WPBuffs plans review: Pros and Cons for beginners

As a WordPress beginner, you don’t need to hire professionals for web management. However, as you go viral online, you may need to look for experts’ opinions on WordPress security, maintenance, and content management.

While in the past, we have discussed learning WordPress as a beginner. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use WPBuffs for WordPress management, from security to speed optimization and website management.

WPBuffs is a web service that provides a suite of tools for managing WordPress websites. It offers WordPress-specific services, including 24/7 monitoring, custom edits, security updates, and speed optimization.

For those who are generating income from their WordPress websites, WPBuffs can help you further improve your business. If you don’t focus on WordPress management, you may leave money on the table, as well as face security gaps in the long run.

By using WPBuffs services, you will be able to outsource WordPress specific routines such as security and maintenance. It allows you to focus on important things and helps you do more of what you love doing for a living.

What is WPBuffs?

WPBuffs is a suite of tools for managing and monitoring WordPress websites. For bloggers and eBusiness owners, WPBuffs offers services ranging from security to real-time monitoring.

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As WPBuffs is a paid service, its pricing table outlines key factors with a price range for its various plans. If you decide to go for WPBuffs, you can use our Coupon: WPBCRIB for a 10% discount on the checkout page.

Features of WPBuffs

WPBuffs provides a variety of features for starters and advanced users. Their plans start at $67/month for regular users. Here is a list of WPBuffs’ features, along with a short description for each of the values they provide.

  • WPBuffs provides weekly reports about the performance of your website, including a brief outline of measures that affect the performance of your WordPress website.
  • WPBuffs can help you edit your WordPress site. If you don’t have technical expertise in WordPress, you can ask WPBuffs’ professionals to help you make changes to your WordPress website.
  • Speed optimization is vital for online success. WPBuffs professionals help you boost your site’s SEO by taking care of the factors that affect your site’s page speed.
  • Every week, you can ask WPBuffs to update your site’s themes and plugins. It helps you avoid security gaps in your WordPress website.
  • WPBuffs helps you monitor your site for security attacks. It also enables you to take and store your site’s backups on their cloud platform.
  • WPBuffs claims to provide premium plugins for advanced users. In case you missed up dealing with your WordPress website, you can call their support team for instant response.

Use our coupon code: WPBCRIB for a 10% discount on the WPBuffs plans.

WPBuffs plans review

Choosing a WPBuffs plan depends on your needs and personal preference. However, the following key points help you choose the best WPBuffs plan for your WordPress website.

For startups and beginning users, the Maintain plan comes at $67/month. It includes the entire list of management tasks, including weekly updates, automatic themes/plugins updating, uptime monitoring, support, and daily backups.
Pros: Weekly reports, Uptime monitoring | Cons: No website edits, No speed optimization

Medium users can start with Protect plan that includes overall website management with a focus on website security. The Protect plan comes with all the features of the basic plan, along with website edits, premium plugins, and emergency support.
Pros: Website security, Google Analytics integration | Cons: No speed optimization, No malware removal support, slightly expensive for startups

WPBuffs’ Perform plan is equipped with features specifically made for established websites. The perform plan includes all the features of Maintain and Protect, along with speed optimization, priority support, and malware removal.
Pros: Everything included, priority support | Cons: Expensive for Startups with no income stats

You can choose the basic plan if you aim at essential website management. Similarly, the WPBuffs’ Protect and Perform plans come with extended features for professional website owners and online portals.

Final note

There are two cases you can consider while selecting a WPBuffs’ plan. The first case addresses the needs of primary WordPress users, seeking support and management strength for startups. While in the second case; if you need to make edits to your WordPress website, you will need to go for the WPBuffs’ Protect or Perform plan.


Starting a WordPress website is easy for beginners. However, it requires extensive management skills to run a site with traffic and visitor’s engagement.

For people who blog for fun, there is no need to acquire a paid service like WPBuffs. For those who aim at making money blogging or producing products, WPBuffs is ideal for website management, security, and keeping track of real-time edits and monitoring.

Although WPBuffs may seem expensive in the first face, it plays well in the long run and helps you focus on things that matter to you, instead of carrying out technical routines on your own.

If you’re more concerned about WPBuffs and its features, you can schedule a call with their experts or go for their pricing plans with a 10% discount. Use the Coupon: WPBCRIB on the checkout page.

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