Learn how to customize the WordPress login page

WordPress provides a suite of tools for website management, as well as enables admins to create custom features for branding purposes.

Along with creating custom pages with page builders, you can also design your site’s login page.

While you can manually design your WordPress login page, it’s a tedious task though. On the other hand, you can install a plugin for the purpose and design your site’s login page as a beginner.

In this article today, we teach you how to customize the WordPress login page.

The process is ideal for two reasons – you can greet your site’s premium members, while you can also improve your brand authority.

Customize the WordPress login page

To re-brand your WordPress login page, you can make changes manually. We shall use a WordPress plugin however, helping us do the job with a point-and-click interface.

STEP 1: Install the WordPress plugin

To get started, you need to install the WordPress plugin – Custom Login Page Customizer by Hardeep Asrani. The plugin claims to preview changes before you publish the login page.

locate the plugin in directory

Proceed to click on the Add New Plugin (button) to install the said plugin. Once finished, don’t forget to activate the plugin.

STEP 2: Load the Login Page Customizer

Now you’ve installed the plugin, head over to WordPress Dashboard, and click on the Appearance -> Login Customizer.

On the next page, you can see the plugin interface, containing options to change your WordPress login page.

custom login page customizer plugin features

Among the features, you can also use the Custom CSS and JavaScript option, which lets you insert your code for custom styles.

STEP 3: Change the Template and Background color

The Custom Login Page Customizer provides several templates for the WordPress login page. By going into the Template module of the plugin, you can choose a pre-designed template for your login page.

templates for the custom wordpress login page

Choose the one you like and proceed to save changes by hitting the (Publish) button.

Similarly, return to the plugin features and choose the Background option. Here, you can set the desired color, or upload an image for the background.

change background for your wordpress login page

After setting the desired metrics, hit the (Publish) button to save changes.

STEP 4: Change the WordPress logo

On the WordPress login page, you can see the WordPress logo above the form. We can also change the logo with the Custom Login Page Customizer.

To proceed, select Logo from the plugin’s options. The next screen shows a pack of options to change or disable your logo.

change logo on the wordpress login page

Upload your logo, set additional measures, and proceed to save changes at the end.

The Login Page Customizer also lets you change the hyperlink of the logo. When someone clicks on the logo, you can lead them to your site’s Home Page.

STEP 5: Design your login page Form and Fields

At the center of the login page, you can see a small box that contains a form and fields for the login. To make changes in the form and its fields, select the Form option.

The next screen shows options to change the Login Form’s background image and color, width, height, padding, radius and more.

change the login page's form

Similarly, choose the Fields from the plugin’s options. Like Form settings, you can also change settings for the Login Page Fields, including colors, text size, radius, margins, and background settings. You can head over to this tutorial for more information on the WordPress Custom Fields.

Make desired changes for the Form Fields on your WordPress login page and save changes at the end.

STEP 6: Use Button customizer and Custom CSS/JavaScript feature

We made changes for the Form, Fields, and Colors. The Login Page Customizer also helps us change the appearance of the Login button.

After clicking on the respective option, you can see the options to change the button’s color, font size, dimension, and padding options.

customize the button on the wordpress login page

In the same manner, you can insert your custom CSS/JavaScript code. It helps you brand your login page more efficiently. However, this option is not recommended for beginners. We’ve compiled a walkthrough of how can you insert JavaScript code in the WordPress pages and posts, head over to this write-up about JavaScript use in the WordPress.

Finally, you can choose the (Others) from the plugin’s options. The next screen shows even more options for various factors, including password, font size, and text color.

Final thoughts

The WordPress plugins help you re-brand your WordPress login page. As a beginner, you can confidently install the plugin – Custom Login Page Customizer, and change settings for the login page of your website.

For advanced users, it’s possible to change the login page manually. However, using a plugin covers your back for more options, such as a point-and-click interface.

If you want to revert to the default login page, you can make changes in the plugin, or remove the plugin at all. Deleting the plugin helps you get your default login page back.

For more information on learning WordPress, I suggest you the tutorial about how to learn WordPress for free in one week, it enables you to cover the entire endeavor in a short time. If you have any question regarding the topic, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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