Year Warranty’ and the phrase ‘They’ll fight over it when you’re Dead’. Now, this is a proposition that is very hard to miss. No one gives this kind of warranty. This attracts customers like nothing else.


Webmization.com is another great example of a clearly defined USP. The second you land on the homepage you are greeted with different sizes of screens and a message that clearly conveys the company’s unique feature of providing next-generation services at economical prices.

Nerd Fitness

Another great example is Nerdfitness.com. They have added entertainment to make a strong point for their brand and it works perfectly.
Now that you know all these benefits of aligning your web design with your USPs, make sure that you position your USPs in a prominent place. Check screen sizes so that it can be viewed on any screen size and resolution. And once you have made your point, follow it up with more advantages and details. End it with a powerful CTA and you will be good to go.

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